This one comes with three gigs of ram 32 gigs of storage. A 5.5 inch display an 1800 milliamp hour battery and for a phone, this size, that’s, actually a decent size, android 6 apparently face unlock and according to the website, this is 4g, so it’s funny that they they give us these kinds of boxes like smartphone, it doesn’t Say soyuz anywhere, but now that it’s just uh yeah open it up. So i got the gold option. So let’s see how that looks like okay, so the sides are gold. While the back is black – and this actually looks kind of cool – got ta admit the phone feels surprisingly good in the hand, but wait first let’s peel all this plastic off okay wow. This is pretty. Nice actually took off the screen protector as well, so it’s a it’s, a long phone it’s, a long boy in the box. We have a case: uh charging, cable micro, usb a sim ejector tool, and what is this? Okay? This is one of these um flyers that beg you to give a five star. Thank you for your purchase on my store. Okay, so this comes with their whatsapp. Their email, i’m gon na keep i’m gon na hang on to this, and then here we have a user manual um and it’s in chinese. Oh, this is the english side, but there’s no pictures on the english side. So we’re just going to put this aside, i was going to read it anyway.

Yeah we don’t have a charging brick and i’d say for most people’s sakes, that’s a good thing, because the charging bricks that are provided with these kind of phones are complete trash and would probably fry your phone anyway. So yeah let’s finally power this on okay. So we have some juice left, that’s, good, no headphone jack. I got ta say i like this boot animation. I mean okay. Now this it’s repeating itself, it looks kind of cheesy now and the phone comes pre set up, no surprise there. I mean we all saw that coming. Then we, this phone is kind of cute. I actually like this phone a lot a lot, so they tell us it’s a 3.5 inch display, which is the same size as how iphones used to be – and i just so happen to have an iphone 4s here, so putting them side by side. It is actually quite comparable, let’s open something so it’s not up there. You go the iphone, looks kind of bigger in comparison, um, so yeah, first impressions, the performance isn’t too bad so i’m going to set this up and get back to you. Okay, it keeps showing authentication problem when i try to connect to the wi fi okay, so i was able to connect to wi fi. I guess i put the wrong password by mistake and who can blame me? I mean the keyboard is so tiny everyone can mess up despite connecting to wi fi the date and time did not correct itself.

So we’re just going to do that real, quick yeah, adam automatic network. You are not working okay, network provider. That explains it. Oh here, it is face unlock okay, i’m waiting. There you go nope, oh my god wha. What is that it’s? So bad wait just hold on a second okay it’s. This is impossible. The front camera let’s open up the camera. The camera is so bad. So your camera looks fine, but when we switch different, what is this our front? Camera is completely messed up. Okay, i guess we’re not gon na be able to use face or not cause. I mean it’s, not gon na work and it’s like zero frames per. Second. Look, it keeps freezing and this wasn’t uh this wasn’t a cheap phone. This was 90. I mean this is unacceptable. Let’S just move on to performance, because that was pretty bad okay. So this is the modern play store. Before surprisingly, it was showing me the old play store, but apparently it updated while we were checking face unlock. I don’t know anyway it’s down a few apps, so the typing experience you can use to figure okay, trying to type knife knife it’s possible. So it looks super hard, but in reality it’s not the hardest, because the touch input it’s as if it was it’s perfectly you know, suited for this kind of screen. Wind rider, we’re, not gon na do pubg for obvious reasons and yeah. The apps are looks like they’re installing, in the background, not bad.

Okay, the front camera fixed itself, but it’s most likely gon na have the same issue again, so i mean it’s, not fixed it’s, just not doing it right now and okay. This is impressive. Both of our apps have downloaded fully in the background, but we’re going to give face unlock another go because it seems like the front camera sort of fixed itself. Let’S see pattern. I already did this part face: unlock is completely bugged out so screw it let’s. Just go to knife fit surprisingly, like zero lag in the architel wp10, which has the demensity 800, the game actually stuttered on that phone, but on this phone, which obviously has way weaker specs for some reason like it doesn’t lag like i do not. I don’t get it. I guess this game is just optimized for older phones, rather rather than new ones. That’S. The only thing i can think of, like even like the ceiling as okay ads are still up, but, okay, okay, you know knife, it runs great. Okay, one rider doesn’t run that bad, actually um sure this lag, but for the for the price i mean not for the but for the kind of phone this is one writer. Doesn’T really run that bad. So right now, i’m downloading youtube and you know pretty surprised. You know um, the phone is capable of downloading apps quickly, like usually these kinds of phones. They really have trouble with the play store, just because these are from china, and the fact that i even have a play store is a miracle.

Okay, so it says: update google play services but i’m pretty sure we already did that, because if you press update it takes us back to the play store only to see that okay, now it shows update okay wow. The videos starts playing before the page loads. Oh it’s, just an ad. What is going on. Thank you spirit, where’s, the spear. Oh, oh, our speaker is the earpiece okay. So the youtube experience is pretty laggy, but the speaker itself actually isn’t too bad at all. The quality is decent there’s, a bit of distortion. In certain parts, but other than that it’s a pretty good speaker – i mean not for 90 dollars, but for soyuz. The speaker is pretty good. Actually, alright, so our camera specs are unknown and i’m, not gon na. Be able to find it because they’re nowhere to be found, but hey at least our front camera, is fixed for now. So that’s that’s take our first selfie. We have hdr let’s turn that on do not move. Okay come on. Take the picture. Let’S use the volume button let’s go outside. Oh this video is very tiny, wow we’re facing video on the soyuz x60, so i changed the quality to fine whatever that means. So this is the highest quality. This phone can record and on my end it looks pretty good. Even the pictures look kind of good to be honest, let’s, just just can’t focus on stuff, but you know.

Let me know what you think of the picture and video quality, because on my end it doesn’t look bad at all. The colors look pretty nice actually front facing video on the zoys x60 it’s doing that weird glitch again look there. I can see two of me what the heck like um. So as you remember, sometimes it does the glitch. Sometimes it doesn’t what is going on? Okay, so yeah, that is pretty much it. So should you buy this phone? Well, it depends for what, for what do? You need this phone, because if you want to use it as your daily driver forget about it, the phone’s laggy um features don’t work. You know if you’re rich and you just want to buy a cool phone to have and play a few games on it. Then i mean i guess this could work. I mean light games. That is, and i want to use it for like a certain purpose like like let’s, say a keypad lock, i i don’t know i’m just making things up or i want to use this for phone calls, but it needs like a certain android app for that, and I mean this one can do that. I guess, but not as your daily driver it’s going to drive you insane and, as you can see, mine is actually defective. I mean right now the front camera is fine, but before you saw right that it was like really messed up, if you want to buy this phone, you should know what you’re getting into so yeah.

That is pretty much it.