So a little bit of context to this review. This is a real world review, so i’ve been using this phone for four weeks and this review is based on that use. So whilst i am going to go through the technical details of it, i’m not going to get into the real nitty gritty of the light output from it or speed, transfer rights not going into that, this is real world use. So just wanted to put that out. There for a bit of context, okay, so let’s get on with it. Basically, this is the samsung m31 um smartphone. This one, as you can see, is the blue version. There are a couple of other colors you can get. You can get this um back of it in black and in red as well. I went for the blue one um in that light. Look, hopefully you can see it. I think it looks really nice to blue not physically, seeing the black and the red myself, but i just preferred blue out of them colors um, so yeah. So first of all, let’s talk about the size of the phone. So, as you can see, it is quite a big phone, so i’ve got fairly large hands, i would say, and as you can see it’s you know it’s not in the palm of my hand, is it it fills my hand and some um. So it is a large phone, but the reason for that is because of the battery, which is a real plus point but yeah in terms of the size of the phone, obviously it’s hard for you to gauge the size of my hands on this video isn’t.

It. So it’s a 6.4 inch screen it’s the very first thing to say and then in terms of how tall it is it’s about 159 millimeters tall in terms of the width here, um it’s, about 57 millimeter million. When i can talk it’s around about uh, 57 millimeters and then it’s about nine millimeters thick here, okay, so yeah it’s, a fairly large foam and the number one reason it is fairly large is because of the battery. But the battery is a real plus point of this phone, in my opinion, so this has a 6000 milliamp battery in it. Now. What does that mean in the real world? That means it’s got a huge battery in it massive battery, which the average person, in my opinion, should get two dies out of this without needing to charge it again. I certainly do i use my phone a fair bit um, but not all day. I use it a fair bit in the morning before work, then i probably don’t really touch it until kind of lunch time. I catch up on messages and calls and get back to people and all that and then use it again, probably just after work and then a little bit in the evening in the mornings. I tend to use it to play some music in the evenings. I may sit on the sofa and play a youtube video on it. Sometimes, if the other half is hogging the tv um, so yeah so i’m a i would class that as moderate use and the battery will give you two days life from that which i think is fantastic.

Um two days battery life is not unheard of, but it’s, quite rare isn’t it most the time these days, you’re lucky to get a full day’s use um out of a lot of phones. I knew so to get two days. I think is great. Now let’s talk about the charging of the battery now one of the features on the features list – and this is why this is a real world review – is quick charging um all depends on your opinion of quick because it’s, not quick. So if you’ve run the battery right down – and you just want to give it a quick boost to see you through for a short period of time – roughly here very very roughly here – um in about 30 minutes – you’ll get about 20 charge. So you’ll get that little boost and 20 charge of this great big battery will actually last you ages, um, but it will only charge that much if you’ve gone right down to you know zero or five percent, and you want to get a full charge back into 100 realistically, in my opinion and it’s only my opinion, it will take about two and a half hours to do that. So bear that in mind as well. This isn’t doesn’t go from zero to 100 super fast, quick charge. In my opinion, it kind of sips sips on the charger, and does it very slowly not a problem for me because when it’s charging i’m generally not using it, so i don’t really care um but i’m, pointing that out for people out there, because everyone has different Requirements don’t they and that could be a key requirement for you.

So so please do bear that in mind, touching back on the screen for a second. So, as i mentioned, it is a 6.4 inch screen. The screen itself is super amoled and it’s. 2. 30. 40. By 1080 pixel resolution again, what does that mean in the real world? It means the display is crisp. It’S, bright, it’s, vibrant, the color depth is fantastic um. Will there be better screens and better phones? Yes, of course, there is, but based on the price which we’ll get to towards the end, the screen is amazing, it’s, absolutely amazing. I absolutely love it. So yeah it’s got them specs to it, but simply for you to look at for you to use. I think it is a fantastic screen elsewhere. What do we have? So this has six gig of ram in it, so it’s no slouch um a lot of phones. Might only come with four: this has got six giga ram. It’S got samson’s exynos processor in it a nine six one one again. What does that mean in the real world? It means it’s, snappy, it’s, quick when you’re going to click on your apps they’re up. Bang, bang, bang, bang bang super fast, um it’s. It is fantastic again, i’m fully aware of context here. Are there quicker phones? Yes, of course there are, but it’s, certainly for most people like most people out there. This will be absolutely fine. It’S super quick super quick super, reliable, um, it’s, really an android of course, version 10.

It has an sd card slot in it as well, because the phone itself only comes with 64 gigabyte of storage, but you can put in your own sd card for up to 512 gigabytes. I think from memory i’ve put in like 128 gig sd card, because that’s what i had um already – and i just put that in there, which is fine again that’s fine for me and i’ve, set the phone to store all of my videos and photos and music To the sd card so i’m, not using the internal storage, basically so that’s. What i love about: android phones in general um rather than the fruit based phones, where you can’t just you know kind of upgrade it yourself so to speak, um so that’s a fantastic feature. So yeah, i recommend, if you are getting this phone, get yourself a little micro sd card and one two, eight gig one’s, really cheap you’ll, probably get one for a tenner in the uk. Probably ten dollars in the us um android itself, as i mentioned, is version 10. it’s a fairly clean android experience. So there is a little bit of sancts and bumps on there. Not much they’ve put a few of their samsung utilities on here um i generally don’t use them, but it’s it’s, fairly clean it’s, fairly minimal it’s good to use it’s a nice it’s, certainly not bloated at all, so um security wise. We have the fingerprint reader on the back there, which, hopefully you can just about see in this light, and it has the usual uh fashion.

