It is what an incredible device this is for. One key spec guys this is the world’s fastest charging phone at zero to 100 in 15 minutes. This thing will charge up and i need to test this out. It is pretty epic, but let’s quickly go through the rundown of this of this device, and i got the black version. There is a white color version, with kind of like a a very nice kind of striped look, but in the end i went for the kind of the subtle black and it’s a bit cheaper too. So there you see it design wise. It feels really good in the hand. I love this kind of matte texture and we even have matte kind of metallic edges. Aluminum frame here, of course, on this phone let’s go back here to the display is 6.62 full hd, plus 120 hertz display, and it is looking pretty stunning now it’s, not not to the level i’d say of the mi 11s 2k display, but one good advantage. You see there, it is a flat panel display, which is very nice, and you have a centered punch hole on this display so, generally speaking, very smooth, very nice and i can’t wait to test it out further performance. This is the big one, also snapdragon 888. The second time here on the channel – and this is going to be going against the xiaomi mi 11 in a number of the tests here on the channel and for comparison as well.

Frankie textile, of course – and we also have let’s, go look at about phone here, because there are some things i want to show you about this device now bear with me guys, because i have not used a vivo phone in a while, and it looks like yes, We do have 12 gigs of ram on this device. That is pretty neat plus a three. What is this plus three gigs that’s very interesting. Now you see here 256 gigs of storage. I paid around 5500 hong kong dollars for this device. It’S not cheap, but i think considering the specs you’re getting here very impressive and it is also running. Let me show you here: go to system updates there you see it. We are running for the first time here on the channel origin os for iq. So this is the first time we’re seeing origin os, not fun, touch os here and, to be honest, i’m excited about this. I was never a fan of fun touch os and i can already tell you this is feeling a lot better than fontage os, but obviously we’ll have to put it through its paces and see. Also, does this phone suffer any of the similar issues that the mi 11 has had because uh it is the only other snapdragon 808 phone that i’ve seen here on the channel looks like we have usbc there at the bottom and there we also see bottom firing. Speaker there’s, a michael, take a quick tour of this device.

You see there there’s a nice kind of accent color here on the power button and volume rocker as well let’s. Do it the frankie tech camera shot here. Real quick, oh let’s, mention also quickly, though the battery of this phone now you’d be surprised to hear it, but it has a 4 000m battery that’s, not as big as i would have liked, but that enables guys, with the 120 watt charger included zero to 100. In 15 minutes insane, just absolutely insane and so i’m definitely going to be testing this out on the channel very very soon, if not tonight by tomorrow, i will be testing this out, and here we go guys. Let’S, take the classic frankie tech camera shot here in three two one, a beautiful sunset here guys i mean this is actually a pretty nice spot because you know typically in mong, kok, it’s, very dark, and so i said i needed to go to the light i Needed to get some better light for this video for the classic street tech, unboxing or first look and that’s, looking pretty good 48 megapixel camera here on the back, and it looks really good overall but obviously we’ll, be testing this out further now stay tuned, of course, With a full comparison with the me 11, which i have in my pocket right now but i’m not going to take it out, i’m scared on this kind of ledge, and you know i don’t – want anything to drop down but guys exciting times.

Man also for the fact that this is not a xiaomi device and i feel, like i’m, already kind of, i guess moving forward with my resolution of trying to review more interesting devices on the channel, and this should be the first one and an interesting comparison here. A non xiaomi device, the iq7, i think i haven’t reviewed an iq phone since the the three or the four it’s been a long time, so anyways guys stay tuned for the full review and hit me up with any questions. Any comments you have about about this vivo iq7 and i’ll be happy to respond back and stay tuned for my full, honest review and kind of straight up kind of experience of this vivo iq here on the channel. So i leave you now with this kind of gorgeous shot. Look how beautiful look, what a beautiful spot man, i mean it’s kind of in a dodgy area, but you know what who cares, because hong kong is so safe and it’s, so beautiful and it’s just perfect place for me to bring this beautiful phone here to you Guys, the iq7 on frankie tech, so that’s it for this video, if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates. I’Ll leave you with this shot.