This is a table guys. Impressions call nokia 3.4 on a budget phone last year december attending year late december. I also did an unboxing of the predecessor of this device. Nokia, 2.4 guys Applause, 9990, pesos, so it’s. Definitely a budget phone let’s see guys nokia 3.4 for this early 2021., f, j, o 3.4, unlike young predecessor, micro usb, mirror and then tying earphones, atmer and then diamond paper, rick’s parent. Lastly, choices in case long that again, you will be buying it from their official nokia store from lazada guys impressions, qualcomm snapdragon 460, a 6.’ inch hd plus display camera setup battery capacity. I two days of battery life i’m, guessing it’s around five thousand patas, all the guys, as includes paco suspects and, lastly, champion android 11 ready. Let me first guys set up the device at babalika hall after 30 to one hour downloaded benchmark physical appearance as expected from a budget smartphone. It is made of polycarbonate plastic 3d. Nano texture going on to the point so yeah. It feels different, but in a good way, and aside from that notice now it is well built kind of made of plastic. As for the bottom, snowman guys, volume, rocker and power button. Google assistant download third party launcher microphone usb type support at young speaker grill and by the way my journey shall tell it’s not as fast and like your budget, unlike the fingerprint sensor, but on the brighter side, young fingerprint sensor, but in attention swipe down or swipe Up pyromax is nothing young drop down.

Notification and don’t worry attention micro sd cards; actually i obtrusive telecast 6.’ inches and as expected, we have an ips lcd screen with an hd plus or 720 pixels resolution, qualcomm snapdragon 460 chipset with 11 nanometer processor paired with four gig of ram and young unit number And 64 gig of internal storage and as expected, guys among budget smartphones for this early 2021 and since lima bus around december or last quarter of 2020, four gigs of ram and talaga young minimum or dapped standards, nathan, definitely with a very low or average chipset. Don’T expect nasa brian optimizing experience on smartphone anyway, 5 megapixels ultra wide angle, lens. Okay, let us set aside first yomanga sample shots of cameras for the nokia 3.4 sensor. It Music, shang, 4000 milliamp hour of battery capacity. Actually, kappa comes smartphone, email, wrong stock. Android expect monomer: gigging must optimize the ends on 4 000 milliamp hour of battery capacity and budget fast charging error, knowing now four thousand milliamp hour young battery capacity. I don’t think that us so since first impressions, video, nothing guys why you should buy and why you shouldn’t, buy it segmented, early vertical for the design to be honest, it’s a different kind of budget device, then go for a smartphone like this one is. You are guaranteed to have a two years of major software updates and halos three years of security updates. Yun palanga is actually not bad for its price for the cons.

If you really want nice photos guys some more on halaga, i think the nokia 3.4 is not for you. The colors again came out kinda under saturated at shampoo. If sobra nagma matter is a new on display and usual as much as possible, full hd plus, you might want to consider that because again, 720 pixels resolution resolution resolution nokia, 3.4 overall guys now for the giveaway. So guys we have a total of four paperbacks. Specially announced on january 16th, either on my instagram or facebook group, and for this giveaway guys i will be announcing this on february 1., so anu, each winner inside the paperback champion guys miranda, nokia 3.4, aside from that bluetooth speaker and they stick on while at paris Among our smartphones, no, so i on measurement and giveaway prizes nathan, this time natural guys, you will be buying the nokia 3.4 salazar. For that giveaway is. Thank you so much for watching and adding quick review for the nokia 3.