This is a gsm phone. It comes unlocked, it’s 150 bucks. So you know it’s not going to be this flagship phone it’s a budget phone. So keep that in mind with everything that we see on today’s phone. So this is what the phone looks like real, quick. I already opened it up, set it up: it’s plastic, on the back fingerprint sensor right there. You got your cameras right there. Some you know. Four cameras right there, flash at the bottom, you have your usbc, you have your headphone jack and then you have your speaker on the side. You have your power button and your volume up and down left side. We don’t have any buttons, but you do have your sim card and also where you’ll keep your micro sd card. So it does have micro, sd card expansion and then that’s pretty much. It i’ll show you real, quick with the screen on that’s. What the screen looks like it is a 720p plus display, so it is hd but it’s, not full hd or 2k again, 150 bucks, that’s kind of what you’d expect at that point. The screen to body or body ratio is actually 91, so you can get 91 screen versus the body fairly. I mean there’s some bezels on there. Don’T get me wrong, but i mean for 150 bucks it’s pretty good, especially for the bezels that you get even though it’s plastic. It feels pretty good in here, doesn’t feel like it’s, going to fall or anything the display itself is 6.

55 inches. You get 64 gigs of storage, four gigabytes of ram. You do have the micro sd card expansion, fingerprint sensor. It runs android 10, 5000 milliamp battery inside so very, very large battery inside it has a mediatek processor inside which you know they’re, not the performance, wise they’re, not the best processors, but it’ll get the job done for the most part in in simple tasks and things Like that, so let’s uh see what else comes inside the box. Here you get your charger with usbc cable, which is soon to become a very rare occurrence, with phones, so usbc on one end, usb a on the other and that’s a charging brick for you with the charger you get headphones and other rear currents here, and these Plug into the headphone jack at the bottom here so you’ll get a nice headphone jack to plug all that in there does come with a case. The case is obviously not super protective, but since this isn’t really a super popular phone like an iphone or a galaxy phone, sometimes it’s going to be hard and difficult to find cases for this. So at least this comes with a case for you to take hold sim card ejector tool, and then, lastly, you get some stickers and a quick start guide all right, so let’s take a closer look. The nice thing about this phone is even though it’s a budget phone there’s, not a lot of apps installed on it, like you know, crapware apps on here, which is a beautiful thing because of the fact that sometimes you get these phones, and there is like a Lot of apps installed this one really doesn’t have anything only i i installed a few apps.

I installed instagram, twitter and facebook, and then the only other apps on here installed were the google apps and that’s pretty much it. A live support, app that’s in a sim tool tool; kit that’s it nothing a sound recorder again, not that many apps there’s, literally all the apps there’s, no folders or anything in here, and then this is the home screens. So you swipe up and down on the to see all your apps you swipe over from left to the right, and you have the google experience, so you have all the your google news and all that stuff. I love that very clean swipe down. You have your quick toggles, which this looks just like complete, complete, vanilla, android again i don’t mind. I know some people want like tons of tweaks and things like that, but it’s nice. Sometimes you have that super clean experience on here now performance, it’s already gotten a couple updates. I got two updates right off the bat um, but before let’s talk about performance of the the the fingerprint sensor. First, so fingerprint sensor it works. I mean it’s, not it’s. Pretty quick, so you know it does the job with that. So no problems with any of that stuff. The let’s go into the settings next, just to show you some of the settings we have in here. Obviously i have it on dark mode. You can turn that on or off so it’s. I love having dark mode on here.

It makes it a little bit easier to see on the phone when you’re using it. You can go in here. We can go into display, see if we can turn on dark theme change your wallpapers we’ll come in here. Real quick show you some of the wallpapers and nothing crazy, ooh black red clouds, so they got a fair amount of wallpapers in here too. We’Ll set that one nice purplish color we’ll do home and lock screen on there take the back button change the font sizes screen color mode. You can change it to standard or vivid. I usually like vivid, cool color customize i’ll, send just a vivid keep it there set a screen. Saver lock screen display. Can you know, show just some of your notifications or all of your notifications? What else we got in here? We have the navigation bar, so you can do uh virtual keys, which is what i have the return desktop and multitask buttons on there, which is basically home back in and recent apps. You can do gesture notifications if you want that you can also switch these buttons around. You can see. I like that. I like putting the back button on the right gesture. Navigations that’s like when you swipe up i’ll, show you real quick with that. So you swipe up and hold to bring up your recent apps swipe from the right to the left to go back so and swipe up to go home.

