Now this brand real me it’s, not that known at the moment, because it was only launched two years ago or three years ago 2018, and this is one of the most affordable smartphone specifically made for gaming or if you, if you like, watching a lot of videos. This is the best smartphone to go for or if you’re, a worker, that does a lot of delivering and requires your own smartphone with a good battery life, and you don’t have to recharge it over and over again. This is one of the smartphones to go for because it’s budget priced and it has 5000 mah battery capacity, so that’s a lot of battery and life built into it. So it gives you around 21 up to around 21 hours of video playtime, so that’s plenty of um usage time and standby time would be around 40 days standby time, that’s um, pretty impressive. Now inside the box, you would get the micro usb charging cable, so it doesn’t have a fast charge or anything because it is the affordable budget price smartphone. You won’t really get all these extra fast charge, rapids charge, um, excellent cameras, 4k, recording and nothing like that. This is specifically concentrated on gaming and a big battery life. It also comes with this mains plug here and some user guide now, with these smartphones, normally i’ll review a lot of these kind of smartphones where they’re, not that known and you won’t really find these cases online.

If you go on ebay, etc, and one thing about this is that they didn’t provide no case with it and that’s that’s not really a good thing, because if you drop this there’s a chance that it will just break – and the case does give you that extra Protection, however, it does come with a screen protector on it already, so you can see the screen protector there and it does have a dual camera with a flashlight here and at the front it has a camera for a selfie camera there on the right side. It has the volume button and the power button there and on the left side, you have the bit where you open the sim tray and it’s a dual sim, so you can put two sims inside at the bottom that’s, where the charging port goes in micro. Usb charging port, a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack and the speakers there at the bottom as well now let’s just check this out now. This smartphone um is ideally for those who, like playing a lot of game, because it does have a helio, g45 gaming processor, built into this um smartphone and also, and the screen size of this is 6.5 inch water drop screen. The screen is pretty good as well. I like the screen and the rear camera. It comes with an ai camera camera as well, which is a 30 megapixel, plus a 2 megapixel i’ve taken some pictures. Obviously you won’t get the high definition, camera’s um quality it doesn’t have 4k recording or anything.

The max is 1080p, but for those for those who don’t um, you know use the videos or cameras um. This is decent. It has decent camera built into it, a decent video recorder as well uh for those you know, um moments where you need to take some videos or you take some pictures, etc, that’s the only times, but this is for those who love playing games and for occasions For those who do delivery or requires a smartphone part of their work and they need a big battery life, this is another smartphone to go for, because it gives you that long usage time after one full charge, even though it doesn’t have a fast charge yeah, it Does have a huge battery life that would give you a nearly uh day’s usage time with a full charge. Now it also has a geometric um art design as well. Can you see this and i like i, like the design of this it’s, really nice and also um? It does have a good few good features such as a face unlock as well, and so let’s go to um the settings. So if we go to the settings here – and it does have a few good features built in so we’ve got the other wireless features where you got um screencast and bluetooth, but i don’t think this phone does have um nfc or anything like that. You got the notification status bar there and display brightness everything that android smartphone would have.

Then you got this bit here where it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor. However, it does have a face unlock, so you can unlock by just looking at your face and you can just add the extra pin password there as well. Then you got um the privacy. They got the convenience tool here where you got those few um other features such as um gesture motions here. So you can. You got a few extra features and that’s uh quite standard for these new um android and operating systems. They do have all these good features built into it. It has location settings everything that you would get on a normal android, 10 smartphones. You would get on this as well, and i like it. I, like this smartphone and it’s, affordable um, operates really smoothly as well, and it it has a decent. The screen quality is decent as well, so limp that’s, the full brightness, and i like it and now let me go on um the the gallery, so i can show you the recordings that i’ve done with this and i’ve also taken a few pictures as well. So i can show you those pictures and you you’ll see how the quality is. So let me go there and let me go here now. Let me see if the auto rotation is on so when, when this is on now with before that, so this is the first picture without and the flashlight on honestly it has my um light on, but you can see the quality is decent hold on it’s gone Back again or okay, so you can see that and then got this with the with the flashlight on and it’s less pixelated and it’s it’s decent.

The camera is brilliant, with the way he’s capturing it for that kind of pricing and with that quality there then i’ve taken a video here. So you can hear that. Let me put you on loudspeaker, so you can hear the sound quality. I can’t really expect much. You won’t get 4k recording, um, ultra steady camera, etc, but for someone who doesn’t really use a camera or the video camera much, this is a decent um smartphone. This is mainly made for those who likes playing games with a big battery life of five, and this is with the flashlight. Now, with the flashlight only looks even better it’s hardly pixelated, but for the price range i would say, the camera quality is brilliant, so that’s the camera quality. So you know this is not specifically made for those who love taking selfies, who loves taking pictures videoing, but the fact that he does have all these extra um features built into it. Um, it’s, brilliant and the quality is good. Still now, gaming wise is brilliant. You can play call of duty call of duty fortnite all those games that require um a fast processors and built into your smartphone, and this one provides this okay, it won’t slow down it won’t freeze, and it will give that smooth gameplay and a long usage time. So one full charge would give you a good, i would say at least a good over eight hours of usage time, continuous gaming or video and play time as well.

Okay, but yeah. The build quality is amazing. It looks very stylish as well and i do highly recommend you can buy one of these for around um 50 around 50 to 100 pound uk currency, depending on where you’re buying it for from but usually it’s less than 100 pound uk currency. So thank you for watching my video.