Today i will show you new phone from new brown, the brownies f150 and the phone is b2021. A new rugged phone waterproof does proof from new brand. Now you want to know what i have inside Music inside the box. We have the phone, of course we have usbc cable, we have one charger 10 watt and you have something for extract sim card. This one is a very big and strong phone 157 by 78 by 18 millimeter and the weight of the phone is 315 grams. We start with the screen. The screen is 5.86 inch. His resolution is hd plus, and the protection on the screen is gorilla. Glass. 5.. Of course you can use your glove for use this phone because we have a glove mode in the top of the phone. You have u notch in a unit, you will have an earphone, of course, and you will have 8 mp camera with 86 degree. We can see. We take many pictures with this one and you can also do nice, video on the left of the phone. You have two sim card and sim card plus micro sd card, like that you don’t need to choose. You have to phone the phone for europe with 4g 8 1920 and the phone for not america with 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17 and 28. Like that, you can choose a phone for your country under the phone. You will have one button. If you press long time to the button, you can active the f150 mode with a f 150 mode.

You will have access to all toolbox in phone and you will change the design with orange border of the phone very nice if you click five time of this button. Of course you can custom this button, because if you press two time this one is not active. You can check in setting and, for example, you can choose if i press two time. I want active camera like that long time, 150 mode to time you can use the camera and five time you have sos mod on the right of the phone. You will have two button for plus and minus for volume. You will have one button for on off the phone and under you will have a touch id very convenient in this place on the top of the phone. You will have nothing and under the phone you will have usbc connector and jack 3.5. On the back of the phone, you will have 4 cameras, 13 plus 2 plus 2 plus 0.3 mp, like that you can take nice picture and you can also choose for large angle or very near, and you can also make full hd video like that. You can check we do this one before Applause, Music, Music. In this big phone, you will have a big battery 8000 ma battery. The charge is up to 18 watt, but you will just have 10 watt in a box. So that means, if you have another one charger, you can charge more quickly under the phone.

You will have a speaker like that. You can listen, music or Music, something Applause Music. Now we will check about the hardware of the phone. If you check for antutu, you have 97 000 points with the cpu. Is lug 25 octa core cpu, not the best one, but very enough for this kind of phone about the memory. Very good memory. 6 gb ram very good 64 gb rom, not bad, and you can have a micro sd on the left of the phone like that. You normally choose for two sim card plus micro sd. Of course our phone use android 10 and you will have one android 50 mode. If you press long time, one button, the 150 mode is like the strong mode. You will have access to all toolbox like a compass light or something like that with another design, or you can show your android like that. It’S up to you, of course, with this phone you can play game. We try real racing free, not too bad. The resolution is not amazing because the phone is hd, but you can play minigame or the lot of game you can find in the play store. Our phone is bluetooth 5.0. You will have a wi fi, the phone have nfc the front of the radio and the phone have gps all his work, that’s good. Our phone is very strong, ip68 ip69 and they said you can put in a fridge for under 20 degree.

If you want like, when we receive the phone, we have android 10 and we have upgrade to do because we can see many bug and still have a few bug in this one. So we hope the factory will upgrade the software soon for correct many little problem. We can see in the phone like camera problem like a setting problem if we change for 150 mode to android mode, but if the the factory promise they will upgrade the phone. So we can believe what we like about the phone, the one f 150. What we like to define the mode f 150, like that you can choose for strong mode with all access. Oh, like you can go in a toolbox to see all the stuff we like we like inside. We have many sun inside like a alarm. You can have dog too, you can have a car and you can have sos all this sun is inside and very funny. So if we want to finish this video, this phone is very strong, with many accessories for those proofs waterproof or if you work inside or outside, and need a very strong phone with very big battery. The price of the phone is 159 euros so less than 150. You can find the link in description and, of course, if you like this kind of phone, this phone can be maybe good for you. But if you really don’t like this kind of phone, maybe you will not like, but you can put a finger up and tell me what you’re thinking about this form leave a comment.

Okay, see you friday for next video.