It is the best gaming phone you can currently get as well as one of the best phone overall. It is big loud and it is powerful, but is it worth to buy asus rogue phone 3 in 2021? Let’S find out in this video asus rogue phone 3 was launched at a price of thousand dollar in the international market and 50 000 indian rupees, and it is aimed at gamers. Not only does it pack the latest and the greatest hardware, but it is also have a few gaming centric features on board and is available with the several accessories that improve the gaming experience. These include the aero activ3 cooling fan that also doubles as a kickstand. You will find the latest and the greatest snapdragon 865 plus chipset under the hood and up to whooping 16 gb of ram. The display is massive at 6.59 inches and sports, an industry leading refresh rate of 144 hertz. The battery is massive, as well as its capacity of 6000 mah, which should make sure you will be able to game for hours on end Music. The phone also supports the shoulder buttons, a surprisingly good, triple camera setup and a two front facing speakers for a more immersive sound experience. Asus released a software update enabling dirac’s headphone, optimization technology, and this effectively improves audio quality of all compatible rogue gaming headsets. When paired with a rogue phone 3., the design is a bit toned down compared to the previous generation, but is still quite flamboyant and therefore not to everyone’s liking.

Is it worth buying in 2021? If you are in the market for a gaming phone, the rogue phone 3 should be top of your list. It offers everything you need, including great performance, big screen, large battery, shoulder buttons and more. However, all these comes at a price. The rogue phone 3 is on the expensive side, starting at the thousand dollar for the 12 gb fight rgb model and going all the way up to 1100 for the variant of 16 gb ram and 52gb of storage. If gaming is not your thing, then the rogue phone 3 likely isn’t for you most people will be turned off by the bold gaming centric design, with rgb lighting at the back and extra gaming features they likely won’t use. Additionally, there is no wireless charging or an ip rating, and this phone is too heavy too. So, if you are hardcore, gamer then go for it. Otherwise it will be a bad experience for you. How good are the cameras on the rogue phone 3, the phone sports, a main camera of 64 mp and a 13 mp wide angle, shooter and a 5mp macro lens? The images captured from this phone had great color and a good dynamic range. They also showed a decent amount of shadow. They also showed a decent amount of shadow detail without looking washed out. However, the low light photography is not the best, especially when comparing it to the other phones, such as the pixel 4.

. So here i am trying out the different options available in the camera. You can see the picture, quality and judge its camera. There is also a 24 mp selfie camera which takes decent selfies Music. So how good is its battery life? A gaming phone needs a big battery and the asus rogue phone definitely delivers with its 6 000 image of huge battery. The battery should get you through the day with ease and is good enough for long gaming sessions. However, the battery life was bit inconsistent, as we have seen in some of the reviews, but on our usage we felt the battery life was good. So what are the asus rogue phone 3 alternatives available in the market? There are plenty of great alternatives. You should keep in mind by when deciding whether or not to get the rogue phone 3.. One of them is a red magic fires which has a vehicle specification compared to the rogue phone 3, but comes in a way cheaper, starting at just 580. Then there is a black shark 3 series, which offers a bit less in some areas and more in others. For example, you get a smaller battery, but faster 65 charging. The regular model is a better choice if you are on a budget, while the more expensive pro version is for those who want the best from the company. Another great gaming phone is the newly released lenovo legion phone. Dual you get a smaller battery compared to the asus rog phone 3, but a pop up selfie camera for a more modern, look and feel, but keep in mind that the availability of the phone is quite limited.

So some of the most common question that you may have regarding this phone – that is, that is like the asus rogue phone 3 is waterproof. No, the phone does not have an ip rating. Does the rogue phone 3 support? 5G? Yes, but only sub 6 gigahertz standard does the rogue phone 3 support wireless charging? No, there is no wireless charging on the rogue phone 3.. Does the rogue phone 3 come with a headphone jack? Unfortunately, you won’t find a headphone jack in this phone. So like this, you may have more questions in your mind. If you want to ask anything about this device, you can leave a comment in the comment section. So, finally, to conclude with, if you are a hardcore gamer, you should definitely go for rogue phone 3. It will give you an immersive great gaming experience, but if you want to use it as a normal phone, then you will be get disappointed by its heavy weight and bulky design and the. Finally, the main question is: is it worth to buy as a gaming phone? In 2021, yes, it is worth to buy asus rogue phone 3 in 2021 with a reduced price, so i had played pubg on this smartphone, so i am leaving you with my gameplay. You can watch it and jet um. So so this is my review of the asus rogue phone 3..