And if you stick around till the end of the video someone’s going to win a 20 dollar mode phone gift card i’m, your host tech, hustler, oakley dokley, welcome to another video, my name’s tech hustler. If it’s your first time here, i review websites applications that you can start using right now to make a little bit of income on the side now that’ll be in the form of paypal, cryptocurrency, gift cards and much more. So if you like that, go ahead and smash that subscribe button and while you’re down there go ahead and give me a thumbs up as well that’s the number one thing you can do to support my channel so now that we got that out the way let’s Go alright everyone, so in today’s video we’re going to be going over the mode phone one more time, i’ve been using it for a few weeks right now, i’ve made a couple bucks and i have a few applications downloaded on there. That’S making me a couple bucks as well, so in a moment we’re gon na dive to the screen of the mode phone, but um one thing i will say i’m using it on wi fi. Only so if i had a phone plan, i would obviously make more because um there’s just more applications that you can use if you have a legit phone number, so keep that in mind and i’m gon na use this for a few more weeks.

You know i’m. Just not ready to get a phone bill, another phone bill. You know a second cell phone phone bill um unless i know for sure that i’m going to be making some good money. With this you know, i can get a plan for 30 a month unlimited, and i need to know that i can at least make that from this phone, so anyways, oh yeah, real, quick, real, quick, my man soda from uh sf734 visual tech hop over there, give Them a subscribe excuse me help him to get to 10 000 subscribers. You know soda’s been around for a minute just as long as i have let’s get him there. He posts a lot of videos on applications, just like me, um. Actually, he he posts more i’m. Not even gon na lie he posts more and he gives me a lot of good ideas, so go over. There let’s get him to 10 000 and beyond, and if you you know what, if you subscribe to him and if you subscribe to me and you like this video, then by the end of the video we’re, going to give away that 20 gift card to you All right, but you got ta, you got ta, be quick. You know you got ta decide if you want this mode phone because you got ta use it fast and one more thing you have to do. You have to watch the whole video all right.

I got some software on here, i’m gon na know, if you fast forward so bada bing bada boom. Now that we got all that out the way that’s gon na be enough of my face right here. Let’S dive into the screen of my mode phone oakley dokley. Welcome to the mode phone, you know, i told you we were going to be coming from the screen of the mode phone. I have the software on here. I just haven’t messed with it yet, but anyways so here’s, the mode phone – and here is your earning widget and i’m. Just going to show you what i try to do every day, of course, with the mode phone let’s see where’s bitcoin at 35, 000.. Of course, with the mode phone you’re gon na earn 50 percent faster when you listen to music and if you want to hear some crazy stuff, um check that out that’s all. I can say so right now. Six cent per minute that’s, because i’ve uh had this on pause for a while, while i’ve been messing with it preparing for this video but, of course, with current you’re gon na get paid to listen to music, currently, no pun intended currently the game game mode. Isn’T working you have to play through gift loop and i was able able to download a game, but now it won’t. Let me play so. I don’t know what’s going on. They said in the future. They are getting rid of gift loop.

You also get paid to charge right now with gift loop, but there’s going to be an update in the future. I don’t know when, where you’ll be just charging through current and hopefully you’ll – be able to play the games through current, but i don’t know what’s going on on what the games right now, but i will get back to you and of course you get something like 10 of earnings through um the current referral, but with the mode phone you get 10 per referral for each phone. You send so that’s that and right now, let’s start earning let’s earn to check the weather Music. Quick 25 points every single day just to check the weather, yeah or el nino let’s go bada, bing bada boom i’ve just got those 25 points. You know if you’re using the current app already and you enjoy the current app. Why not? You know why not get the mode phone it’s, only 89. it’s a good entry level phone. Now this isn’t going to replace your iphone or your galaxy. You know but it’s a good entry level phone it’s good. If you just want to use it on wi fi to earn, you know so let’s dive right in and let’s check the news let’s check the news 50 points by the bing bada boom. I really don’t care about the news at the moment, at least not in the united states. You know, when did everyone become so political right, but anyways we’ve just earned what’s next now you can surf the old surf and turf bada bing bada boom.

