You wish you had that when it comes to camera gear, all these companies make these nice cameras and then tiny little baby sprout companies think i could make an accessory for that. I could get in on that action. So it’s almost like they’re part of the canon company, if it was a canon camera, so my good old buddies at hohem have blessed our hearts once more and they made a perhaps obsolete piece of technology that i have in my pocket right now, a gimbal for A smartphone because this is so shaky let’s find out if there’s any use for this thing or if we’re gon na throw it in a river, is the perfect camera Music. So obviously, this is pretty stable, we’re on the huawei p40 pro and it has amazing electronic stabilization. It works great. The last thing on earth you would need is a gimbal to not only complicate your life but possibly make this worse, but i thought they reached out to me and i was like you know what i could have a use for it, because we’re digitally cropped right Now, if you turn off the stabe, i said that weird then you’re wider and you have a gimbal. You might have something there. Then i found out you can’t do that on this phone you can’t even do it, unless you can so, basically the only way to turn off digital stay. One is the 240 frames per second slo mo, so that has a use.

We could now have stable, wide slo mo and there’s these color profiles that, for some reason, just remove digital stabe, so we’ll try some of that let’s take a closer look at the thing. He is so professional right now showing the actual item that he’s using this thing’s tiny i’ll give you that it fits right in the pocket, and this is folded up. I almost don’t remember how it like unfolds it’s a little awkward. You got to get that and turn that you can’t see any of it. Oh god i suck at my job and then the smartphone goes in here. It also has a little tripod foot thing, not bad it’s, all plastic, but it comes out if you need it to oh wow and it extends if you like, that kind of action. Okay, so let’s switch to this let’s pay attention to the normal digital stabe and then i’ll go into one of these weird color profiles super wide, no digital stay, but only gimbal stabe, and is it better or worse, and is this of any use to anybody? How y’all doing ah we’re in it we’re in nostalgia, there’s no nostalgia here, but is it stable now and now we’re super wide? Can you no you tilt i’m in the wrong s mode? I don’t know how gimbals work i suck at my job that’s some interesting choices, you’re making right now. Why are you beeping at my ass? I don’t think it can handle the weight of the huawei there’s.

Some flaws i’m noticing already here. Couple flaws. Go that way. So one thing it has to be in the center and the huawei power button it’s kind of in the center. So i have to be a bit off to the left and now it’s struggling to counterbalance that that’s a usually i’m just i’m, not a fan of gimbals. I hate them with a passion because you have to balance them and everything, but this i figured you just clamp. It you’re done there’s. No, like oh measure this axis. Where are you going come back to me now, one thing i’m noticing immediately. I have to hold it straight up pretty much. I can’t really tilt it away from me. It doesn’t have the power, so i don’t have much reach. This could have been so epic. I should have brought the tripod, but that wouldn’t work it’s, not very strong. For this big ass Music phone, Music, um Music, i’m in dawn mode, there’s dawn in the corner, is it this corner? I see the light that slo mo didn’t really hold me there as i ran it’s, not a very powerful gimbal, but that’s. Not what you want in a gimbal, you just want it to be comfortable and small and not do its job that’s. What i prefer now here’s something interesting we’re on the main lens now in black and white and it’s a bigger sensor, but still no digital stave. So super wide and stable now there’s, not a lot of uses.

Here i got ta let out a little rant here for you hohem a little life lesson for you. I tried your gopro 8 gimbal and here’s the deal action. Cams people are studying gopro for their amazing unheard of stabilization. You don’t need to make a product that stabilizes it it’s already perfect, although it’s a little jerky it’s a little weird, the background’s, stable and then whatever’s holding the actual camera wiggles around in the frame. I noticed that on the dji pocket too, it has that same kind of you’re jerking around in the frame. Stop jerking it freak. What are you doing? Am i holding it wrong? I’M, tilting it weird now it’s fine, i don’t mind this. I prefer it here’s the deal again hohem. They made a gimbal for the hero 7 and then the hero 8 was a little bigger, so they’re like it wasn’t adaptable they couldn’t change it. It fit exactly and so it’s like okay, that that whole product is crushed. So they made one for the eight and now the nine is a little bigger and they’re like you have to learn your lessons, make it adaptable and same with this it’s, not centered. Most buttons are on the phone, oh god, so you have to have a little adapter that moves it, something this ain’t gon na work. I had to take my case off too. What if i drop this thing, which the odds are likely, because this thing’s going haywire help help all right, we’re in halo and back on the wide lens? So i just unless you’re planning on doing what i’m doing with these color profiles a lot of phones don’t.

