Just like this, the rode v logger kit and this product is really designed for anybody who wants to step up their audio and video game when it comes to any online social media or video platform. This product is designed to give you the edge and, if you don’t know who rode are they make some of the best microphones in the business and they’ve put together. This kit specifically designed to work with smartphones, and this particular model is a usbc edition. There is the lightning port edition and i also believe, there’s a micro usb edition as well, so you can get one of these rode vlogger kits for pretty much any smartphone on the market today, anyway, what i’m going to do is unbox. It show you all the little bits to come with it and some examples of the video and audio quality before and after using the kit Music first impressions of this is, it feels really premium that’s like a metal one there, and you will see here, you’ve got The usbc connector let’s, try and plug that into the oppo reno 4 pro let’s see how this goes, and that was super easy to do literally just plug it in, and it kind of rests on the back of the phone. Really nice that’s really cool very easy to use i’m, assuming with an adapter you could plug it into pretty much any usbc device you wanted to. Then we’ve got a very premium grip here now.

The idea is, you fix your phone onto this using this bracket here? This is also very premium, i’m, actually surprised at this. This is solid metal. This is, and it feels quite weighty and very well built that’s solid metal right there. This is kind of like building a gun you know like when they put all the different bits on a gun. This is like building a weapon out of your smartphone here. Let’S put this let’s do this bit by bit, and one thing you’ll notice about this before i fit it to the phone is the little rubber rest pieces here very nice and there’s even a little indent in there. So if you have any buttons that might get pushed down with this grip, maybe you can fit them into the little holes, so it doesn’t get pushed down, but anyway, let’s let’s put this on. So the grip is now on and the microphone is on now. Let’S attach the handle and you’ll see here. It’S got a ball head on the top, so you can adjust it. However, you want and just tighten it up. However, you want – and this also doubles up as a tripod as well. So if you want a fixed location to film a video from you can use this as a tripod, which is very cool. So we have the thread on the bottom, and here we go that is done now. We’Ve got the grip, the mic and the tripod all sorted next thing is this: so they’re calling this a micro led light, and this is perfect for filming at night time in low light conditions, you can get a really sort of film style.

Look with one of these and the great thing about this: is they also throw in filters, so you can actually add colors. On top of this light, to give you even more of a cinematic look like a blue tone or a green tone for a matrix look or something like that, you can do that with this kit, and this light is really well built as well. It feels like it’s encased in all metal, pretty heavy duty. You got a little release catch here, which exposes the usbc charging port. So if you need to charge it up, it’s got built in battery there, and that is super cool there’s. Also, a standard diffuser, which i absolutely recommend you use from day – one all right – let’s, set that up now all right, so i can’t figure out how to fit the uh. The filter onto the lights i’m gon na have to look at the manual something i almost never do when i get a new product. Okay, so it looks like the filter kind of clicks into this bit here and then that clicks onto that right, Music. So literally, what you do is you just kind of place: the filter over there and there’s little bits that kind of wedged their way in and you’ve got this kind of soft box now, which can click over the light and diffuse the light, because there’s nothing worse Than having really harsh lighting in a video check that out – and then all you do – is just slide that on here and tighten up this little piece here and there we go, we have our v logger kit set up and ready to go.

We can use this light to face towards us or away from us the same thing with the microphone, because it’s usbc, it can literally be either way around and you can even have it. How i have it right now with the mics facing towards you, the lights facing the opposite way, and you can record your videos that way, that’s pretty cool. The last couple of things that come with it i didn’t show you guys is there is a usbc cable in there. If you need to charge your light, so that’s pretty cool, it would have been nice if they’d thrown in a usbc extender. So you could have your mic somewhere else, not necessarily on the side. The phone that would have been cool you’ve also got this, which is a really big windshield. I wasn’t expecting it to be this massive. I actually thought it was going to be quite a small windshield. Some people call this a dead cat. Let’S just fit this on here. So you can see how massive this is. It literally takes up half the screen on the phone, but i’ll tell you what, if it’s windy outside and you’ve got one of these you’re going to be glad you had it because that’s what this is designed for blocking out wind noise and yeah that’s, a massive Dead cat, so there we have it it’s all set up ready to rock and roll. What i’m gon na do now is i’m gon na detach all of this stuff, that’s connected to it and do a little bit of a selfie video and then reattach it with the lighting and i’m even going to dim the lights a bit.

So you guys can see how the lighting works, pretty cool so far, i’m very impressed with the build quality on everything and now it’s time for the all important video and sound quality test before and after all, right so right now, you’re looking at the video quality And audio quality on the oppo reno for 5g, which is a new phone and really you’re going to see the biggest difference. If you have an older phone, where the video isn’t that good on the selfie camera or the rear camera – and the audio is not that good you’re going to have a big step up, if you try the v logger kit anyway, this is the video and audio Quality before this is after, and you can see a massive difference with that light, there it’s actually got four settings, and this is the lowest one. Let’S see how bright this thing goes. Yeah, i think the lowest setting for this kind of condition is perfect. If i had it facing the other way – and i was trying to film things further away, then that’s, probably when you would use those settings, but you can see the shadows – are much more dramatic, even though it’s quite dark in the room. My face is still bright and when your face is still bright, your phone camera doesn’t have to use such a high iso and you don’t get loads of little digital noise in your picture, which is really important if you’re doing online videos and stuff like that, you Want the best quality, video, best quality sound and i think the road delivers.

Let me know in the comments below if you agree now, let’s mess around with some of these color filters. So this is the red filter. You kind of get that spooky. Vibe got the blue in the background. Quite cinematic. Look there i think, look at the shadows as well. You can do really creative stuff. With some of these, let me try the matrix filter so here’s. The matrix hue got that kind of green tint going on the funny thing is the smartphone will see that the scene is quite green and try to correct it, so it might be fluctuating a bit. So it might be an idea if you’re going to use this kit to film with filters you might want to use like filmic pro or filmora, or something like that, where you can go into a bit more manual settings. So the white balance isn’t shifting crazy but it’s pretty cool i’m, really impressed with this. I think i could have a lot of fun with this. The reno is doing a great job of trying to get my skin tones right. Look there certain areas where it can do it in certain areas in the darkness you can see we got that style going on there. So one thing to note when you’re setting this up for the first time. One thing you must download is the rode reporter app that basically gives you a control of the microphone, so you can adjust the microphone levels and you can even set it so that every time you plug the microphone in it automatically opens in the background, so that’s Pretty cool and overall my opinion on this having just unboxed it and tested it out.

I really like it all of the bits of it are very well built and you guys can be the judge of the sound and picture quality when you’re using it.