I hope you guys are healthy and safe, so this is a review of the oppo reno 5 pro. This is the global version. I’Ve been using it for the past four or five days now, like almost five days now, all right hold on hold up. Some of you guys may notice that this is my second upload of this video. There was an original version of the same review that was live for about 30 minutes before i took it down. The reason i took it down is because i made a couple of mistakes when talking about the phone, so i’m gon na correct those mistakes by basically jumping into the video at two different points in this video, the opelino 5 pro is a mid tier smartphone. I don’t know the price yet officially, but this is a mid tier phone. We know that because it doesn’t have any zoom camera at all and it lacks some of the more flagship floors. There’S flourishes that we’ve all come to expect like sterile speakers, wireless charging. So this phone doesn’t have any of that. Instead, this is a really solid, mid tier phone. That doesn’t have many weaknesses if you’re looking at it from a purely mid tier phone point of view, you have a 6.5 inch oled display 90 hertz refresh rate with a small hole punch cut out in the corner housing a 32 megapixel selfie camera. Now, as you can see, this screen looks great it’s an oled panel.

Viewing angles are excellent, max brightness all right now. This is max brightness under the sun, completely visible under the sun. Now around the back. This is a plastic build. So i made a mistake right there, so the oppo we know five pro’s back is actually not plastic at all, it’s, actually, glass. The reason i was confused is because this doesn’t feel, like any glass i’ve touched before, because opal developed this new process called they called reno glow it’s, a new glass tempering technology that they made. That gives a little bit of a frosted soft touch, so i was thrown off by the texture, but this is actually glass, not plastic, but there’s. This matte coating that gives it like a smooth softer touch, frosted, texture kind of like similar to what huawei did with the mate 40 pro and what samsung did with the s21 ultra series now over here you have a quad camera system, a quad camera system really It’S, a dual camera system: the headliner is a 64 megapixel main camera right here in the middle it’s, an f 1.7 lens and above that you have an ultra wide angle, camera it’s, an eight megapixel ultra riding on camera. It gets the job done and bringing more into the frame and oppo software does a really good job of fixing, uh distortions and all that, but eight megapixel, ultimately, is a little bit low. So if you shoot with the ultra wide angle, camera at night, photo’s gon na take a hit and you zoom in too much on ultra wide angle, photo it’s still going to take a hit but again for mid tier phone gets the job done and down.

Here. You have a 2 megapixel macro sensor. It works fine, but again we’ve seen phones that can incorporate a macro sensor into just either the main or the ultra wide angle. Camera you don’t need a dedicated lens for that and finally, over here is a depth sensor that helps with portraits. Now i tried a portrait on my girlfriend. I tried it on a cat. Looked pretty nice, but still do we really need a dedicated lens just for a portrait now there’s, a 4 million battery in here and it’s been enough to last me all day easily. I will finish entire days with, like 30 percent battery life left and good news. The oppo reno 5 pro still gives you a charging brick. It is a 65 watt charging, brick basically let’s say you have like 10 battery life left on the phone, just plug the phone in go to the bathroom, take a dump or go make a quick phone call or something you come back seven minutes later and it’s Back up to like 65 70 battery life it’s insane. Now, if you follow the oppo series, you know that this phone looks very very familiar to the oppo wino 4, which came out just like four or five months ago. It’S really hard to tell the difference. Just looking at the device really other than the fact that the selfie hole punch is a little bit smaller and the camera module has an extra sensor here.

Overall, construction in hand, fuel is very similar, it’s a really thin phone, seven point, six millimeter. So what exactly is new? Well, the opel reno five pro supports 5g courtesy of the dimensity 1000 plus chip that’s in here so dimensionally 1000 plus it’s, a 7 nanometer chip from mediatek and um it’s it’s not going to come close to the snapdragon 88. But it actually compares relatively closely to the snapdragon 865, so snapdragon 865 was a flagship chipset just even two months ago. Diamond city 1000u is a near flagship, chipset right now so that’s, a big jump from the openwe know four, which used qualcomm’s 700 series. Gaming on this has been perfectly fine, with no issues and other ai intensive tasks like when you need to produce a fake bokeh or when you’re using night mode, and it seems a little bit complicated and when you need to do complicated tasks like maybe use the Front and main camera at the same time and that’s one of the new features of this phone. So if you go in the camera manual, you see that there’s. This thing called dual view, so you tap that on now, you’ll be able to shoot using the main camera on the back and the selfie camera at the same time. Okay, so this is dual view, video of the oppo. We know five, so you see it. Shooting me and also whatever’s in front of me, and you can also change the zoom level with the main camera, but you cannot go to the ultra wide it’s, only one two five x.