Not a huge fan of the gestures so i’m going to go back to the virtual keys, and you can also hide your navigation bar actually as well. So if you don’t want to see that you can do that so i’ll bring that down. You can see. I don’t have it and then i would swipe up when i want to see it that’s a nice little tweak to have in there. You don’t see that in a lot of other, you can also change the background color. So if i wanted that to be like a blue or pink only set to pink, why not let’s keep it there and then we got face id on here. So if i want to uh do face unlock, i can set that up real quick here. We go. Take your time baby only doing a video there we go. I can now unlock this with my face cool Music. You got the fingerprint in here and within the fingerprint i can add another fingerprint. If i want. Obviously you got your sounds in here, so you want to change any of that stuff. Smart touch, which is let’s, see turn this on. Oh so this is going to be like. If you want your lock screen, you can do long, presses and single clicks and double press to go to the home screen so different kind of customizations in here it’s kind of nice within uh within here. So you can see.

If i double press i double tap. I can go to the control center or take a screenshot or go to the recent app, so that’s kind of cool all that stuff. If you turn on smart touch and then that’s produce speed actually as well, you can see switch on to allow apps to run in the background. So if you want your phone, if it’s sluggish a little bit, you can turn this off and now you won’t have apps running in the background, you can have some apps run in the background that you downloaded and then system you can go in here and check For updates, actually updates is going to be down about phone wireless update. I don’t know why they call it that we’ll check for an update just to see if i have one – and it says i’m up to date, so i already had two updates, like i said so let’s check out since uh you saw the settings let’s go into The sound next we’ll open up youtube here, bring up gregel’s tv bring up my latest video at the time i’m, making this video in today’s episode, possibly so. The have information, smartphone single firing speaker, super tinney, speaker’s awful it’s, really bad um, but you do have headphone jack to improve the sound or bluetooth. If you want to do that so whatever, but the sound is awesome, let’s jump into that. The other thing i wanted to say is in terms of let me go back.

Actually let me go back here just so we can see. I think one thing i noticed i’ll see if it holds true on the video – is that when you’re looking at videos it you can see, it gets pretty dark. The viewing angles are not wonderful on this. They get pretty dark, but i mean most of the time. You’Re, looking at straight on so at that point it’s, fine, the other thing about the display too that’s pretty nice actually is that even though it’s 720p it’s pretty clear and it’s definitely bright, i don’t you can see. I have it really really low right now, but i can turn this up really bright. I mean, maybe you can’t tell from the comp the camera, but it gets very bright. Brightness is great. The quality to display i’m very pleased with uh it’s, just the angles aren’t that great and the sound is awful performance, wise, it’s, okay, i mean like when we go into like stuff here, you see it loads up. It takes a little few seconds longer than maybe something else, but i mean in terms of like just using this it’s. Okay it’s, not awful, like i said, it’s it’s decent. I think you know if this isn’t, if this is if this is your first smartphone or a phone, that you know for your parents or something or a kid, i think they’ll be decently happy with it. It’S, not it’s, not amazing, like i said, but it’ll get the job done in a pinch you make phone calls.

Obviously it doesn’t have 5g, but that to me is not a big deal performance again: just it’s, okay, it’s it’s, not awful awful awful, but it’s, not amazing, either so performance just be prepared that if you do uh want to do decent performance on here, it’s just Going to run you know i, what of the work? Can i say but okay so see not now let’s play a video and just show you that you can. If you want, you can run two apps and i’m running two apps right now, so i’ve got twitter on one side and youtube on the other, it’s, probably a bad screen, because it looks like a tiny little screen. So let’s fast forward a little bit on here. There we go so you got me on there and then you got twitter, so you know you can multitask and it runs pretty good make this bigger or smaller. So there you go not too bad with um with multi screen and stuff, like that, the cameras, obviously we’ve got cameras on the front and on the back so let’s check out some samples of videos and photos that i took with the front and the back cameras. Here’S, the back camera on the new g5 camera, so you get an idea. What it looks like sounds like all of that 150 bucks. How does this look for that amount? Let me know in the comments down below here’s the front camera, the front camera and the back camera.

They only do full hd, aka 1080p video you’re not going to get 4k video on the back and 1080 on the 1080 on the front it’s just 1080. On the back and the front for this, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking for a 4k camera, you might want to look elsewhere, but again, it’s only 150 bucks, so the new g5 for 150 bucks it’s decent. I like the clean interface in terms of the software. It runs basic android. I like the quality of the display, even though it’s a 720p plus display it does get nice and bright. I like the fact that it has android 10 on it, so i can do dark mode and get some of the latest android features on here. The cameras are okay. Speakers are bad. I like that it has a headphone jack. I like that it has external storage. So i can add, more storage, if need be without having to break the bank in terms of you know having to buy this phone with more storage. So overall i mean, if you with a pretty modern design. You know this is not too bad of a phone. So if you want to pick it up, i’ll link it down below you can pick it up on amazon.