Now it does have a few decent features packed into it, and i will go through all the features that it has. But before that, what you will get inside the box is a silicon case now this silicon case is provided, because if you go online to find these models cases or accessories, it will be difficult to find it. It also comes with a fitted screen protector as well. So you don’t also have to buy a screen protector for this. It also comes with mains plug here, a usb type c charging cable and a quick start user guide as well. Here now i, like i, like the design of this, because it does. It does have a decent um, build quality. Okay, the quality is decent, you’ve got metal design here, and the back bit is plastic and um at the top. Here it has the 3.5 millimeters headphone jack on the bottom. Here it has the usb type c charging port and the speakers built in here on the right side. It has the volume button and the a power button here and at the front you got the camera there and at the back it also comes with a quad camera here as well one two, three four plus with the flashlight there as well. Now you can also remove the back pair here and that’s, where the battery is removable as well. It has a built in 4200 mah detachable battery, so that gives you a good long usage time as well.

Now it also takes a micro sd memory card and it takes two um sims here as well. Okay, so it takes two nano sims there and it also takes the microsd memory card as well. Also um. It comes with a built in 4 gig ram and 12 128 gig internal memory, so the ram and the internal memory is decent. So when it comes to operating it, it does operate quite smoothly. However, i don’t like this. The display of it, the the screen display, looks very it doesn’t. Look it doesn’t, look clear, it looks very fuzzy, it looks pixelated and that’s something i don’t really like. It might be the screen protector because i haven’t really taken that out yet, but the the quality of the screen is not that good and i’m putting on full brightness it. Just doesn’t. Look as good as other smartphones, i’ve tried out, and it has a built in android m10 operating system. It also has the screen size of 6.2 inch hd display, which is a water drop and screen and the rear camera. It comes with a sony, 12 megapixel camera with a 5 megapixel and a 0.3 and a 0.3 megapixel the front camera is a 12 and a 20 megapixel front camera so um. These are the mega pixels that you would get for the front and the rear cameras. It also comes a few decent features, for example, nfc function, so you can actually use google play as well on this.

It also has a face unlock as well. So if i go on here and go to connected devices, it does have the nfc feature as well, and a lot of budget price don’t have that nfc, so you can’t really use google pay on it. It has the apps and notifications. Storage is here so without downloading any apps or anything i’ve. Just literally skipped all this registration and went straight to the main menu it’s already used up nine percent of the storage. So you got around 117 gig um remaining to use um the privacy here. So you got all the other features that a lot all the android and devices would have. You got the face unlock. However, it doesn’t have the fingerprint sensor this one, and then you got the accounts, accessibility and digital well being apparent to controls system and about phone. Now i’ve also done a video um. Video recording, i’ve, also taken some pictures and something about a keyboard smartphones is that the build quality is amazing and they’re affordable. The only thing they lack on is the cameras. Okay, they do have chord camera. They come with printer cameras, etc and i’ve reviewed with the expensive budget price. My smartphones. Even then, the camera is still terrible, so there’s something about their cameras that uh that doesn’t really stand out. So let me go to uh the pictures and stuff, so i can show you and the quality of the videos that i’ve recorded.

So this is on full brightness it’s pixelated, without the flashlight on, and it doesn’t really look that nice and it has a delay of around five seconds before he captures it with the flashlight on it looks slightly okay. However, it takes a lot longer to capture because the flash has to get ready, then it flashes and then it captures it. So it takes a lot longer and it’s very slow at capturing pictures, so that’s how the quality is. But obviously, obviously this is for those who don’t really care about the camera. They just want a smartphone that has a lot of memory and it’s decent to play a few games and download quite a few apps, etc and don’t bother about the camera. But if you do care about the camera and you want a decent camera, this is not the one to go for look how pixelated this one looks so i’m going to show you if you show the video, so you can see it. This is the camera. The video camera and i don’t recommend it i’ve reviewed a few keyboard smartphones and all of them have this problem with the focus. The autofocus is really bad. It can’t focus properly, even if you put it on flash mode, the flashlight on and any lights on. It will still struggle to focus on that object and that’s. What i don’t like about keyboard smartphone. They struggle on making good cameras, they’re, affordable, that’s, good.

They have good build quality smartphones, but they lack okay, so that’s. You can see that um. It struggles to focus on the object that you’re, recording and yeah. I just didn’t, like i just didn’t like the camera, even though it got quad camera built in with a sony, 12 megapixel um. The autofocus was terrible and i i don’t i don’t. I wouldn’t really recommend that when it comes to the camera, however, when it comes to operating it’s decent, you can download a lot of games etc and operate it not too many um games. For example, if you’re gon na download call of duty mobile and then you got fortnite, it will dramatically slow down, because the ram is only four gig gram and it will slow down. So you still can play the games just uh. It will slow down a lot quicker because you need more ram to operate more um to have more apps running in the background. Okay, so you can play one game but make sure you take off all the apps that’s operating in the background and your battery life is decent. It has a big battery life and it’s detachable. So if the battery does get damaged, i don’t know where you would actually find a replacement, because it’s going to be difficult to find a replacement to buy a battery for this. But you can actually change the battery if you need to um. Otherwise, this is a decent budget price smartphone.

Another downside i would like to mention is that the bezels here is very thick. They could have actually um, you know made it a lot thinner or maybe they made the skin um made the screen a lot uh covering the screen so, for example, the top bit here, if the top bit and the bottom bit was the same, it would have Been even better, but i think the bezels at the bottom is too much and that’s. Why it doesn’t really look that nice. You can see there’s a lot of bezels uh in the corners here here. They’Re standing out a lot and at the bottom is too much. They could have reduced the size of it a bit and covered the whole screen. It would have been a lot better that way, but it is a budget price smartphone. I wouldn’t highly recommend it because there are smartphones, that’s um, in that price range that have a better camera better operating system. The screen looks much better than this one and that’s it.