So that being said, let’s get started all right, so starting off the unboxing and taking a look at the box first, this might remind you of another company which is named after a fruit and also makes smartphones and what they did with their boxes. So it’s pretty much fact right now, if apple does something everyone’s going to follow suit, and you can you know, look at the samsung packaging this time around it’s, not as premium as it used to be and it’s definitely taken a hit in terms of you know. Just cost cutting uh there’s, you know color and specs info on the back of the box, big samsung logos everywhere and the galaxy font just to let you know, it’s their flagship and the s on the front also indicates the color of the phone inside, which is You know pretty good attention to detail and, to be honest, the packaging does feel kind of cheap, but again lifting that lid up first things. First in the box is the galaxy s21 plus itself, and this is the phantom violet color. As i said before and i’ll be biased, this is one of my favorite colors from the whole s21 series. Lineup just take that plastic off, and it reveals that really nice finish in my opinion, it’s matte – and i really like it also. This is your first look at that. You know contour cut design for the triple camera on the back.

It is a huge camera hump and it’s, not gon na lay flat on a table, but in my opinion it looks really really nice and you know i’m, a big fan of this new design. Just you know over the previous design that samsung did with their. You know s20 series phones and again, as i said, it’s matte. This is gloss, unlike on the s21, where you have polycarbonate, and i feel like this is gon na you know, show less fingerprints, it’s gon na get less smudges and also scratches will be pretty hard to see, and here it is the galaxy s 21 plus next To its bigger brother, the galaxy s21 ultra and let’s just boot, the phone up and take a look at what the other accessories inside the box are. Next up, you have the smaller box and the rest of the box is empty and opening it up. You’Ll see that you have three bits of documentation and a lonely, usb type c, to type c cable for just charging and data syncing, and we are also blessed to have a sim ejector tool and i think that’s you know privileged in 2021. That might be gone in some time as well, and this is all just boring stuff. If your you know quick, start guide your regulatory and warranty information, your sar values, things that you may or may not read, but apart from that, the type c cable is just normal: there’s, no headphones, there’s, no travel adapter this time around there’s, no quick switch adapter And, in my opinion you know, samsung was one of those companies that definitely packed their boxes to the brim, with really nice quality inbox earphones, the fast charger was included and also the quick stitch adapter if you’re moving on from another android phone.

Just to you know, transfer your data, your contacts and stuff like that, and i really appreciated samsung all these years, for you know just including those things, but now they’re gon na follow suit with apple and just not give anything else in the flagship. You know experience and talking about the flagship experience this didn’t feel like one at least the unboxing. You know just a lonely, type c cable. The box felt cheap. I get it it’s eco friendly, but i think we’re going downhill in terms of the customer experience when buying expensive. Four, like the galaxy s 21 plus or the ultra for as well and that’s, pretty much it for the unboxing. Now let’s talk about the galaxy s. 21 plus itself, alright, so starting off with the specifications of the galaxy s 21 plus, it is pretty much top notch specs for a 2021 flagship for the cpu. You have the snapdragon, 888 chipset or in regions where you cannot have that. You’Ll have this. You know exynos 2100, both five nanometer chips and both pretty good you’re gon na have up to 35 increase in cpu and gpu performance. You’Ve got eight gigabytes of ram and you’ve also got 128 to 256 gigabytes of internal storage, which is not expandable. So you might have to worry about how much storage you need and how much storage you have on your phone, because you don’t have the option to upgrade it later and that’s a bummer that’s a feature stripped down from the s21 series, which we really appreciated in You know previous samsung flagships again it’s gone and i think it should rest in peace, for you know any other future flagships as well from samsung and you’ve also got a 48 and 100 milliampere battery, which is pretty decent.

