9T. An affordable 5g. Wait hang on scratch that this is the redmi note 9t, an affordable, 5g smartphone for the masses. Yes, it is all about 5g. There are some pretty impressive internal specs, including google apps written on the box. Quite literally, i have the nightfall black 4 gig 128 gig of ram variants and prices at the top right hand corner based on the recent launch. Event starts at 229 euros, which is very, very good for a 5g smartphone perfect for anyone wanting to enter into the 5g world. We get a silicon case in the box and, of course we have the device itself over here with a mediatek dimension. 800, eu chipset, based on seven nanometer, node technology. We have a usb type, a type c cord and we also have a charger block in the box. Yes, that’s right, it is 22.5 watts, but the phone can only charge up to a maximum of 18 watts. Let’S. Give it an unwrapping, shall we this is like i said earlier, the nightfall black color variant, you also get it in daybreak purple and those are the only two colors available. It does have this plastic on the back, but it is textured. I must say actually kind of like the aspect of how it looks and feels in the hand – and it says 5g at the bottom, which is great doesn’t, really change any form of its color shade when you tilt it in different areas, and we have a massive 5000 milliamp battery under the hood 18 watt fast wire charging, nfc and ir blaster and sub 6 5g support.

Like i said it is a plastic back and plastic size, though we do have gorilla glass of five and it doesn’t really pick up too many fingerprint smudges, but you can go ahead and pop on that included case. If you’d like to i’d actually prefer to leave it off since it actually has a plastic backing its predecessor, the note 80 actually has a back mounted physical fingerprint sensor. Where this one has a side mounted one. We have an ir blaster at the top and we have pretty much three speakers well actually one main speaker at the top and a main speaker firing down, but we have an extra hole at the top for more booming of sound we’ll. Get to that later. We have a type c port at the bottom, with usb 2.0 transfer speeds and we do have dual sim dual 5g, which is awesome and we have micro, sd card supports it. Doesn’T say built for 5g on the camera module like we saw in the redmi. Note. 9 pro 5g, which i actually think, looks a lot better and the camera module doesn’t really protrude as much as the competition, meaning that when it is on a flat surface, the surface wobble isn’t that bad compared to the rest of the devices over here. When it comes to design perspective, it doesn’t look half bad. Actually, it really looks a lot better than its price tag. It’S also quite light at 199 grams and 9.

05 millimeters thick, which is a bit on the thick side, but not too bad. The back looks fantastic at this price point, but what about the front will we get treated to a 19.5 by nine aspect? Ratio. Six point: five: three inch dot display because of the selfie cam there. It is full hd plus and we have ‘5 pixels per inch. Unfortunately, lcd, but we do have 16 million colors. The biggest unfortunate thing over here is that we are lacking a higher first rate panel, so we’re getting just 60 hertz and 120 hertz touch sampling rates. The colors do pop, though especially for an ips lcd screen. The only amoled screen over here is the oppo all the way on the right hand, side, and i can’t really notice much of a difference, because that upper amoled screen is pretty cheap compared to these higher grade lcd panels that you see on the other phones over Here it gets pretty bright at 450 nits, it doesn’t look, half bad compared to the rest of the budget devices here, don’t put it against the flagship phone, but i mean you could pretty much buy three of these for say a cheapish flagship phone. So keep that in mind as well. We only have a refresh rate of 120hz on the redmi k34g on the left and the redmi note. 9 pro 5g toward the right hand side over there, 60 hertz on the 8t 90 and oppo f17 pro.

You do feel the difference in real day tasks, but it does take a knock to your battery life. So so, keep that in mind when you decide to pick up a phone with a high refresh rate panel, although most of the time you can just switch that down to 60. If you want more battery life, we have a couple other things that we can think of when it comes to the display normal things that you would expect from miui 12. We also have dark mode over here. The transition effect looks pretty great. It works in third party apps as well, but there is unfortunately, no always on display since it’s lacking an amoled panel and no in display fingerprint sensor once again because it’s an ips lcd panel. Instead, we have a physical side mounted fingerprint sensor. Yes, it is indeed secure and it works, as you would expect nice and fluid. I actually think a bit quicker than the poco m3. I tested not too long ago compared to the back physical fingerprint sensor of its predecessor, the note 80 it’s a tad quicker than that i would say, there’s not much of a difference between the two. There is a lot more convenience on how to reach it. With your thumb, on the right hand, side as opposed to the back it’s, pretty much on par with other physical fingerprint sensors out there, which are side mounted, such as on the redmi k30 and note 9 pro 5g and on the oppo f17 pro.

