We are back again for unboxed video review for the s5b gimbal stabilizer let’s go to unboxing i’m going to show this product s5b gimbal. You can see this product with the name in the box. I will give you easy instruction balance gimbal before turn on panel control, usb output, shutter button, usb input here specification and features. Follow this qr code use gimbal pro store or google play you search easily turn your box features. Horizontal portrait, mod panorama face tracking adjustable arm time lapse up to 12 hours, run time manual, zooming real time. Charging let’s go to the open, the box Music, all right. The support in out from the box slowly now, okay, this is empty now have a small knot. Is important notice carefully fit operate gimbal as the following the order? They have a manual instructions, different language, just leave it type c code and strip. This is gimbal bottom mount Music, wow, surprise for gimbal, Music, very easy to operating zooming, sumo timing, power button. This joystick and left side indicate charging level of the battery right side is the mods, this type c charging port and the shutter. You can take the picture. This usb4 charging suitable any kind of items. This is the gimbals it is moving. It has face tracking application Music. Now we are going to fix at the amount of the bottom c after the fixed. This gimbal is very miracle for the cheapest budget price. For you, Music, this is my first experience following this.

It is a very fantastic, very easy to handling this product in outside locations. Come away. Music, hello, come away.