This is danny and today let’s unbox, and take a look at the new flagship phone from samsung, the galaxy s21 ultra. The galaxy s21 looks sweet as well, but today i want to focus on the best of the best, so let’s go over the new features and then i’ll give you some samples from this monster. Camera system let’s jump into the unboxing. The experience is pretty thin. Nice. Looking box as usual open it up and you get the phone itself very nice and i will set that to the side. T mobile sim card in there shout out to t mobile and all you get is this box. There is a sim card, ejector tool on the back and inside of the box. There are some documentation and setup guide, it’s perfect for the bathroom, and you get the usbc charging cord and that’s it. Yes, they took the playbook from apple. You no longer get a power brick anymore, and if you are wondering about the galaxy s 21 and the s21 plus it’s the same thing, just the phone itself and the box with the usbc cord in it so it’s the same across the entire lineup. So don’t be too upset about it, because pretty much every phone maker is going to be doing this in the future. Just make sure you keep your old brick or just buy a cheap one that enables fast charging the biggest change that you will notice right away.

Is in the design, this is the phantom black model and i think it looks really nice. The phone feels substantial and weighty and feels very premium. The most noticeable changes in the camera design is still a camera bump, but the best way to describe it is that it’s fused into the design here is a look at it from another angle. I personally like the way it looks, but it will be a preference thing for sure i can see it going either way. I do like how the rails are glossy and the back is matte. The contrast gives it a more premium. Look in my opinion. The glass is only slightly curved, so it’s a clean design overall. Here is what the phantom black looks like in bright sunlight. Let me know what you think of this color. You definitely need a case for this phone because it’s an investment and usually i jump straight into the clear cases from the channel sponsor spigen this time it was a little different if you’re picking up a galaxy s21 with this new phantom violet color, then i highly Recommend that you go that route, since you definitely want to show that color off. I tried a few other cases this time around, like the slim armor cs wallet case. I love the two tone design and the texture up top. The rugged armor with that handy built in kickstand, is great for watching content on this incredible display, but i found the one for the black galaxy s21 ultra and that is the thin fit.

It looks fantastic on here and matches that matte black finish perfectly: it hugs the design of the galaxy s21 ultra and it adds minimal bulk, and it also has just enough lip to protect that curved screen. It frames out that camera bump perfectly and, most importantly, it protects it since the camera design wraps around. If you dropped it on this corner, it would be pretty dangerous. What’S funny is that when i was shooting this video, a gust of wind took that phone clear off this ledge and hit the concrete below it actually landed on the corner with the camera bump and besides a few marks on the case, it was perfectly fine. Thank goodness i had this case on. It was an unexpected drop test. I didn’t expect to love the thin fit this much. This is the one it feels so good in the hand. You will not be disappointed. I will leave a link down below for you. You can thank me later. The display on the galaxy s21 ultra is 6.8 inches at quad, hd plus resolution and what’s great this time around. Is you get that super fluid 120 hertz refresh rate, but at a full 1440p resolution, which i love, it’s adaptive, so it’ll help with the battery life i’m, not too concerned about battery life, since it has a large 5000 milliamp hour battery. The maximum brightness is also 1500 nits, which translates to it’s freaking bright. Even outdoors, these colors are fantastic.

As usual. Samsung makes the best displays on the market. This phone is no different. Look at how great that looks. The power comes from the brand new qualcomm snapdragon 888 here in the united states, but it could differ per region, but this processor is a huge leap when it comes to performance, graphical power for games and enables some awesome new features in the camera. Like director’s view where you can see all of the camera angles at once, and you can choose between them, while you’re, recording and of course, 5g is baked into here as well, for the fastest connectivity and also wi fi 6e. And, of course, everything that you would expect from a flagship is here like dual speakers: ip68 water resistance, fast wire charging, fast wireless charging, reverse wireless charging. 128 gigabytes of storage is standard with 12 gigabytes of ram, but there’s also a 256 gigabyte option and a maxed out version with 512 gigabytes of storage and 16 gigabytes of ram. And there is one thing that we need to say rip to, and that is the micro sd card slot, so no more micro sd card slots across the board. Many manufacturers are doing this as well, so it is what it is. I am a little sad to see it go. Another notable upgrade is the in display fingerprint scanner. This is a second generation qualcomm ultrasonic, fingerprint scanner that is 1.77 times larger, so it’s been very solid for me.

So far, even if you don’t hit the middle exactly it still picks up i’ve been using this for about 48 hours and it seems to be more accurate but i’ll report back in the full review. If my experience changes, the galaxy s21 ultra is launching on android 11, with one ui 3.1 it’s very familiar if you’ve owned a galaxy device in the last couple of years, i like how you can choose between samsung, free and google feed. Now, having that choice is great straight from the launcher, it just makes my experience a little bit better because that’s what i prefer, the camera software itself looks very similar as well. All the modes are there in a customizable row. I showed you director’s view earlier, where you can see all of the camera angles at once in real time. This can be awesome. If used correctly, you can customize the view with the split screen. If you want – and you can also move around the picture and picture of the front facing camera feed – so i hope this evolves into something great in the future, because if they keep updating this, this could be pretty cool with photos. You can go all the way up to 108 megapixels, which is awesome and with video you can go up to 8k 24 frames per second, so that’s a lot of resolution power in your pocket. I think one of the best features added this year is that you have 4k 60 frames per second across all of the cameras.

So if you’re, a fan of 4k 60 frames per second you’re going to be very happy with this one, the camera hardware cluster is the most polarizing thing about the design. There is a 12 megapixel ultra wide, a second generation 108 megapixel sensor below that a 10x optical zoom lens below, which is awesome. In my opinion, laser auto focus on the next row flash and then a 3x optical zoom below so that is two dedicated zooms on the ultra instead of diving deeper into the camera i’m going to save that for my full review. But i want to show you some samples of the photos and videos that i took yesterday. So let me know what you think of them, so for full reviews and tons of camera comparisons that are in the works make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell right now, because you do not want to miss them. So let me know what you think about these camera samples, and i will see you guys in the next one: Music: Applause, Music, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so, Music Music.