This is my review of the xiaomi redmi name. Can i just here before i start i’ve actually really enjoyed reviewing this phone. So if you could just ding that notification bell subscribe and like for more these videos, i love to do them and i love to see you guys, love them too. So, first of all i wanted to set my expectations low. I bought this for 99 pound from xiaomi uk it’s, not a snapdragon 888 it’s, not a samsung galaxy s 21 ultra so set expectations low on a phone like this is probably the best thing you can do: um it’s the successor to the to the redmi 8, Which was a budget phone in itself, it was a decent phone, actually um it’s a good looking good. Looking little thing: sexy purple, not sexy purple, it’s all up here. Well, i just like to call it sexy because it looks sexy to me um, so let’s dive straight in first i’ll, get get the the piggy out the way that adds you know annoying as they are they can’t be switched off. You know i’ll show you how to do that now, um so get into the phone that’s a fingerprint sensor by the way, i’ll show you that first, quite quick, so you go on your settings, put a system up sentence, one apps. First sorry system up settings and then in security, and then it says, receive recommendations. So if you flip that off, then you won’t get any mods and it is literally that simple when people say that that’s, the drawback of the phone it’s, just literally that simple you just take the ads off like that happy dears, um, next being a xiaomi phone, It doesn’t come with an app drawer by default, so in every single phone i ever buy whether it’s stock, google miui emui, whatever i always install this little guy nova launcher, and that gives you enough draw, and it gives you so many customizations that you can use Over the stock system, it just gives gives me freedom to how i like my phone, as you can see, i just i like it playing black i’m a i’m a bit of a boring guy.

I shouldn’t see um it’s got a little bit of pre installed bloatware when you first boot it up, but i counted about seven apps that you can remove that. I did remove sorry um, but, like i see it again, that can be deleted and people who complain about it. It just hurts us because it’s just such an easy thing to do, they don’t put them in there to be in there forever. You can’t go in and delete them straight away, which is what i do on every single xiaomi phone. I get the budget ones anyway. The only one i don’t uninstall is this little doohickey, because the guys all about me community are brilliant and i’m signing up for them. Great advice from them as well great website, hot uk deals as well. Go there very frequently, this video wasn’t sponsored by the way um i’m gon na get the bar point out of the way. First, the phone feels laggy it times. Um opening ups that’s just refreshing. The browser there um scrolling sometimes not too bad at the minute, because i’ve usually got honestly about 100 tabs open at a time, get off there and in a form with a helio g35 it doesn’t handle it well, um four gigs of ram isn’t. The greatest i mean it’s, brilliant on a 99 pound phone, but it’s just quite laggy opening ups, especially like the the camera up, not right there again, but it has been attained, but again, i’m, a massively heavy user.

So i feel like the phone handles whatever i thought it incredibly well consider my i’m gon na have user. This phone wasn’t made for someone like me need to change them navigation buttons. The back button should be on the left, all the time um, but yeah that’s. The bad stuff out the way so now for the good points. First up the camera we’ve got four sensors main camera with 30 megapixel f 2.2 aperture, which is that little hickey there we’ve got 118 degree ultra wide and we’ve got a 5 megapixel macro and a two megapixel depth sensor. The older range got f 2.2. The macro has got f 2.4, which is basically useless to me. I never use that in a in a phone. I don’t know if you do and it’s also got an 8 megapixel selfie camera, i didn’t say there’s a pretty installed screen, particularly as well. Um images from the main camera are great for the price not going to lie, obviously not the most detailed, not the best dynamic range and but lower noise levels, which is good. I’Ll. Show you a couple of pictures. I took this week when i’ve been using it. Well, this last two weeks actually um processing’s a slow but it’s, mostly okay, images out of talk we’re, mainly using the hdr setup. As you can see, at the top, there um took a few good photos that was with about a wide angle, same again, snowy days in newcastle.

That was my little boy. Like i said, quite detailed, lovely snowy, deer there’s, been a noise come um. This healthy camera is good i’m, not going to put the selfie on now, because you don’t want to see my ugly mug um. It takes good portrait photos as well, just like the main camera does yeah a nice bulk effect. So how do you see a bugger? But there is quite a bit of noise coming from that camera, like i said i don’t want to don’t, want to show you because you don’t want to see my fears. Um i mean not not the best do for instagram no i’m on instagram. Follow me on twitter time to unbox uh, just getting a little shout out there on a video. The camera, though, is 1080 at 30 frames per. Second excuse me messing up there. It’S got no 4k or 60 frames per second, but you wouldn’t expect that in a 99 pound phone i certainly didn’t. I did take a little video showing you stabilization watches, which is isn’t the best. This was me walking slowly going for a nice cold walk the other day with my little boy, but yeah. You can see stabilizer stabilization isn’t the best. There is good detail in the video, though, just like there is in the camera shots there’s a few more took, but yeah overall for the money bear mine, it’s 99 pounds. It’S got a fantastic camera for the money.

99 quid you get all that so next we’ll go to battery when i, when i first bought it the 5020 milliamp hour battery, i thought of myself, brilliant, absolutely brilliant and honestly it hasn’t disappointed. It gets 131 hours in endurance tests, which tells me nothing really, but but it is incredible. It’S up there with some of the best actually um from my own personal use, i’ve been getting getting to like 8pm at night, now being and i’ve had about 30 percent left on it, which is a very heavy heavy deer for me, i’m nor don’t. Not a later use, i can get at least two days out of it using 50 idea, um the helio g35, like i said earlier, the phone’s been laggy at times, but the mediatek sock is also handled. Most of everything. I’Ve wanted it’s a definite budget sock though it can’t handle the ps against any of the snapdragons around that area, like a snapdragon 665, which i just couldn’t get on with it’s such a slow processor, whereas this one just isn’t it’s, just a very good processor. For the price, so there we go uh. Hopefully i haven’t missed much um. I won’t i’ve kept you too long already, but in summary, i’d recommend i’d recommend the phone. The most it’s got a camera that’s punched above its width it’s got a headphone jack. There it’s got exceptional battery life and that’s all up here, it’s bloody gorgeous you and all this.

I know this more manufacturers should do colors like this, but unfortunately they seem to be agreeing back these days and wait. So if i missed anything leave in the comments below and i’ll respond, also just a shout out to the me community again solid set of people on this side, especially the moderators. I used to be a moderator there. So i know what i like very dedicated and keen and it’s also the way i upload most of my xiaomi youtube videos so that’s it please like subscribe and hit under notifications bell.