Now you see that stabilization isn’t that good when you’re shooting dual view mode, but this is still a relatively really power intensive task that you need a near flagship chipset to pull that off. You wouldn’t be able to do that with an older phone running like a snapdragon 835 or something now for overall camera performance. I don’t have much issues photogenic they look great, focusing is fast and video performance is relatively stable, too selfie videos look pretty good too it’s. Really loud here, i don’t know if you can hear me, but this is unedited footage selfie footage, alright, i’m back. So the other thing that i forgot to talk about in the original video is this new ai highlight mode. When you jump in the video setting there’s a button here, ai you just tap it. It turns on ai now you’re not going to see much of a difference here, because this mode is used for low light video. So, as you can see here, i’ve turned off all the lights in my room, it’s quite dark, and you can see the difference between shooting a video as normal and shooting a video ai highlight you see that ai highlight does indeed brighten up the scene a little Bit but at the same time you get more noise, so i wouldn’t say it’s like a miraculous fix, but it does help bring highlights into shadowed areas. Now this is a 64 megapixel camera, but it shoots pixel bin photos.

Now you do have an option to turn on what opal calls extra hd mode. What it is is it basically shoots in 64 megapixel mode, and i can’t really tell the difference between the 64 megapixel photo and the pixel bin photo. So to me, it’s kind of pointless but it’s not really just like a knock on opal every camera that offers you that trick like on a galaxy s21 ultra when you want to shoot a 100 megapixel mode. It really doesn’t do anything you’re, better off, shooting it in the default pixel bin mode, because the software has been optimized to produce the best shot possible using pixel bin technology. Now, in terms of software, this one runs on android 11, with opo’s color os version 11. On top, it is pretty clean. I like this um moving wallpaper that comes default. All the software you get an app tray. You can search within the app store really easily. You can bring down a notification shade by swiping anywhere. You can double tap on the screen to turn on, but unfortunately, you can’t double tap to turn off. The fingerprint sensor in display is super fast. You have this little pull over menu here that you can pull over to pull up shortcut apps. You can add more apps. If you want to to be someone who uses calculator a lot. For example, you can have calculator here, just tap on it. You immediately have the app and you see the calculator app it’s in smaller size.

This is one of the new software features of color os. You can shrink certain apps to a mini floating window, so you can have a floating calculator over whatever graphics, you’re trying to look at, and you know it sounds like it’s a minor thing, but actually helps so much like. I use an iphone sometimes, and it really annoys me that whenever i need to calculate something i have to cycle between the calculator app and and my other app back and forth, because iphone doesn’t, let you run two apps at the same time. So, overall, my impressions of the oppo reno 5 pro is quite good, like i said, if you look at this as a mid tier phone and you don’t expect flourishes like a 120 hertz variable refresh rate and super fast wireless charging, if you don’t, if you leave Those expectations out the window and just go in with a mid to expectations. This phone checks every box, construction’s premium, there’s, really not a lot to complain about, except the fact that it’s a little bit boring and bland like improvements from the oppo reno 5 over 4 it’s minimal it. Really. You really can only notice if you’re pushing the camera or playing heavy games, so you already have the renault 4 you don’t really need to upgrade at all and for someone who’s who tests a lot of flagship phones, i can’t help but be a little bit bored By what opal’s doing doing with the reno series? Because if you remember the original arena was a flagship phone, it had a unique design, the shark fin pop up lens.

It had one of the very first periscope zoom cameras on the market. It was the second phone to use periscope zoom lens behind the huawei p30 pro, so the opal reno started out as a flagship phone with a lot of ambition and then since then, two three and four five it’s just kind of become this mid tier phone. That plays it quite safe, like there’s, nothing wrong with this phone, but also there’s, nothing that blows you away or makes you go whoa like they didn’t, even bother changing the design. This much from the five to four now i don’t know the price of the oppo wino five. If this thing it’s like over 500 bucks, i would say it’s not worth it, because you can just get the overwinno4 for a lot less money or just get a a mid tier flagship like a xiaomi mi 11 for just a little bit more than that. But i have a feeling opposed to sell this for a little bit less, maybe like 400 bucks, if it’s a 400 bucks, maybe worth considering if you’re looking for a good, mid tier phone. But i do wish oppo would stop pumping out. So many renault phones, just for the sake of it and maybe focus on making stuff making phones a little bit special again so anyway, that’s about it for this review. Adobe renault 5, pro 5g it’s, a very solid refined, mid tier phone it’s, just a little bit.