I will not go into too much technical detail. There are plenty of places you can look up all the specs. I will explain why i chose this phone and what i think it can and can’t do. This particular model is the space purple phone, although i would describe it more as a purplish blue rather than a bluish purple. What you see on screen may look a bit more on the blue side, but there is a hint of purple too. The oppo a9 also comes with this nifty protective shell for the back somewhat misleading colour description aside, this phone measures 163.6 by 75.6 by 9.1 millimeter. It has a fairly large 128 gigabyte internal storage, which was important to me, because that means that you can install a few apps without your phone having a minor heart attack, as is so often the case with phones that have a fairly small storage, especially when they Don’T give you the option to store the apps on an external sd card. I’Ve had this phone now for roughly a month, and i have not encountered any problems to date. I use whatsapp twitter and facebook and instagram, and i also watch youtube. Videos i’ve also installed further apps there’s, still plenty of space left to add more, if required, if you’re looking for a phone with an amazing camera, because this will be your main gear for photography and videos, i would probably advise to have a look around elsewhere, while There is a manual mode for photos, videos seem to be more or less an auto for most functions.

You can shoot in 4k, but given that many people cannot view 4k yet and it takes ages to edit, i will be mostly filming in 1080p. There is not much in the way of stabilization, but if you move the phone carefully, you can still shoot some decent video. Please see my video samples later in this clip photos turn out a little over sharpened, but the colors look okay for nice snapshots because i use a separate, dedicated camera for my better photos and video. This is more than enough for my needs, which is to just have a decent camera handy. When i have left my actual camera at home, i like that you can take photos that are super widescreen which cover the entire length of the phone’s 16.5 centimeter long screen in landscape mode. Sadly, videos only shoot in 16×9 aspect ratio. Not super wide screen seem to be different cameras in the phone but i’m, mainly using the main photo and video function, plus the occasional panorama mode. All samples later have been taken with a regular photo and video mode. Nothing fancy to illustrate how this phone performs for everyday use. Here you can see some of the usual stuff that pops up when you swipe down on the home screen the battery life is very good. You can use it pretty much all day on one charge. Why did i choose this particular phone frankly because i’m not sufficiently rich to afford one of the big players? Also because i use my phone mainly for the aforementioned uses and have a separate camera, and also because there was a limit to the types of phones that were available for home delivery in this current climate in this price bracket.

But i wanted a phone with plenty of internal memory and the oppo a9 offers that, if you’re looking for an affordable phone that does most things well then you can’t go wrong with this. I have not tried this phone for gaming yet, but other reviewers say that as long as you don’t choose the highest image resolution, you should be good to go for at least some of the more popular games. Well, this is it for my take on the oppo a9. Please keep watching for few photo and video samples, none of which i’ve been meddled with afterwards.