Recognition. The face through recognition is what i use it works really really well in most situations, it works well. Obviously, if you’re in a really dark environment, it may struggle to pick you up and then you can just enter your pin code but in very general terms, 80. 90 of the time the facial recognition works spot on it. You know picks up in a few few seconds less than that, a lot of the time unlocks your phone and off you go. So i quite like that feature, that’s, really really good uh. What else have we got so cameras, of course, which is normally a a big thing for most people, including me? I want a decent camera, so this does have the quad camera set up. So what we’ve got on the back here? We do have, as you can see here, we’ve got four cameras and a flash there. So what do we have? We have a main camera which is 64 megapixels. We have an ultra wide camera, which is eight megapixels. We have a depth camera, which is 5 megapixels. We have a macro camera, which is 5 megapixels now again, because this is a real world review. I’Ll tell you now: i’ve only used the main camera because that’s all i would use i’ve only used that main camera and that main camera is fantastic. The the the photos i take are super sharp, crisp nice. The night mode, isn’t bad i’ve had a little play with that it’s okay, but you have to keep quite still but again, the large majority of the time in everyday scenarios.

Taking family pictures pictures with your friends when you’re out and about when you’re, not in lockdown and um it’s gon na be it’s gon na, be really really good, really nice photos. If you want to see an example of some photos, i believe there should be some on our instagram account, which have been taken by this phone. So down below are all the links which i’ll go through at the end, but one of them will be to our instagram. If you look at pictures on our instagram since the middle of december, they would have probably been taken with this camera now. Some of them will be with the front facing camera, the selfie style ones, which i’m going to talk about in a second anyway, but yeah. The the large majority i think have been taken with this camera so feel free to check that out and judge the camera judge. The pictures yourself is my advice, yeah, so the front facing camera is 32 megapixels and again for the old selfies um it’s, really really good it’s. A really good selfie. Camera i’m really impressed with it. It’S, fantastic video, wise i’m, not going to go into all the frame rates, brutally honest that’s, not my cup of tea, but i do i simply film videos on it and i can tell you the film quality is superb. I know it’s got 4k video recording capabilities. The videos we’ve recorded on it have been fantastic again uh one of our previous youtube videos.

I think the dailyvee log002 was filmed entirely on this phone, so i’ll link to that down below and if you want to watch that that was all done using the front facing camera um a v log video so again judge the video quality, and that was done On this phone, so gauge it for yourself and go and check that out so overall yeah in the real world, it takes awesome, pictures and videos um. I only really use the main camera and the front facing camera. So i can’t really comment on depth ultra wide and macros. I think they’re all a bit gimmicky for me, but not more important to you and so do a bit more research, if that’s important to you but it’s, not important to me. So in conclusion, because i’m i’m waffling on far too long here – probably because i quite like the phone so in conclusion, first of all, before i give the conclusion price because that’s key here so here in the uk, i picked this up for 245 pounds, which is Amazing it’s amazing value for money 245 pounds, and i would deem this to be a flagship killing phone. It will compete with them, in my opinion, no problem at all 245 pounds for that much quality when it comes to the speed, the cameras and the overall experience of the phone it’s well worth it. I actually traded in a broken phone as well and i got like 25 quid for it.

It was broken, but they still give me 25 quid for it. So i use that towards it. So actually technically it was 220 pounds. You could do the same and you might get more for your old phone um, but yeah so, but the retail price yeah is about 245 pounds which is really cheap. I know there’s slightly cheaper phones around and there’s, obviously loads, which are much more expensive. I honestly haven’t used this phone. I can’t give a good argument for you to go out and spend eight nine hundred one thousand pounds on a phone. It makes no sense when you can get this for 245 pounds so i’m sure you can guess. My conclusion. This is highly highly highly recommended. I absolutely love this phone and bear in mind a little bit of context here, obviously i’m into all my tech i’m, largely into computers and laptops and networking equipment i’m, not actually heavily into phones. People that know me personally will tell you this i’ve never really been into phones, but this phone i’m genuinely quite excited about. So it must be good, considering i’m not hugely into mobile phones, and i absolutely love it, and this does excite me. Um says it all really: if it can get me excited because of the excellent value for money, it must be a good phone, so highly recommended go out. There check it out yourselves check out. Our instagram account for some example. Photos check out the vlog002 on the channel for examples of the front facing video camera quality gauge it for yourself.

I think it’s, fantastic, so i’m, going to wrap this up because i’ve gone way over my usual time. I give myself for these videos so um. All the links are down below to connect with me on instagram, twitter and linkedin. Please do comment on the video i try and get back to everybody myself. So please do comment any questions, any thoughts, any recommendations, please do use the comments and, if you’re not subscribed to the channel, why not subscribe subscribe to our channel we’re, releasing new content on our team? Likewise, if you made it this far into the video, we must have done a half decent job. So please, please smash the like button for us. I can’t stress that enough. It massively helps us grow our channel. It massively helps youtube put our videos forward to other people. Please smash the like button.