In my opinion, for you know, the 6.7 inch display that this phone has you’ve got usb type c, no headphone jack again we’re not expecting that to come back, you’ve got ip68 water and dust resistance. You’Ve also got fast charging fast. Wireless charging and you’ve also got the reverse wireless charging on the galaxy s21 plus, but again in terms of specifications and just performance itself on the galaxy s21 plus it is really nice with one ui and android 11. On top, it runs very smooth. Multitasking is great, and just you know flicking through the ui, the responsiveness it felt good. The 120 hertz display is definitely doing its job and in terms of just you know, day to day performance if you’re doing social media. If you’re using this phone for work studies, you know gaming just for smartphone things: the performance was really nice, there was no lags or jitters, and i think one ui is pretty refined now and you know, it’s got some extra features that you may or may not Need it is a really nice experience using this phone? You know just in terms of performance, and i feel like samsung is definitely working on the software and hardware optimization part, and it shows in this phone and delving a little more into the software side of things. As i said, it’s one ui on top of you know android 11, which is the latest from google in terms of the operating system, and you know samsung likes to do things their own way.

They basically have one extra app for everything that google does. They have their own email, app, a browser, a camera gallery and that might take a little. You know getting used to and there’s a learning curve to it if you’re a stock, android user. But apart from that, they’re definitely working on the refinement part and the smoothness part. So the you know just the operating system feels really fluid and nice. But there is a lot of clutter and bloatware which, in my opinion, could be reduced. If samsung tries to so that’s that now talking about the display on this phone, which happens to be my favorite part of any samsung flagship every year, and definitely worry about it and i’m gon na, do it this time around as well. But it is a 6.7 inch super amoled display with the infinity o design. So there is a you know: punch hole, cut out from the front camera, which is 10 megapixels, and this is a 1080p display with adaptive refresh rate of 120 hertz. So it can. You know go from anywhere to 48 hertz up to 120 hertz, depending upon what you’re doing on the phone, which is really nice, the refresh rate isn’t the problem. The resolution is and i’m not saying 1080p is bad. Most of us used our phones at 1080p. You know 120 hertz to save battery, but i really don’t like going back on something that you’ve already achieved, and you know you had quad hd for basically three years now, starting from the galaxy s6, all the way up to the galaxy.

You know s10 series and just going back to 1080p. Now i get it, you have to. You know, decrease the price and it’s a cheaper phone now, but i just don’t like that. The number is taken off and now we’re using 1080p phones again and it’s. Still a samsung, you know flagship in 2021, apart from the resolution, there’s white wine, l1 certification. For all you know, netflix and amazon. Prime viewers there’s hdr support. The display itself is amazing. It gets plenty bright, the colors are good, you know, punchy blacks and it is a super amoled panel from samsung and this time around it’s flat. So you don’t have to deal with accidental touches because of the curve displays if you didn’t like curve. If you wanted flat displays, this is your moment, i you know, think you’re happy and yes, just samsung doing their own thing with their displays. I have no other complaints, just apart from the resolution downgrade and also inside. That display is their new in display fingerprint scanner, which is 1.77 times bigger and also it’s going to be faster and you can unlock the phone faster as well, and you don’t have to be very precise on where you place your finger. But apart from that, those are the main specifications that you have to know when it comes to. You know hardware and display now talking about design and materials. The galaxy s21 plus is made out of glass, but there’s matte finish on top and the s21 is polycarbonate.

So do not confuse these two things: they’re not the same now. The s21 plus is also a part of this contour cut design for the rear camera and, as i said at the start of this video, i like this over the s20 series. I didn’t, like the huge camera humps that they had, but this one seems to be blending more into the phone itself. It’S, not you know, standing out it’s, not very distinct from the rest of the phone, and i think this is a good direction to move forward in, for you know the future designs of samsung. You know phones, i’m, talking about the build quality of the phone it’s. Very sturdy it’s built like a tank there’s, no seams it’s, pretty much an industrial grade and also to hold this phone. It feels really nice it’s very comfortable because of the curved nature of the human hands, as well as the way this phone fits into your palm and it’s gon na take up. You know less scratches less smudges because of matte finish and it looks more durable in my opinion, but i wouldn’t risk dropping a new 2021 flagship and expect it to you know, survive that all right now, let’s talk about the part of the galaxy s21 plus that Everyone seems to be really excited about and that’s the cameras and there’s three cameras on the back. This time. Around a 12 megapixel main sensor, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 64 megapixel telephoto camera with the 30x zoom and towards the front.

