Look at this. This is the phone right side. Let’S find out all right super hook charger. This is a 65 watt charger, usb type c, cable and uh. Nice earphones, jiha, usb type c, earphone, isca matlab, unfortunately, those two 3.5 wow all right, very nice, and it is my goodness. It is very light. 7.6 mm thickness and this looks premium seriously premium. Look at this all right, it’s, a dual nano sim card slot yeah drop test – oh my god wow! So look at that screen seriously i’m telling you six point. Five inch screen emulated 90 hertz fast refresh right here: 10 hdr 10 plus support bezels they’re non existent with 65 watt fast charging, for example, especially because of that 180 hertz touch sampling rate, your response time, i can pick touch, you will come to know yes, 180 Hertz touch sampling. This has got color os 11.1, which is based on android 11. Very nice ui, yellow seriously it pops out of the display so overall great multimedia experience, uh audio quality, be a cheer and display seriously one of the better ones. I have seen very nice sensors within limits. So what do i think? What are my first impressions, especially the display? I am impressed with that display 5g performance via those phone with this display, and this design looks like 30 35k. I will say this is a good one in that price range seriously, but everything depends on price. Obviously it might be a little more 8 gb 128 gb variant.