We do have an in display fingerprint sensor, i do like those, but it really does feel nice in the hand to be able to just reach with your thumb. Unfortunately, if you have small hands, it’s going to be a bit of a tough one, we do have 2d face unlock. It is unsecured since it uses the selfie cam, but it does a great job pretty much neck and neck, sometimes even a little bit quicker than the other smartphones around, even though it is cheaper than those devices compared to the k30 over here, you can definitely see It’S, pretty much on par with that and it’s, actually a tad quicker than the oppo via, which is known for snappy facial recognition systems. We have a 13 megapixel, f, 2.25 selfie snapper on the front. It is just one single punch hole, no dual one over here. It looks pretty great, even in portrait mode, i can’t really notice much edge detection. This is tech, neck recording, a 1080p 30fps selfie video on the redmi note, 9t it’s completely capped at 30fps and a max resolution of 1080p when using the selfie cam. Let me know what you guys: think of the audio and video quality when recording with the selfie cam. On the redmi note 9t, at the back of the phone we have a triple camera setup. The main camera is a 48 megapixel samsung gm1 sensor with an aperture of f 1.79. We also have a depth sensor as well as a macro sensor.

Unfortunately, no ultra wide sensor here, i think that they landed up putting that toward the 5g aspect of the phone. The main 48 megapixel still looks absolutely fantastic i’m, not even exaggerating here guys. It looks phenomenal compared to other flagships, even the best of the best it’s really on par. But as soon as you go into that two times, digital zoom. It really looks shady five times and ten times is the max digital zoom, honestly unusable guys. Don’T use this phone. If you want to zoom in, but once again look how fantastic the shot looks, throw in some portrait pretty much no edge detection. It looks phenomenal out of this world and i know that many people don’t really use macro sensors. But when you do this, one has a pretty decent one to boot. When it comes to video, we do have 1080p at 60fps, which is a plus getting 60 frames per second on a mid range or budget friendly phone is definitely rare, and it looks great there’s no stabilization over here, but it looks pretty good, not as good as Its photos do we do have 4k 30fps, but there is no 60fps option. Once again, it looks really great it’s not as smooth silky, smooth as the 60fps option, but the detail is there. We also have 4k 30 fps or 1080p 60fps in a movie frame mode. It does look as wide as ultrawide, but it’s actually just being cropped in it gives it a really nice aesthetic.

It really does kind of feel like a movie, especially on this cold day here in shanghai, when we record with my little figurine here up close and personal, we can switch over to the macro mode. That’S capped at 720p and 30fps still looks pretty good in my books when it comes to focusing, though this is not one of its strong suits, it takes a good couple seconds to jump into focus. We also have a cyberpunk filter i’m, not going to touch too much on that, but you can see the focus there once more. This is also capped. At 720p and 30fps. We have miui 12 skinned over android 10. Hopefully, we’ll get miui 12.5 skinned over android 11. Pretty soon, probably with the upcoming me 11 launch when it comes to the global markets, so stay tuned for that one and of course we have miui 12 it’s what you’ve come to know and love, and if you get the global version of the phone like. I have over here google is rooted into it. All your google apps that you need everything that is xiaomi like is here there, isn’t, really much bloatware and all the google apps kind of replace all the xiaomi apps, such as the google calendar. Google discover google voice everything that you need. Google wise is here, there’s, also split screen and floating windows. Floating windows is limited to just one split screen works as you would expect from a xiaomi device.

