This is d josh and today we’re gon na review a uh budget phone, and this is a very special budget phone it’s, one of the more interesting budget phones that have come away recently. This is from poco, which is now an independent uh spinner from xiaomi and today, we’re gon na review the poco m3, so i’ve been using this for past few weeks, so it’s very interesting budget device and it’s really punching itself way above its weight. It’S got some really cool features that you wouldn’t believe that is coming from a budget phone. So firstly, let’s talk about a cool physical design and what i really like right so for budget phone poco, has made a super uh. Smart choice in terms of design and uh it’s got this uh very nice camera module right, it’s they’re doing it in a very smart way by placing it in this um oneplus cyberpunk like panel right. So the camera model is here but it’s, so uh nicely placed in this panel and with that poco logo, making a really big statement there and it’s uh. So it’s it’s really something interesting that you don’t normally see in your typical android device right and they’ve made some good choices in terms of materials um. What some android uh, mid, ranger or cheaper android phones like to do is that they know they have cheaper materials. Like plastic, so they’ll do something flashy right to give you the a more premium kind of look, but what the poco had done is um for a change.

They’Ve gone with this uh leather, like uh plastic, so this makes it feel really uh premium right, really top marks for poco making the back of the phone look very interesting, looking uh, looking, really not budging at all right. So let’s talk a bit about the display and um. This is a very nice uh. Six point: five three inch size display it’s, an ips lcd display, but it’s a water drop notch right at the top, so a bit different from the current uh android phones. Where recently, the popular one seems to be the punch hole design, but it doesn’t really make a serious difference to me after using it for a few weeks, it does have a large bezel in its chin, but it’s, a very nice display and it’s a really high Resolution display for budget segment phone it’s close to 400 nits and it’s got a gorilla, glass protection so in short, it’s an amazing display for budget phone and you’re able to address different situations in broad daylight at night, right or or just set it to auto right. Another outstanding feature, of course, is this outstanding: 6 000 mah battery. This is going to stretch you at least one and a half days of usage fast charge is provided, but because it only supports 18 watts, charging it’s gon na. Take you just below three hours to fully charge this guy, because it’s also a large capacity battery. For one more surprise, this guy comes with stereos because the order is loud and is excellent for budget device, so uh so let’s come to performance so for budget phone poco has packed it with a credible um snapdragon 662 uh chipset.

So this is 2020 uh. Snapdragon processor, i would say the performance is great for budget device. The high resolution display also means there are some legs when you do a few things, but generally it’s, okay, for most of your daily use, it’s still behind most mid range phones such as the real me seven, so here’s where to me the deal is made or Broken, if you ask me, if you could spend a bit more, you might want to stretch uh stretch your dollar to a better performing mid ranger. But if you’re, not a power user, you would be just fine, and this is truly the one, if not the best budget phone i’ve ever used in terms of user interface. So me, ui comes 12 comes on top of android, 10 and it’s. What you expect from xiaomi, so it’s got some positive ui enhancements and customization is easy. So, coming to the cameras i took it to the kl bird park. Take some shots, so the camera is effective. 48 megapixel shooter with night mode um. The other two lenses are not so great um, with only a 2 mega pixel depth sensor and 2 megapixel macro snapper, which is honestly pretty useless as a conclusion. This is an outstanding budget phone and it’s right now, it’s set to standard for for budget phones right. So and it’d be great to have this, as even, if it’s not going to be your primary device as a backup or secondary device right voice, uh it’s, a low entry point at about less than 130 usd or less than 600 ringgit in malaysia, that’s all you’re Willing to park for a good phone, this uh, this phone is for you, and this is really, i would say right now the budget champion right um.

So i hope you like this review and me your support has a new channel and so can create better and uh and helpful content for you.