90 and today, i’m going to be doing a review of the google pixel 4a. I am recording this from the screen to the phone because, because that’s much easier to record, but you can get a photo, but i put a photo of what the outside of the phone looks like the beginning of the video, so let’s get started. This is a very solid phone from google, the pixel 4a and it’s relatively cheap, as smart as far smartphones go costing 350 dollars, as opposed to the usual 900 dollars that a pretty good smartphone call usually costs. So what are the features of this phone? Well, it its operating system is android 11, so you get all of google’s newest smartphone operating software. As you can see, it comes with the built in google chrome, web browser, google, mail, app and many uh and all the and many other things, google news and the built in camera software so let’s take a further look. The built in web browser is google chrome in gmail. Of course, this is a google phone, so that’s not much of a surprise and it com and the phone comes with all of google’s. Apps such as chrome, gmail, youtube by youtube and google drive all those things installed automatically so that’s a good so it’s. It also comes with the tool to easily transfer all of your all of your data over for from any from an iphone or other android phone to the to your new pixel 4a.

The battery life on this phone, based on my testing and my use, lasts about a day and a half i’ve. I tried from from 4am one day to the to 4am the next day without charging it and by the time it reached. 4, am the next day. 24 hours later it had about 55 battery life, so so that seems about right. The phone feels very fast and snappy too so. Games, apps and all run very quick and no problem on here. This doesn’t quite have the horsepower that a strong computer has obviously but i’ve tried a couple games and they all run no issue. So the only bad thing about this phone is the camera is a little bit mediocre, it’s there and it works, and it takes photos. Well, but nothing too special, so i’m gon na. So as you can see, and if no like i said this is this phone has mostly google’s apps. So, however, if you want to use a different browser, sir, that you can install the mobile version of firefox microsoft, edge or oprah on here as well or if you use a different email provider besides gmail the apps for up from other popular webmail providers like outlook Yahoo, mail, mail and email clients in general run very well on here. So for those of you who want to use a different browser or email service than google’s rest assured you’re completely covered overall the the phone displays for displays, photos and takes them in relative.

Good clarity as well, you do get the new, the newest version of android on here, which, after the making of this video, is android 11.. Another feature that i want that it won’t open, because i don’t want to show you. My messages is that if you have a windows device phone to your computer and send and receive your text and your your texts and messages on your computer type them and type your text on your computer and send your messages. Your text from there and it’ll show up via bluetooth on your phone as well the phone. The phone has very good compatibility with bluetooth headphones. So, if you’re someone who wants to listen, it wants to listen in to your to your music on your wireless headphones or, if you do with connect your phone via bluetooth, to be a bluetooth to your stereo. This works very well with that. The phone also has very good memory, 128 gigabytes, but it catch if you want to call it. That is that the 128 gigabytes is all is what you get. So there is no micro sd card, as you saw on the photo here for on this phone. So you so bop 128 gigabytes is a lot for a phone. The memory cannot be in any way upgraded, pretty good phone for the price, at least for the price nice it does. All the actions runs out very well. I would say def definitely check out the google pixel 4a.

The only thing i’d say to be aware of is that, if you’re, if is that, if you are a die, hard, ios or iphone user, this is an android phone and i phone so keep that in mind so that’s about it. For this video, this is my first time referring your phone so i’m. Sorry, if there’s any clunkiness in the review, this is what’s up 290 and i’m.