Hey guys. My name is shubham you’re watching gadget 360, and this is the best of ces 2021 Music let’s kick things off with the best smartphone concept. Yes, we know that ces is not a smartphone centric event, but that didn’t stop lg from bringing out its big guns. Yes, we are talking about the lg rollable smartphone lg didn’t reveal much about the smartphone. In fact, it was just a passing clip right at the end of lg’s keynote, but whoa look at that thing. It really does look cool when it retracts and expands just like my muscles Music moving on to the best laptop. We actually got our hands on this bad boy. It improves on the previous generation of the already awesome zen book duo. It has a brighter screen pad, plus that tilts up to be much more ergonomic, and it also has updated software to make multitasking between the two displays. Even more simple, the cherry on top or inside, depending on how you look at it, is that it features intel’s new 11th generation tiger lake cpus that are paired with the new xe gpu, and on top of that it can also be configured with nvidia’s, mx450 graphics, Music talking about the best gaming product – and this was a tough one, because razer and asus rog both had some sick laptops on display. But our top pick is what powers some of these guys amd’s ryzen 5000 series mobile cpus, the ryzen 5000 series.

Mobile chips are based on the same zen 3 core as its class leading 5000 series desktop chips, so you get large performance per watt gains over the previous generation zen 2 cores the best bit is that even though they are super powerful, they are also easy on The battery as amd claims laptops fitted with the 5800u will last up to 17.5 hours in general usage. Now, if you have been enjoying this video so far, do not forget to like this video and also consider subscribing to our channel and hitting that bell icon, so that you’re always notified of our latest videos: Music Applause, Music, now let’s talk about the best variable product And that is the mudra band in theory, this is just a strap that attaches to your already smart apple watch, but what’s interesting is that it’s got gesture controls. No, not the swiping or pinching gestures. One handed gestures: when paired over bluetooth to the watch, the band sensors, detect and interpret electric signals that your brain sends to your fingers. Then they map those to the motions and then let you do things like type out text and open apps with just a few finger movements and wrist gestures, Music. Moving on to the best smart tv – and this one is just insane even for pixel peeper standards, the samsung micro led 110 inches is a 4k television, with an incredible 8 million pixels and obviously 110 inch screen building on the technology seen in samsung’s, the wall tvs.

First shown in 2018, this new screen features the same pure rgb micro led display. It matches the color gamut of the most advanced, dslr and mirrorless cameras, and is capable of expressing hundred percent of both dci and adobe rgb gamuts. By the way, if you want to know more about color gamuts, the previous episode of elemental will not disappoint you, so i highly recommend you to go check it out and know more about just display technology in general, Music. Now the final best of ces 2021 pick is the best home theater product. So during the virtual expo we saw sony put out live performances of some pop artists boasting its prowess in 360 degree reality audio. My favorite zara larsen was also one of the artists, but that’s not the point. They actually announced some reasonably sized home theater speakers that are capable of reproducing the same 360 degree reality audio. You can connect to them to your home network, to control them with your phone and even as a part of a multi room setup, and they also connect to bravia tvs. Yes, the sound library of the 360 degree reality audio is a bit limited, but sony says that it’s working on it and those were our top picks from ces 2021. Now, it’s your time to tell us which ones were your favorite products from the tech expo and which ones were your least favorite products and also, if you agree with our top picks.

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