You have the galaxy s21, s21 plus and s21 ultra all having 5g across the board, and i have my hands on a couple of them: the s21 and the s21 ultra. We will get to the s21 very soon, but in this video let’s unbox the s21 ultra. Now keep in mind, i have a ton of videos planned for the galaxy s21 lineup so make sure to click that subscribe button. So you’re notified the s21 ultra has a new design and a new color. They talked about the phantom black color for a decent chunk of time at their event today, so i’m really excited to see what that looks like. That is what is in the box right now, and also the new camera system, a 108 megapixel main sensor. You have an ultra wide angle lens and two telephoto lenses, which is kind of crazy to me because they are optical, zoom lenses, one at 3x and one at 10x zoom, so pretty excited to check those out. We are going to take a quick look at what comes inside the box. The box is actually a little bit smaller than i’m used to, and then we will go ahead and get some hands on with the galaxy s21. Ultra 5g let’s get started, and here is the new galaxy s21 ultra 5g from samsung big shout out to samsung for sending these over for us to check out also they sent the new samsung smart tag.

So drop a comment. Let me know if you want me to actually do some content on the new smart tag. Let’S get to the unboxing, so opening up the box right away looks like we have our s21 ultra with that new phantom black color i’m gon na set it to the side for just a second, i know it’s a bit of a tease and finally, in the Box, you have your sim ejection tool, quick start guide and your charging cable, which is usb type c to usb type c, as you could tell no power brick inside which lends to why the box itself was smaller on to what you came to see. The s 21 ultra 5g let’s peel off this back sticker, revealing the actual color of the phone. That is pretty cool. I mean it is a cool looking black color, i wouldn’t say it’s outstanding by any means, but it definitely looks really. Sleek you’ll also notice. The updated design to the camera module how it sort of cuts out from the top and side of the phone now i’m, going to boot. This phone up for the first time and we’re going to take a close look at the hardware down at the bottom. First of all, you’ll notice that the sides are more of a glossy black color as opposed to that matte black. That is on the back anyways. You have your sim card slot, which does not have a micro sd card slot for expandable storage, you’ve got 128 256 or 512 gig options, a microphone, usb type c slot and a speaker along the right side.

You have your power button and volume rockers you’ll notice, that glossy look starts to go towards the back of the camera module, but then it does switch over to that matte black look up at the top. You have a couple microphones but make note of the camera bump. It feels like less of a bump, though, and more of just an extension of the sides of the phone with this overall design, absolutely nothing along the left side. Now, let’s flip it over to the back where that samsung logo is get a closer look at that overall color and then our new updated camera system. Now, as i had mentioned earlier right here, is the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, and this one in the middle is the main 108 megapixel sensor down. Here is the big zoom, which is 10 x up to 100 x, digital zoom and finally, the 3x telephoto is the last lens on the right. Both telephoto lens are 10 megapixels, and then you have your flash and laser autofocus, so let’s get into it. I am noticing, while holding the phone, that i’ll kind of rest, my pointer finger on the corner of the camera module, since it sticks out just a little bit, giving it a little bit more of a sturdy feel while holding it anyways i’m going to run through The startup process, and only talk about anything noteworthy, you can set up security for your phone, including face recognition.

However, we are going to set up the fingerprint scanner. Samsung has actually added a larger fingerprint scanner in the s21 lineup 1.77 times larger, to be exact, and we are going to set this up now and i will be doing some testing. I will purposely miss the fingerprint a little bit later on in this video and see if it is actually a little bit larger. They didn’t mention if it’s any faster, so i will go ahead and follow up in a future video. After doing some testing to see, if it actually is anyways, our fingerprint is added, we can add more if you’d like we’re gon na skip through and you are all set up and ready to go. This is the new flagship phone from samsung, the galaxy s21 ultra 5g, and here is the new display, they’ve included in the s21 ultra again, samsung is continuing to have the best displays out of any phone on the market right now. This is a dynamic amoled. 120 hertz display, which is a variable refresh rate, display so i’m, expecting it to be again the best display out now and with that being said, it is also a 1440p display. So if we go into display, i believe we’ll have to change it. So out of the box, it looks like it is 1080p and you can bump it up if you’d like to so make sure you go into settings if you want to take advantage of that 1440p display.

Now i can already tell higher refresh rate is enabled. However, under motion smoothness, you can change it between adaptive and standard, so adaptive will have it all the way up to 120 hertz and standard will force it at 60 hertz which will save battery life again, if you’re at 1080p. That will also save battery life. However, it is nice they now have a 1440p display at 120 hertz in the s21 ultra in terms of specs. This has the latest qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor inside, and you have the option between 12 and 16 gigabytes of ram in the ultra, which is pretty crazy. Now, taking a look at it, the battery inside is actually a 5 000 milliamp hour battery i’m expecting good battery life out of it. I will keep you guys, updated now. Let’S go ahead and test out that fingerprint scanner, as i said, they included a larger scanner. Overall, i’m, just setting my thumb directly on, but now this time i’m going to kind of miss it a little bit and while not putting it directly in the center, it seems like it did still unlock and it did it there again, as you can tell i’m Purposely missing that specific spot, so that is nice to see and i think will be a welcome addition to phones. I still don’t know yet. I’Ll have to do some testing if it’s actually faster more to come in a future video and finally, let’s take a look at the camera app real quickly, snap, a couple quick pictures, the shutter speed is extremely quick and down at the bottom you’ll notice.

You have four buttons, first of all, ultra wide, including a lot more in your shot, your standard 1x, and then you go into that 3x optical zoom lens all the way up to 10x and again this is not digital zoom. This is optical zoom, with that 10x lens snap, a picture and just for reference to show you can go all the way up to 100x and look at all that texture on the desk excited to test this camera out in more real world situations. You still have single take which will take. You know, videos pictures, a bunch of different lenses going over video is another big one that they updated. It looks like it’s set to full hd out of the box. However, you can bump it all the way up to 8k 24 frames per second, so you can shoot in 8k and while shooting they actually talked about a neat feature where you can snap stills, while you’re recording that ak video. So if you see something you need to take a picture of while you’re recording you can just go ahead and press that button and it will capture stills for you and don’t worry. You can still capture 4k at 60 frames per second, if you’d like to now. Jumping into some of our more settings there’s a ton of different ones. You have a pro mode, your night mode, which will be exciting to try out in darkness. They say they made some pretty big advancements to low light photography, we’ll again have to test and see.

If that is true, and overall, that is everything i wanted to talk about for now with the galaxy s21 ultra again, full unboxing of the s21 coming very soon be sure to click that subscribe button. A lot of content coming across all of the various social channels linked down below. I hope you enjoyed the video drop, a comment.