My name is jimmy and today i’m checking out smartphone inc. It was sent to us by arcane wonders and they also sent along the update 1.1 expansion. Now, at the beginning of our reviews, we give you a buy it play. It or hate it rating by it means obviously go pick this game up. It needs to be in your collection play, it means maybe i wouldn’t buy it, but if you were playing it and you asked me to, i would sit down at the table and then red means don’t buy it don’t play it, because i hate it i’m, going To give you my rating right now and then that kind of allows me to spend the rest of this video, not telling you you know waiting for my opinion till the end but i’m going to share it right now. So smartphone inc, along with the update 1.1 expansion, gets a buy it rating from me. This is a great great game. It’S got some very unique mechanisms that we’re going to get into now. With that said, smartphone inc is obviously about making and selling cell phones. It is about the cell phone industry that happens worldwide. So what you have in front of you is a map that covers different regions of the world and you’re, going to try to produce smartphones, set the prices on them and sell those smartphones expand into different locations around the world. You’Re going to be doing all that right on this board, you’re going to be learning new technologies, researching new things that you need to do and using those abilities when you gain them.

This game is super cool. Let me tell you, the basic uh premise of the game is that you have these two sided boards that at the beginning of a round, you have to overlap them in some way, and so i would have to choose them. They are two sided and then i have to choose how i want to lay them onto the board and how you lay them onto the board is very, very important because the symbols that are shown are what you’re going to be able to do during the game. So the game plays out over eight different rounds and during each one of those rounds, you’re going to be referring back to your boards and how you have them laid out. So if you have more research icons showing up on your board, so let’s say i did it like this i’ve got three research icons shown so when it comes time to research i’m going to be placing three research tokens down onto the board. If i do more of these crates, then that shows let’s. Do it like this? If i did it like this, i would be producing uh crates, which gives me products to sell there’s, also icons on the board that allow you to manipulate the price of the stock. So you’re making some decisions, and especially the first few games that you play you’re, going to be doing this a whole lot and thinking through it and trying to figure out what you think your opponents are going to be doing, maybe to the price.

Maybe to are they trying to expand this round? What are they trying to do and that’s where these handy dandy little shields come in? Because you can make all of your decisions while nobody’s watching you and then you get to reveal ha ha i’m doing the same thing you’re doing and that stinks but uh. So, like i said, the turn order is or the rounds of the game all have to do with what you did on the card. So let’s just very quickly talk about the rounds of the game. The first round is where you decide what your tiles are going to be, then the second round is where you’re going to be changing your price. So, depending on what icon you placed your price is either going to go up or down, and whoever has the lowest price gets to go first, so priority is very important. The third round is just getting your crate, so you have this little super duper cool, uh, plastic tray that has all of your pieces in it, and so you will just go in here and you say: okay i’ve got three crates: okay, i’m gon na get three Cell phones, then the next one that you’re going to do is you’re going to uh, have the ability to get new tiles that allow you to do different things, and now, on your turn, what you could do is now not only uh when you go to plan The phase now you could actually be able to lay this on top of that, and this gives you a lot more flexibility in what you want to do.

The next phase of the game is research at the very bottom of the board. They have six different types of research that you could do. That will give you special abilities so like this one right here says: uh take one mini improvement, and so you could get this one um. So multiple people can do that, but the first person to get to it is going to get some bonus points for doing that. So it definitely feels like a race, and you really really want to get to certain technologies, maybe before somebody else does. But of course they help you as you play throughout the game, then the next phase of the game is where you are going to be expanding. So these little blue truck icons allow you to spread out across the board, and so this really starts to feel like an economic game where you’re saying okay, i want to spread my influence around and so maybe area control is the better term, not economic, but this Is definitely an area control economic thing because you want to expand your locations and why do you want to do that? Because if you get into more locations, then you are able to sell your goods and that’s the whole point of this right. You want to be able to make your cell phones and then spread into new regions to be able to sell them and so there’s. This whole aspect of the game of spreading out and going to different locations and then taking these cell phones that you produce this round and then hoping to get them into these locations where you have a business at and so, if you’re able to do that, then You are able to sell those uh cell phones and the way that the cell phone selling process works without getting too complicated in.

It is basically that there are different buyers in each one of these locations and they are only willing to pay so much for cell phones. So if you have out priced yourself or under sold your price, whatever you figure out where your uh icons or where these little cubes can go, then at the end of the round, then you’re going to actually try to get paid out so you’re getting paid out For all of the cell phones that you have sold on that round, you’re going to get victory points for that and then the last thing that happens on every round is victory, points for the most influence in a region. So you’re going to look at all of these regions on the board and you’re, going to be figuring out who sold the most cell phones in that region. We’Ve got a lot of influence there. We get some victory points. Why do i love this game? Number one? It is such a cool theme, it is, it is not just a obscure economic game, i’m selling, something, but just the thought of the cell phones and the way that they do this it’s, so cool and i i’ve had the privilege of traveling to a number of Places around the world and cell phones are everywhere it doesn’t matter, if you’re in a third world country or if you’re in just a metropolis somewhere everybody’s got cell phones. So it’s really cool this concept of something that is traveling all over the world.

And this is something that everybody is using, so that is pretty cool uh the uh, the um, the actual gameplay of the game shines through in that you get to do all of this stuff, and then you get to watch it play out. That is so fun and it is not that complicated. I remember when i first heard about this game and when i first saw the board, i remember thinking, oh boy, this is going to be a really brain, crunchy thinky game and there are those moments in the game and there are tense moments when you’re planning things Out, but this is not a very complicated game i would say it’s, probably maybe i mean this is not ticket to ride, but it’s, not like uh. You know a lacerta that’s super duper heavy, so it’s, maybe on a heavier end of medium, is probably where i would put that and that’s only because there are a lot of decisions to make and then you have to watch them play out. So if you have somebody that’s, a newer gamer or somebody that doesn’t like to think ahead, they might not do that. Well in this game, that’s smartphone inc. I love it. I recommend it. I tell you to go, buy the game thanks for checking this out and put it in the comments.