So it has a lot of features packed into it and i will go through all the features that it has. But before that, what you will get inside the box is the mains plug here you will also get a usb type c charging cable uh, a pin here to open up the sim tray and the sim tray is on the left side here. So let me open it up, i can show you so once you open it up, it has a nice metal, sim, tray and budget price. Smartphone will normally have like a plastic sim tray. It takes a nano sim, so you can take two nano sims or a nano sim and a micro sd memory card as well, and it also comes with a silicon case, because this model is not really known. So if you go on ebay, amazon or online searching for this case, it will be very difficult to find one. However, it doesn’t come with screen protector, normally um unknown. Models like this normally comes with a screen protector and the m case just as part of this. So you don’t have to really buy those. However, this one doesn’t come with that. I like the build quality, though, because you’ve got that nice metal build quality. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back here and a quad camera as well, so there’s four cameras and the flashlight there at the bottom. Here it takes the usb type c charging port, and the speakers is at the bottom here as well on the right side.

It has the volume button here and you got the power button there as well, so it’s already switched on and the front camera on the left top corner as well. Here now i like the smartphone because it operates very smoothly and the display is decent as well. It operates on android 10 and the screen size of this is 6.4 inch fhd and it has the whole punch and display, and it has a built in 4g gram, 64 gig internal memory, so it’s decent and smartphone for with a decent specs as well. The front camera is a 20 megapixel um camera and the rear. Camera is a quad camera with a 60 megapixel 2 megapixel 2 megapixel 2 megapixel, and that they do have a good quality. Um recording i’ve done it i’ve done a demo where i’ve took taken the picture. We’Ve we’ve had the flashlight on and with the flashlight on, and then i’ve taken a video with the light and without the light as well. It has a built in 4000mah battery capacity. So it does provide a long usage time and it also has the helio p60 um octa core processor. Now let’s go through the settings, so i can show you the features that it has through the settings now: that’s it’s android 10. So we would have exactly the same. Um features that all the android 10 operating system would have, but some of them have a bit more extra as well.

Now, without downloading anything, i haven’t downloaded nothing. I just went straight to the main menu without saying anything up. It’S already used up 13 of the storage, so you go around 55 56 um gig um left to use, and then you got the security here where you can use fingerprint sensor and you got the general and swipe and pin um to put those as well. It also has the face unlock as well, so you got both um options there, so you can put the fingerprint sensor and the face unlock. So you’ve got all those features there. You also got the digital well being parental controls. It also has the google durability, zero speed, advanced settings here, where you can flip to mute and pocket mode, and it also has a volume button wake up as well, so you got a lot of great features packed into it for a budget price smartphone like this. Now let me go to the camera, so i can show you uh the videos and the pictures i’ve taken and then put it on auto rotation mode. Where is that so that’s there? Now? Let me go to the pictures. First, okay, so that’s the camera here and i’ve taken some pictures, so i want to show you those, oh my days hold on okay, so so this is the picture that i’ve taken. Is this on full brightness yep, so it’s full brightness? So this is without and the flashlight on i mean the camera is decent.

It captures it takes a few there’s, a delay of few seconds before it captures the phone, so it doesn’t capture it straight away. Now this is with the flashlight on so with the flash um. It makes that um. The quality of the picture is not that good, but you know we use the budget prices. They didn’t really concentrate much on the camera anyways, but they did provide a good camera compared to other budget price smartphones cameras. I think this camera is pretty good, and this is a video with the without the flashlight on the video quality is pretty good for a budget price. Smartphone it’s, not a flagship camera, so you won’t get that quality there uh. It is it’s, not ultra steady. So if i try zooming in you can see it blurs out and it doesn’t focus straight away, so you won’t get much things like that and honestly lags a lot when you move okay – and this is with the flashlight having the flashlight on it looks even better And when i move my camera, it doesn’t really blur out. It has that good focus and if i move this side to side, you can see it it’s good. I mean when it comes to the steadiness, quite good as well, not the best basic. So the camera wise um, i i think, it’s quite impressive, recording wise it’s decent, and i don’t like the speaker, though, because if it sounds very fuzzy it very it doesn’t have that surround sound system.

Okay, it’s, not clear. It feels very um echoey when and when you’re on youtube or any kind of recording. You just heard my voice, it found it sounds very echoey, and i don’t like this, because the speaker is not that good. However, the camera is decent and the operating system is decent, it’s very smooth operating smartphone. That has a lot of um decent features packed into it, and i like it, i like the build quality as well. This smartphone is affordable and i do recommend it: okay, um when it comes to the price range.