Pen stylus support that you won’t find on the other phones. Of course, the samsung galaxy s21 ultra also costs well over a grand. So if you’re not completely minted, you might be more tempted by the regular s21 or the s21 plus now definitely still not cheap, but you’ll only have to sell a couple of your lesser body parts to actually afford one. Now, like other uk based youtubers, i said they haven’t had the chance to go hands on with samsung’s new galaxy s21 series, thanks to oh great mate, covert and the national lockdown situation, but stay tuned for full unboxings and reviews coming imminently and for now here’s all You need to know about the s21, the plus and the ultra, how they stack up against one another and from all the latest greatest set. Please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers now. The 6.2 inch s21 is a proper lightweight at just 172 grams, while the upscaled 6.7 inch s21 plus weighs a shade over 200 grams and last up. The 6.8 inch ultra is an absolute unit at 228 grams. So if you’re after a ford for effortless 100 use, the s21 is certainly one of the most compact in 2021 and well worth considering the back end of this smallest s21 is constructed from glastic as samsung terms, at the same as the galaxy s20 fan edition. However, the plus and the ultra do get an upgrade to gorilla glass victus, which remains as scratch resistant as ever, while also reportedly surviving drops of up to two meters in laboratory conditions, which is pretty bloody, impressive and great news for any butterfingers out there.

All of samsung’s new s21 series, smartphones rock a matte finish, so you don’t have a glossy ass that will pick up endless greasy finger smudges. The standard s21 offers the greatest choice of colors, too. You got pink white or black, plus a fresh new phantom violet colour, which kind of morphs from blue to purple as you tilt it about the place the s21 plus is available in silver black and that phantom violet, while the ultra can only be snuffled in silver Or black no violet option anywhere to be seen as usual, with samsung’s, more premium smartphones, the galaxy s21, the s21 plus, and that big beefy ultra model are all ip68 water and dust resistant. So you can kick back in a nice hot bubbly bath with a bit of cobra, kai or whatever, and have a nice stress. Free experience built into each of those screens is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor using what appears to be the same tech as last year’s models. Personally, i would rather have a physical fingerprint sensor, especially a bit of edge mounted action, but here and you’ve also got a bit of fierce recognition on there to back it up as well as long as you’re, not all face masked up. Obviously, and speaking of the screen, samsung has once again serves up a tasty bit of dynamic amoled 2x display tech, as i introduced on samsung’s 2020 flagships. Although they’re not a complete match here, the most notable change being a drop to full hd plus resolution for the vanilla, s21 and s21 plus compared with the quad hd displays of last year’s handsets which kind of sucks.

But at least then it solves the dilemma of what do i go for the quad hd plus visuals, or the 120 hertz refresh rate, which does indeed make a return here on the s21 and the s21 plus and that’s once again, an adaptive feature. So the s21 phones will stick in 60 hertz more until you hit a bit of supported content and then it’ll boost the frame rate up to 120, but hold on to your pants people, because the galaxy s21 ultra keeps that quad hd plus resolution, and it can Even handle that 120 hertz refresh rate at the maximum resolution rejoice rejoice kiss my face. All three of these phones also boast hdr, 10 plus support and that selfie cam spec is suitably tiny, so barely intrudes on the action. However, the super duper s21 ultra is brighter than the others here, topping off at a whopping, 1 500 nits, just like the note 20 ultra and the ultra super diamond mode, will dial up brightness all the way down to just two nits, while maintaining full 24 bit. Color reproduction, which is great news if you’re going to be using it at night, and it can also go down to just one solitary knit for that, always on display great news if you’re going to be having it on all night long. So you can check the time, but it won’t bugger, about with your beauty. Sleep you’ve also got the usual adaptive blue light filters on all three of the samsung galaxy: s21 phones as well, not to mention a stereo speaker setup, although, sadly, there is still no headphone jack action to be spoken of so it’s, bluetooth or dongles.

All the way baby as you’d expect you get full android 11 out of the box, plus samsung’s one ui 3.0 launcher slathered. On top add in the usual huge selection of bonus features and you’ll also notice a few little tweaks and improvements over all the versions. So, for instance, the smartthings app has been expanded with a new find feature which helps you to track down your missing galaxy birds, galaxy watch, whatever samsung shenanigans, you have misplaced. This could even give you a last known location if they happen to be switched off at the time, so it’s great news for people like me with a memory like a perforated rubber johnny. Meanwhile, the plus and the ultra could also double as a wireless car key for supported vehicles using samsung’s, ultra wide band tech and that’s, something that the standard galaxy s21 does not support. Meanwhile, one of the bigger headlines is that the ultra can now get busy with samsung’s s pen stylus. Just like those note phones, but you will need to buy this separately and there’s no convenient orifice to shove. It into what you’ll need to do is attach a case to the ultra, which the pen then clips onto it’s a bit awkward compared with the seamless design of the naught, but stylus fans will hopefully approve of that added support here in the uk. All of the new galaxy s21 phones are powered by samsung’s latest five nanometer exynos 2100 chipset, backed by eight gigs of ram on the s21 and the s21 plus, while the ultra boosts that to a slightly ridiculous, 12, gigs and hopefully, fingers crossed, please god, baby jesus Etc, etc.

