Attack 5g 5g is the next step of evolution, technology, muslim business, internet impossibles and yes, like finally 5g phone warp charging technology. 30 watts fast charging, my 64 mp quad camera setup and, of course, oxygen os near stock android experience super bliss, Music, one of the fastest software in the business kaya. What are we waiting for ian boston at nc, oneplus, nord, n10, 5g approach, bins and you’re watching unbox diaries, Music? Okay? Here we go set the name box and ten three times merely colors of the ass. I like the matte, feel: oh yes, okay! So silicon android with easy access to google apps, you use the most yes merchant, google, casino, 5g phones, midnight ice, melon 6 gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage, let’s open it up one and highest star value whatever that is Music, a muy one plus nord. Yes, one plus nord hi, my away charging cable and, of course, 30 watts, no warp charger nice. Finally, warp charging available now: okay phone – i am so excited omg omg. Oh my gosh Applause. Oh my it’s, not really super impressive. No, it looks kind of shiny. The back is glossy weight bucket jelly case Music. Oh my god! Well, i’m out man uh only plastic plastic back plastic frame. It is better than chang casing. Hopefully, macbeth see digital walker, wow i’ve, seen this before and ordinary camera module by the way. Merchant camera 64 mp main sensor 8 mp ultra wide angle, lens 2mp macro and 2mp mono lens aenon led flash fingerprint scanner till the old one oneplus logo.

Since plastic super gun, but not super nipiss, of course, four thousand three hundred milliamperes – it is a very light smartphone actually still existing headphone jack, yes, headphone jacks, it is high res audio. Katabina is microphone, usb type, support and june loudspeaker, so that’s. The momentum is the microphone so right, side is your hand and power button and use. The left side is volume rockers and young sim tray now hybrid card slot for expandable storage by the way up to 512 gigs external memory, okay, so parasite Music Applause it’s been done over and over again on 2020, but i’m happy now 5g. It makes the whole experience much faster dilemma ability, internet mode, mobility, spam processor and mobile spring display and, as you can see, dial is a 90 hertz refresh rate masw or social media sites. Now, in terms of quality, no, you cannot display quality. I uh pretty close. My real me six. I think this is the same display as to real me. Six young pancho, yeah bezels. It is nothing mind, blowing or really displaying what’s mind. Blowing is performance actually specs, snapdragon, 620, snapdragon 660. So in terms of performance, essentially, custom bullishness is snapdragon. 720 g and the helio g90, so bomb should be parallel. 720 entities well chambray. It has something super important important in the future, which is 5g. Hello. 2021 is the year of 5g. Your rollout on 5ginas martinglobe is exploding at a super fast rate.

The summits are qc meru now 5g, i have it. It is now everywhere around us to support namin, just like every android phone, pretty much almost normal ultra graphics, but so far you experienced a mobile legends, graphics, didn’t feel any jitters. It is one smooth experience: mappa classic man, mapper rank mappa versus ai, nothing surprising here, mobile legends, but what is surprising is the call of duty, no snapdragon, 6 series phone halos, complete settings, very high graphics, max frame rates. It is almost complete and by the way, my last things sound very loud and boomy and, as usual, i’m probably call of duty always smooth the monitor, experience, call of duty very high graphics at max frame rates engine impact. I was not expecting this at the lowest graphics settings very smoocher 60 fps kanye pero. If you want better graphics and dynamic medium graphics, no problem, i even turned on the 60 fps and yes, 60 frames per second 30 plus 40. The way i see it initial map with the 60 fps at medium, graphics, man – this is so powerful with the camera worth mentioning osd one plus c oxygen, os one of the fastest android os in the world. Right now, the moment you open the phone from the box pre installed apps over the years. This software is so optimized no problem. That is my experience, my oneplus phones, so i can vouch for the software and that alone is the reason yeah.

I urge you finally oneplus phones, it has never been done before. Pina amor nela is less than 30k, i guess but less than 15k everyone can experience a oneplus device now and i’m. So happy, okay, surprise and, i believe, almost the same league as the oneplus 8 series quality, it’s sharp. It looks good editing. Speaking of software, paragraph exact camera app from the oneplus 8 pro mirror passion, pro mode completed, shoot now. Raw images, nice histogram, custom, settings c1 and c2 mirror nightscape mode, both the main camera and ultra wide, and get this on 4k cine, 30 fps oneplus, 8. Pro and 4k 60fps oneplus 8 pro pero wow well talking about the video, the video is magical guys quality and details coming from this camera is very impressive. I am telling you i was not expecting this and, as you can see, sobrang smooth, yeah, very stable and hindi zoomed in hey see the difference: vlogging quality, okay, wow! I was not expecting this from this phone specs. But okay. I was like what melon shine on the same os as the oneplus 8 pro and even your quality. The camera is almost the same as well: new performance, snapdragon, 6 series, now catastrophes, antutu, benchmark score and, of course, 5g, and for only 14, 990 pesos. Only. Finally, someone oxygen os six gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage. It is everything that you will ever need, plus more one plus more go on brandon plus more last.

Digital walker stores, nationwide and available in sha is a flagship store near zadah. Go check it out. It is a great deal. Okay, so sana mcconnel, oneplus devices. It is the right time. Management phones, especially during these times, now bring us the more affordable phones that has great specs great experience. We are waiting oneplus for more unboxing videos, comparisons reviews like subscribe below hit the bell icon so that you don’t miss our upcoming videos.