Now, if you haven’t seen part one, i went through design, display performance battery life and did some gaming on this phone and today we’re, going to cover the audio speaker test. The vibration, motor and fingerprint scanner, camera performance and i’ll be sharing all those camera samples, as well with my final verdict. At the end, is this a worthy competitor to the xiaomi mi 11 let’s have a look starting with the fingerprint scanner, and here you see the optical in display fingerprint scanner on this vivo iq7, and it is super fast and super responsive. Now one thing that vivo iq does recommend to you, so if you notice there, it actually has unlocked with my face, and it recommends that you use both the fingerprint scanner and face unlock to more securely protect your device. Now. One thing i will mention is that the fingerprint scanner is pretty low on the display. I do wish it was a little bit higher, but overall it’s an excellent fingerprint scanner on this phone and the vibration motor on this vivo iq7 is also really good. I wouldn’t put it to the level of the best vibration motors that i’ve seen on phones like the mi 10t pro or the me11, but especially when you’re using the keyboard. You’Ll definitely feel the vibration motor. But as you saw yesterday in my gaming, iq’s been able to implement this in various parts of the system, as well as creating these haptic feedback zones when you’re playing games, which makes for a much more immersive experience all in all it’s a solid vibration motor on This phone and talking about coms all the capabilities of a flagship phone on this iq7, including dual band wi, fi, 6, bluetooth 5.

2. You have nfc on board. There is no ir blaster on this phone, though, and the call quality on this device has been pretty decent. As well, the bluetooth connection has also been very reliable fans, 20 and 28 support for europe on this phone and now for the audio speaker test between the vivo iq7 and the xiaomi mi 11, which for me is the current champ when it comes to dual speakers. On a phone and the iq7 also has dual speakers, but, as you can see, it’s just a speaker grille at the bottom and at the top it’s actually using the call earpiece it doesn’t have a dedicated speaker grill here at the top. Let me point the mic forward: let’s have a listen Music. What can i say wow? This was a much closer audio speaker test than i expected. I knew that the iq7 had pretty loud speakers, but i did not expect them to almost match the volume of this mi 11 and yet, while it matches the volume it just can’t match the clarity and the stereo separation of this phone, i would say this: iq7 Has the best sounding speakers where you basically have a single bottom firing and an earpiece speaker included, and it gets plenty loud and i think you’re really gon na – enjoy the experience of listening to music on this phone. But the mi 11 still takes the edge here with clear sounds just as loud of a speaker, volume and just a better stereo separation, but surprising result here that the iq7 did as well as it did in this audio speaker test and wrapping up here.

With the cameras – and we have a triple camera setup on the back of this iq7 with a 48 megapixel – f 1.8 imx 598 – and this is the first time i’ve seen the sensor on the channel. But it has been available in other phones from vivo like the x50 pro from last year, and i think it’s also being used on the new x60 pro as well. But i got ta say: vivo has done it right here in the selection of additional cameras. We have a 13 megapixel, f, 2.2 ultra wide camera and guess what we also have a telephoto, a 13 megapixel f 2.5 with two times optical zoom telephoto lens, and that my friends is how you make a triple camera setup on a phone. At this price point. I can’t believe that vivo is beating xiaomi at its own game here. Releasing three cameras that all deserve to be here and you’re. Not gon na have to pay any additional money for a pro version of a phone to get the telephoto and zoom capabilities that you want on a phone and on the front we see a 16 megapixel, f, 2.0 selfie camera, but probably the biggest bummer of this Phone is in video, the vivo iq7 supports only up to 4k 30fps video and when you have phones like the redmi note 9t, which cost so much less and has the same capabilities in terms of rear video, that’s kind of disappointing.

Now, from my experience, the stabilization looks incredible on these videos and on the front you have full hd, video and overall, the camera performance and layout is super easy to use it’s a very clean and very straightforward camera layout, and this 48 megapixel sensor is a terrific Sensor and in good lighting and even low lighting i’ve been getting some excellent shots with this iq7, but don’t take my word for it. Have a look at these samples and hit me up in the comments. What do you think Music? Oh Music, do Music! This is rear facing video on the iq7 shooting in 4k looks really good, though great stabilization on this phone, the imx 598, the same camera that was on the vivo x50 pro, but hit me up in the comments. What do you think – and this is front facing video on the iq7 shooting in full hd and no 4k on the front camera this device, but it looks pretty good a little bit of uh overcast a here today. So i hope you guys are doing well. Overall, the quality of the cameras here look pretty solid, but hit me up in the comments. What do you think so? That’S it for this video and my final verdict on this iq7 once you factor in the sleek understated design, the really solid display that, while not 2k and while lacking a little bit in viewing angles, is still a really solid, 120 hertz panel to performance that is Unbeatable this is the fastest phone that i’ve ever tested and maybe the fastest phone in the world today to decent battery life.

Although i do think it would have been nicer to see a larger capacity on this phone. But i guess it’s made up for by the fact that you have 120 watt charging that lets us go from zero to 100 in just over 15 minutes to surprisingly great dual speakers and camera performance, especially in those zoom shots. That really did impress me and all this considering the fact that you get this brand new origin os. That really does up the game of the vivo experience and you have what i consider not only a solid device. This is an excellent device and it is a true competitor to the xiaomi mi 11 and considering that you can get this phone at a lower cost than even that phone for 3798 rmb. You truly are getting an incredible deal if you pick up this iq7, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on this iq7 and do you think that it goes toe to toe with the xiaomi me 11 hit me up in the comments. I’D. Love to hear about it and that’s it for this video, if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates. So stay tuned, guys for more great content on this iq7 there’s. Still a lot to cover with this phone and i’ve heard the message you guys want to see an origin os video, so stay tuned for that as well, so that’s it – and this is where i leave you by saying this – is frankie tech.

He’S signing off have a good one.