Merely exodus 2100 proved more energy efficient than last year’s, seven nanometer exodus 990. Unfortunately, the exodus model of the s20s that we got here in blighty proved a lot less power efficient than the snapdragon models which you get in the us and lots of other regions which meant that the battery life wasn’t as good i’m, certainly optimistic from the early Rumblins that we’ve seen so far from the early exodus, benchmarking and all of the rest, and especially the fact that it’s, a five nanometer chipset, just like that snapdragon 888, should mean more power. Efficiency. In fact, early benchmarks have the exynos 2100 standard, very strong, indeed against the 8088 for single and multi core performance. So definitely a promising start and gamer should hopefully be well catered for with an expanded set of gaming tools, including a fresh new priority mode, which allows you to block notifications and other pesky distractions mid game. That exodus 2100 comes with an integrated 5g modem. Just like the snapdragon 888 you’ve got 5g support on all three phones as well as wi fi 6 support, while the ultra actually extends that to wi fi 6e. Making use of the 6 gigahertz band and all three phones here offer a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of storage, while the ultra also comes in a 512 gigabyte flavor now the dinky s21, unsurprisingly sports, the smallest battery of the bunch of just 4 000 milliamps. This is upgraded to 4 800 milliamps on the s21 plus and a slightly bigger again, 5 000 milliamp battery on the ultra.

All with wireless charging and power share, abilities and just like apple chose to do with its iphone 12 series as well. Samsung has decided to leave the charger out of the box for the s21 series handsets for environmental reasons, not exactly a massive shocker after it started, deleting all of its old adverts that mocked apple for doing just that so yeah you are gon na have to use Your old charger, unfortunately with the s21, but if it means you don’t, have lots of charges lying around in a draw somewhere and we up the planet just that little bit less then i guess that’s a good thing. That said, it would at least be nice having spunked up the best part of a grand or maybe even over a grand on your shiny new smartphone. If you could go on the samsung website, enter your phone details or your purchase details and get something to send. You a charger for free and then, if you don’t need it fine, if you do want it, though you’ve got that option, but no anyway enough of that guff onto probably the most interesting bit. The camera tech and the s21 shares the same triple n setup. As the s21 plus, comprising a 12 megapixel primary shooter, a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, cam and a 64 megapixel telephoto lens. Meanwhile, the ultra once again has the superior tech here: boston, a quad camera setup, including a 108 megapixel primary sensor, which samsung reckons captures richer.

Colors and deals with stronger contrast, more capably, you’ve got the same 12 megapixel ultrawide angle lens, but that single telephoto lens of the s21 and the s21 plus is replaced here with a dual tele zoom system. That’S, a pair of 10 megapixel lenses, one with three times: optical zoom and the other serving up 10 times optical zoom and the s21 ultra will switch between the three times lens and the 10 times lens. When you hit that 10 times zoom level – and it can also go all the way up to 100 times – space zoom as with the old s20 ultra, but thankfully with sharper results than before. So if you want to get snapping some nature from afar, then the s21 ultra is clearly the way to go. All three s21 smartphones serve up the traditional samsung camera features, but many of these have actually been tweaked and improved, including that invaluable night mode, which is now apparently far more effective at seeing in the dark than ever before, you’ve also got a new and improved single. Take 2.0 mode, which uses improved ai processing to serve even more funky effects, such as dynamic, slow motion, which speeds up and slows down your captured moment for dramatic results, ooh fancy. Naturally, you get the same great pro photo mode on all three of these samsung galaxy. S21, smartphones and the ultra can actually capture 12 bit raw images using the pro mode 2.. As for video, well like with last year’s s20 series, you can record 4k resolution footage at up to 60 frames per second or full hd video, with a new dynamic frame rate setting that matches how much action the s21 detects and swaps between 30 and 60 fps And you can once again shoot 8k resolution.

Video at 24 frames per second, with an option to grab high res photo stills when you’re watching it back a separate director’s view. Camera mode can swap between the different lenses on the fly, while you’re recording, and you can also shoot with both the front camera at the same time as one of those rear cams, which is a feature of course that we’ve seen in sami smartphones. For quite some time and the galaxy s21 ultra also supports simultaneous 4k video capture across a selection of lenses. If you really can’t make your mind up, as for you, selfie fans, the s21 and the s21 plus uses a standard 10 megapixel shooter. While the ultra upgrades this to a beefy, 40 megapixel effort for finer detail, a good reason to avoid it, if you’re a wrinkly, haggard, sucker crap like me so that’s, all the various specs and the features of the s21, the plus and the ultra all stacked up And compared together, but what about the price and the release date? Well, all three samsung galaxy s21 smartphones will go on sale from january the 29th, although pre orders should be opening up right now. As for the cost well, the galaxy s21 starts from a not too hideous 769 quid. Although the plus bumps up that price quite considerably to 949 pounds – and i hope, you’re – all clenching suitably tight for the last one, because the galaxy s21 ultra will cost you from 1 thousand one hundred and forty nine quid better start pulling gran’s gold teeth right now.

So that’s samsung’s fresh new s21 flagship series and what are your thoughts? Are you tempted by anyone in particular, if so, which one has really stalked your fire, which one really girds your loins? Be gritty your thoughts down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe.