This is a neo qled, 8k television, all the bells and whistles, including a brand new neo backlight system, we’ll, get into that right now. I’Ll start with what makes this tv special neoq led means. It’S got a brand new backlight system that relies on mini leds. Those are smaller leds behind the screen that illuminate the picture. The advantage, according to samsung, is they’re able to focus the light and eliminate a lot of the blooming that happens with some led tvs. So you have a black background, a logo or something like that. That’S much more precise with the neo led backlight compared to previous generations. Neo led also allows the tv to get brighter, so you have that double impact of better black levels, blooming reduction and extra brightness. That can really make the image pop. Now i haven’t tested this tv myself, i’m. Looking at it here, it looks really nice and bright. This is an 85 inch model, the 8k version. This is the flagship the best one they make there’s. Also, this technology is going to be trickled down to lesser versions that cost a little bit less money. They won’t be cheap, but they’re going to be a little bit more affordable, there’s going to be all the 8k versions that have neo led and then the 4k tvs are also going to have neo led up to the q85 series. So again, this is neo. Qled 8k, an improvement on their current qled televisions that really improve the picture quality.

The idea, of course, is to compete against lg’s oled technology that this tv is going to be brighter than oled might not have quite as good black levels, but again they’ve been improving. This technology every year, so it might be competitive and it’s going to be a lot cheaper at the 85 inch size for sure so that’s one advantage in qled’s favor. So speaking of hdr and extra brightness, where you’re really going to get a lot of improvement, there is with gaming. Now samsung has made some great gaming tvs in the past, but they’ve improved their 2021 models with a new feature called game bar. So the idea is, you can hold down long press on the play pause button. It brings up a status display of all the cool new features you get with your playstation 5 or your xbox series x. So you got frames per second 120. Hdr is off in this case. You generally want it on, and then you have vrr, which is variable refresh rate. So all those cool new features right there. You can tell whether they’re, in effect there’s also the ability to switch the aspect ratio and add these extra black bars above below the screen which widens the picture. Samsung says that they’re doing some kind of processing to let it look nice and natural here, even if the game itself isn’t actually programmed to be this extra wide aspect ratio. You can also move this up and down the screen, which is pretty cool.

So beyond gaming. Samsung’S also augmented, some smart tv features on their 2021 sets. The coolest, i think, is its augmentation to samsung health. Now they introduced this app last year to help track health and things like that that works with their mobile devices this year, they’ve added a personal trainer feature. So you can see this tv has a camera, the camera’s not built into the tv it’s, an optional camera. They say you can use logitech, they have a list of suggested cameras that you can plug into the tv totally optional. But if you decide to do that, then you can take advantage of this new feature. A fitness trainer named jillian michaels is apparently the first one here and i did a little bit exercise with her she’s extremely difficult. I was sweating, i was doing jumping jacks. It was not the easiest workout but again push me to my limit that’s, pretty cool, because you can have this trainer kind of built into your tv and use the camera to track your exercises. And it actually told me when i was doing a jumping jack right. So not very often there so after the exercise function, samsung’s also added a new ability to use google duo, it’s a video chat, app again you’re going to need the camera for that to take advantage of it, you can fill the screen with a bunch of different People that you’re chatting, instead of all huddling around a tiny computer screen so that’s pretty cool samsung’s, also expanded its dex capability this year, which allows you to plug in a keyboard or a mouse.

You can even work with windows 365 and do some optional office work on your television screen too, so again, expanding the flexibility of the screen, making it more versatile and one new feature. Samsung added to its 2021 tvs is a brand new remote. So the first thing they say is that it’s got rechargeable batteries inside so it’s got a usb port on the remote itself, but the coolest part you flip it over and there’s a solar cell here. So samsung says that you can actually recharge the built in rechargeable batteries on this remote using indoor lighting. So they say if you charge it up to full it’ll last a full year without need to be recharged, you can always top it off by just turning it upside down, leaving on your coffee table inside pretty cool, and they say it does significantly reduce battery usage Because you’re not having to use those little aaa batteries on these remotes anymore, so that’s a look at samsung’s, extensive lineup of neo qled tvs for 2021. Again, the big enhancement is that neo qled backlight for improved picture quality, better brightness and better blooming control. There’S.