The haptics are actually really responsive for a phone. At this price point, which have different sound effects options over here don’t know dolby atmos let’s give these dual speakers a listen compared to its predecessor, the note 80.. We do have game turbo, which we’ve come to know and love on xiaomi devices, which pretty much gives you a little bit of an overlay when you’re in a game so that you can reply to some texts on the fly, ignore notifications so on and so forth. It works great, but you can’t use it while you’re physically playing. We do have an fps monitor within the developer options, which is great we’ve seen this on plenty xiaomi phones before it’s nice that it’s become standard. I hope more phones do this going forward. First game is pubg mobile. Unfortunately, the max graphics options with ultra fps is balanced. If you go above that in terms of graphics, then you don’t get the ultra fps option. Ultra means 40 fps. We need extreme to hit 60, which is not available yet, but i don’t doubt at all that we’ll get a software update in pubg’s front in order to enable 60hz on the note9t 5g when it comes to call of duty very similar over here medium graphics. Settings is there anything available, though we do have high fps option and we’re getting a rock solid 60 fps at the top left corner, as you can see, which is absolutely fantastic.

This game caps at 60, the phone caps at 60, so it works pretty great grab yourself a kill streak and get zooming on in. There kill yourself some enemies, knowing that you’re, not gon na lag out too often, which that wonderful dimension 800 youtube set absolute max. Graphics, unlimited frames per second running bullet force over here once again getting a solid 60 fps. This game is pretty graphics intense, so it is impressive if you ask me to run it at full hd and a solid 60 fps on the redmi note 9 t5g. Thankfully, for that seven nanometer processed node chipsets speaking about that chipset let’s go into some benchmarks against its predecessor, the redmi note 80, with a snapdragon 665 processing chip run on 11 nanometer process, no tech. We have a 4000mah battery on the note 80, as opposed to 5000. On the note 90. we’re going to compare the battery results at the end of this, as well as the temperature gain in degrees celsius. We’Ll be jumping through a speed test to test out 5g, starting with the speed test. Apovia, you can see that the note 9 t5g opened it up quite a bit quicker, getting them onto the same network of here. The same server 220 makes per second on the note9 t5g because of 5g. Of course it is 78.1 faster than the 4g on the redmi note 80. So if you want to jump into 5g, this is probably the perfect phone for you to pick up, since it is such a great price and it packs in wonderful sub, 6, 5g, of course not the best 5g, but it is the best in terms of range.

So in my place, right here, we’re pretty far from a tower, but the range is absolutely fantastic in my apartment and when it comes to antutu, the fps score over here was pretty much triple of what we saw in the redmi note: 80. The benchmark run on the redmi note 90 was thirty. Nine point nine percent high in terms of points as opposed to its predecessor, so that dimension 800. U chipset run on seven nanometer tech is doing a fantastic job when it comes to geekbench five we’re, just focusing on cpu performance over here we got a single core score of 598 and multi of 1749, which is 46.6 and 22.4 percent high respectively, as opposed to The note 80 running 3dmark wild over here. This is just focusing on gpu and we got an average fps score on the note 90 of 9.4, as opposed to 1.3 on the note 80 and an overall score of 211 on the note 80, as opposed to one five, seven, one on the note 90. That is definitely quite a big boost now getting back to the battery percentages and the temps. At the end of doing all these tests, we drained at a rate of 14 milliamp hours per minute on the note 90, as opposed to 14.4 on the note 80.. When it comes to temps, the note 90 did get the hottest at ‘.7 degrees in celsius. They both gained the same amount in terms of temp, which is 10.

5 degrees in celsius. The redmi note 9 t5g is actually a fantastic phone. I had loads of fun, reviewing it and that camera has impressed me more than i would have expected at this price point. There is, unfortunately, no ultrawide sensor, but of course we have 5g boosting this thing, so that is where the money went into. We have a wonderful side mounted fingerprint sensor, which is very responsive and works really well that 6.53 inch lcd display is limited to 60hz, though it still looks pretty gorgeous and it’s running rock solid 60 fps when gaming, some pretty intense games when it comes to benchmarks That hold up on the fps departments looked a lot smoother and, of course, 5g is the name of the game over here. That is what this phone is all about, and it does it fantastically well putting this phone down and comparing it to the other smartphones. I have to say there are a lot of things to like about the redmi note. 9T. 5G. Mainly the 5g aspect. I really like the design. The display works really well and i think it definitely has a thumbs up, especially if you’re coming from its predecessor the redmi note 80.