Let you tweak things it’s, so annoying. Let me play around in there you stupid piece of phone. Let me change settings. I can’t do 24p. I can’t turn off the stab. If i want can’t do a damn thing: audio levels, no idea, how’s the audio by the way we’re using it we’re using the secret mic, i’ll review it soon. If you want to kill your channel, you want to just destroy your youtube channel. Accept all these random ass items from companies like, oh, you want to try this gimbal yep sure. Do you want to try these filters? Oh wow? How about this camera monitor review every single one of them because that’s good content? I love that. The only reason i thought this could be fun so we’re doing it, and this audio is good, it’s good times, it’s, not compressed. You don’t know what you’re listening to you have no idea how many things i refuse just useless items, but if it has a purpose, i’ll go for it. I have an actual tripod coming that sounded interesting. It could be better than this gopro piece of that. I use oh dark how’s. The low light performance terrible is the stab at least good, though, because we have no stab on the phone. So if it’s there’s no point there’s no point to give some positives about the gimbal, i know i’m talking trash about it. Just because of the whole use case, like smartphone stabilization, is amazing to think that you would need a gimbal there’s, no other use case for it.

Unless you want the wider look which we’ve established, looks like probably it’s light, it folds up if you need to, but why would you you’d have to take the phone out and then do all the stuff and fold it, and it could be very compact if it Was good which it it’s kind of working? It does change a lot if your phone’s, too ass heavy it’s, a problem that i’m experiencing how’s the autofocus profile, wow so smooth, and then it tilts so it’s not very strong, but it’s light and probably cheap. Maybe – and there are affiliate links down below, of course, for your viewing pleasure see like what was that i was about to start talking and then you freaked on me you’re tilting to that side. Stop stop doing this dab, stop doing this ho ho. Why are you doing this to me? I was so nice to you. Stop it stop doing what you want in life. We have to follow rules. Is it because i’m pulling that usb that’s on me that’s all me we’re in semi mental, now that’s. What my whole show is based on, how have i not been locked up, i don’t know so. Can i recommend this item honestly, i probably should have learned my lesson from the last ho hem product that barely stabilized the gopro. It barely worked. This i feel like this is better quality, but i don’t like how it’s freaking it’s not very strong.

I can’t recommend it obviously there’s, probably better gimbals, but even the whole concept is irrelevant because smartphone stave is so good already, so links are down below. If you want to try this bad boy out highly recommend it i’ll give it away if, when you want it, and you live in toronto, i’m, not mailing this thing, so we both spend money, shipping and customs, and all that, if you want it – and you live In toronto, for some reason your old ass phone doesn’t have stab then, yes, but all the new ones have it. So, if you’re using an old phone to vlog, we got it for you. Email me: vegetable, police,, keep it business related. Don’T want to hear your random thoughts. Oh this is fun. Have you ever tried the sony, a6400 or that’s good it’s not battery, lasts longer than i do in bed. It works how’s the blurry background. You can’t even tell that i’m, not on full frame. All these jerks okay, i’m gon na leave. Thank you for watching and buying a camera conspiracies t shirt. I didn’t sell out subscribe from everybody i’m, getting epic b roll right now. Oh wow, you can’t even tell that is so beautiful. It works so well that mode we’re at tony 2.8 Music, the video was over – i could have just left. Why am i working overtime? Is that the lens that’s doing it it’s a bad mode? I don’t know that smartphones will ever catch up outlining.

My head. Hair exists, it’s a problem i’ll leave, i didn’t leave we’re at tone is 0.95 now it’s. Basically, this is what the medium format fuji would look like if it had a flippy screen and i bought it, which i won’t no that’s not meant for vloggers.