4 as my main smartphone for the past week, and this is my full review. So let’s start with the hardware. I really love the design of this phone, but it’s not perfect yeah. The phone feels very solid in the hand and compared to most of its competitors, it’s. Definitely a cut above, but, for example, when you press on the plastic back, you definitely notice slight flexing and this wasn’t an issue on its predecessor. The plastic frame feels quite solid, but it doesn’t feel as solid as the nokia 5.3 other than that. I, like the ergonomics – and i like holding this phone, and i think this slightly smaller screen size also makes it more manageable to use with one hand, my biggest complaint definitely has to be how much fingerprints this thing can accumulate over usage. So this is one of those phones with a glossy back and i guess that’s the tax you pay for such a good looking device. So this phone has an hd display and i really like the panel that they went with here. The colors are quite sharp. There is nice contrast and the outdoor visibility is also quite decent. I also really like the fingerprint scanner on the back of this phone, because it’s a bit quicker than before and it’s a lot more reliable when it comes to performance of this phone i’m really happy with how well the snapdragon 662 handles day to day tasks. The phone feels snappy most of the time and yeah.

Sometimes you will notice slow downs when you’re doing heavy tasks or in specific situations, but overall i’m very happy with how well it performs. Even when it comes to games, the phone can play games from medium to high settings and that’s really good for this sort of category of device. So, as you guys know, this phone is running on the android one platform and it’s running on android 10.. So you know the advantages of android one is that it’s a near stock experience with no bloatware and your promise two years of updates and three years of security updates. So my issue with this phone other than the fact that android one is a bit bland? Is that the stability hasn’t been great, so i’ve had the phone reboot on me a couple of times in this week of usage, but since the last update that i received a few days ago, the phone does feel a bit better, but further testing is definitely needed. I do expect them to fix any niggling issues very soon, which has been always the case with most of these nokia devices. As for battery life, i think it’s been great on this phone, so this has a 4 000 milliamp battery and it lasts me a full day of usage and at the end of the day, i’m left with about forty percent of battery life left. So you can expect between six and eight hours of mixed wi, fi and 4g usage.

The phone only supports up to 10 watts of charging speed, so that’s a bit of a bummer, but i do expect the benefit of this to be the longevity of the battery. In general, over two years of usage, the bottom firing speaker is just okay, i wouldn’t say it’s an improvement over its predecessor, but it does the job. The call quality is quite good, though there is good noise cancellation and you know the party. I was speaking to said that i sounded loud and clear, i’ve teased you enough. So let’s talk about the camera. The good news is the 48 megapixel main camera is very competent for this class, so the daylight images have all turned out to be really good with nice, sharpness, colors and contrast. It also manages to fix one of my biggest gripes with the 5.3, which is the focus issues so most of the images taken by this phone end up being with the correct focus and while the daylight images aren’t night and day difference compared to the 5.3. The night mode images definitely are, there is notably more light being captured in every single low light image, and a lot of it has to do with the software tuning of this phone. So this feels like a newer generation of imaging algorithms compared to the 5.3 overall. Even the low light images definitely look decent enough. They’Re, not world beating don’t expect miracles, but they’re, very good for this class.

As for video quality, it’s almost perfect the phone maxes out at 1080p 60 frames per second. The video stabilization is really good and there’s. Also cinema mode from the 8.3, which gives you advanced video options and the ability to capture log format, videos and color tune them on the go. The audio quality has also been massively improved compared to its predecessor, so this phone has also audio. So it captures video and audio recording with multiple microphones, and it definitely shows the only issue that would prevent me from giving this very high grades is that the autofocus in video is a bit too jumpy for my liking. This, sadly, can make or break a video. It personally really gets on my nerves, so here’s my verdict. I think this is a really good phone i enjoyed using it as my daily driver and for the asking price which, by the way, this retails for around 180 us dollars in the uae. I think it’s a good buy it’s, not perfect, though, and i definitely notice the slight downgrade in quality compared to the 5.3 hardware and the haptic motor isn’t as good as the 5.3, but for all the specs, the asking price, the performance and the camera. I think it’s a good buy so yeah. I would definitely recommend checking this out if this phone is within your budget. So what do you guys think of the 5.4? Let me know in the comments down below i’d also love to answer any questions you have or concerns regarding this phone, so that’s it for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.