You have a 10 megapixel selfie shooter and the camera software itself is really nice and simple it’s. The default samsung camera app where you have the live, focus mode, the photo the video and also, if you go into that more options, you can find all the other features that you want. You know the animated emojis, the directors mode which allows you to. You know capture, video and images from basically every camera on the phone, and you also have a pro mode. Where you can. You know you know just tweak around with the iso the exposure, the shutter speed and get a shot. That is very, you know, personalized to you and your liking. There is 8k video support, there’s hdr video there’s super slow motion. Basically, the camera is packed to the brim and it’s a really good camera this time around. In my opinion, the pictures and the videos that come out of the galaxy s21 series are really nice. I really like the ultras pictures and videos, but i also like the s21 plus pictures and videos, and also the selfie shooter is pretty good and the you know shots from the camera. This time around are very detailed. The colors are good and even low light performance is very good. So if you’re buying this phone for the camera performance, you will not be disappointed and you have all the features that you need and you can also record audio from multiple sources.

If you’re let’s say doing a podcast or an interview, and also for vlogging, i really like the multiple camera you know recording for vlogging. You can, you know, push out some fun content from that in the future and, as i said, the camera quality itself for pictures and videos is really nice. If you’re doing social media. You know stuff like if you’re an instagram influencer, if you’re, making youtube videos and stuff like that. This will definitely do the job and make you a happy man at the end of the day. Alright. So now let’s get to my conclusion. My verdict for the galaxy s21 plus from microsd to no microsd from high res to low res. You know quad hd, to 1080p and also on the galaxy s21, the younger brother, from metal and glass to polycarbonate there’s, a lot of downgrades and the one that matters to me from the above specs is the resolution. I’M. A big fan of crisp high quality displays, and i do pixel peeps, sometimes but overall, in terms of a value proposition. If you’re looking for value for money – and you want the samsung brand value and flagship experience, the s21 plus makes more sense to me in terms of the build quality, the materials and just overall balance of features and hardware. If you have the extra money go with the s21 ultra and you will not have any complaints, because that is you know a thick boy, that’s, the flagship of their flagships and it’s got everything i’d stay away from the smaller s21 until unless i’m, looking for a Smaller 6.

2 inch flagship in that price range now, if you don’t, want to get the s21 plus i’d say wait for the next one, plus flagship and they’re gon na be pretty similar if oneplus doesn’t do anything stupid other than that there’s, not much competition out there. If you’re iphone guy, you don’t really have a choice. You have to buy one of those iphones, but in terms of android i think it’s between oneplus and samsung. Right now, xiaomi has a couple of good phones, but they have you know their crappy software and the things that they do. If you like, the s21 plus, if you don’t, mind the lower resolution, if you don’t mind the micro sd card slot and if you’re happy with the cheaper price and if you don’t mind the price, which is 85 000 rupees in indian rupees and also thousand dollars In the us, this is your phone to get for 2021 and i totally recommend it. I like it – and i feel like samsung – should definitely go with this new design concept, but stop taking away features and please give us a pair of headphones and that travel adapter back. But apart from that that’s been it guys. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you guys, you know, found this video to be helpful or entertaining go ahead and like this video, also, if you’re into you, know this technology related smartphone, related content, go ahead and subscribe to my channel and also hit that Notification bell, so you don’t miss out on future uploads.

My name has been yousef. You guys have been awesome, stay awesome, keep smiling, stay safe, stay home, i’ll catch you guys in the next one peace out 60 of the time.