You might hear my kids uh in the background and they are busy right now so i’m going to show you in this video is how to get a free phone and service monthly um, because my husband lost his job last year because of the pandemic, and i Started just staying at home, so we were um. We are qualified for uh to get um help from the government, which is so nice. They are very, very um helpful here in the the benefits of awesome, so i’m gon na show you how to get this. If you are qualified for one for a snap high for snap or medicaid, or anything like that, and also if you are within the poverty guidelines, then you should check this out. It’S it’s like how much do we usually pay for phone it’s like what the 70 dollars for each phone with service or just by service alone? So i think you might guys like this and don’t forget to subscribe. We will be putting a lot of videos that will help us to um to survive in this fandom. So thank you. So much have a great day as you notice guys. I always go to so it’s easier for us to find the assurance wireless so type. It in and then it will show the assurance wireless website, just click that and then ta da, and then you can just enter your zip code. So these are the things that you will get from assurance wireless.

So it has free data, monthly, free, unlimited text. Each month and 3 1 000 voice minutes each month. So this is the phone that they’re going to give you Music. If you already have a foot, stamps snaps or any benefits from the government like medicaid um, you are qualified for this, so hurry up and do it and if you have like low income um so just check the poverty guidelines here. So, how many households in your family Music, see if you will be qualified, it’s, really a big hub Music? And this is the things that comes with that: okay let’s click and roll now: Music, okay, while it’s loading. So this part will be most of all your information, personal information, um i’m. Just going to show you what questions are on the website that you need to fill out so just um read it out all the agreement, if you like it, then type your initials and your electronic signature and click next or continue. Okay, so you’ll just put your name, your full name, everything your address. Your phone number email address, make sure that you remember your email address, because they will send the approval or anything that is related to your application, Music and then type it in your last four digit of your social security number um your birthday and then, if you Are qualified through a child or dependent in your household? You can check that and then your home address and then think of six numbers that you will remember easily, because you will use this number to activate your phone once you get it in the mail Music.

Okay. So if you are qualified through um government program, like a snap of foot stamp, medicaid um, just click that or if you are qualified through your income, just check how many households you have Music let’s, say you have four members in your family, so just check that As long as your income is the same or less than the amount listed in the household size, so you’re you’re good and then you will get an email notification that you either you are approved or not. On the same day, Music after 12 days, i got the phone, and here it is, and i want to show you guys how it looks like so it’s a unimax and umx. It is made in china. It is really cute, it came with a charger, it is light and has a camera and on the sides, the volume and the power button, and then you can put your headset or headphone or connected to the phone itself. So just turn it on and start and just setting it up. It is just a regular android phone. So if you have like samsung um it’s, just the same thing, the difference between the high end brand phone um, this one is not that really fast, so um for, but for a very cheap phone. I think it’s, okay and Music, manageable, Music, do Music and then don’t forget. Once you get your phone um, you must turn your service on by calling 611 immediately so um, so that you can use to your phone and assurance.

Wireless would know that you are still interested in using their Music service. Music.