A quick 50 points just to open up the browser. Oh y’all see that that’s cash magnet we’re gon na talk about that in a second, not too happy with that, though – and you know task opinion – which is your survey that’s just going to take you right to the task and surveys finance if you hit finance or Crypto we’ll hit crypto right here and it’s just going to take you to the cash out section, and if you hit that that’s going to take you to coinbase and what that is it’s just going to show you the ways you can earn. Some free crypto through coinbase i’ll, have a link in the description below for coinbase and as well as i think, there’s. Another cash out for cryptocurrency yeah right here, you’ll get like a one time, uh cash out through what is this through coin list, so that’s only a one time thing: it would be nice if you, if you can use it more than once, but you know just A promotional offer so that’s all that’s really doing is taking you to uh some promotional offers that current offers that promotional offers that current offers man bars so same thing fetch. I bought it it’s just going to take you there um you’re, going to plug in and earn with gift loop at the moment, uh. Of course you can watch videos and earn through current every day and fitness. Nothing is really going on with fitness at the moment, but here’s the video section.

You know you can watch a couple videos every day, but we’re not going to sit through that. Maybe we are Music, so anyways let’s hop back in current let’s just go over here. You can see i’m about to get this little bluetooth, speaker i’m, almost there. Maybe you can help me and uh get me there today. So let’s go over my history and you can see there’s my bonuses. I actually got more than they said. I would oh look at that, like i said some crazy music right there and of course you know, i’ve got paid for my daily check in already today as well. Um. One thing i will say you know i’m gon na go ahead and speak it. You know. I i do enjoy getting paid to listen to music. I do enjoy these uh refer referral earnings, but one thing there: uh mode phone and current music. If you’re out there listening there’s a mode phone gift card, giveaway right there. Oh i forgot. We still have to give that away so don’t. Let me forget so one thing current: maybe we can work on these cash out rates. You know we are getting paid pretty much to do nothing, but you know it would be nice to get a little slack cut off there, but anyways. You know that’s the only thing i can really say about that, and that has nothing to do with the mode phone it’s, just the redeem on the current app.

So you know, like i said i enjoy getting paid for everything that this does. You know we appreciate the current app, but you know maybe we can work something out so let’s go to some paying applications that i’m currently trying and you seen i had cash magnet up. I uh downloaded the apk file now cash magnet isn’t making a lot these days. You used to be able to make like 80 a month with four phones, and now it might be around 20 a month, but i just wanted to see if i can use it and right now, i’m, just not having any luck. Downloading the games through cash magnet and, of course you know, honey gain i’ve got three ips available for me, so i got three phones on honey gain. Bada, bing, bada boom, getting ready to cash out and you know, with honeygain i’ve, been cashing out in that bitcoin. So hopefully bitcoin continues to rise and uh doesn’t go to zero. So excuse me, sly, joy. This is a lock screen application and uh. Once your phone is closed to open your phone you’re just going to slide and unlock that, is it not a major earner, but you know sort of passive. You got to open your phone anyways, so sly, joy and i’ve been using pano app that’s, just a data collection and every now and then you can get a survey. What else and of course, there’s gift loop and monsters that’s the game that i downloaded through gift loop, that i’m unable to play so anyways that’s, going to do it for the amount of earning apps that i have on there anyways, like i said if i did Have a phone plan i’d have a plethora of other apps to try.

So in the comments down below drop some apps. Let me know what i should use on this mode phone and um. If you stuck around this far, if you stuck around this far, give me a thumbs up and in the comments down below just let me know you’re riding with me just say: i’m riding with you, alright oakley dougly, so anyways now i think it’s time to reward Someone with the mode phone 20 dollar gift card, let’s go okay. If you want that 20 gift card towards your very own mode phone, you have to be a subscriber, so make sure you got that subscribe button, clicked all right! You got that alright! Next thing you got to do you got to give me a thumbs up so go down there, make sure that things blew all right good to go next thing you got to do, go to soda, freeze, channel there’s, a link in the description, give them a subscribe. All right, so are you ready? Are you ready, you’re gon na have to be fast here it is here’s. Your mode phone 20 gift card go ahead, use it get your mode phone i’ll, have a link in the description below you’ll. Make me ten dollars there. You go bada, good luck, so that’s going to do it for today’s video. I will have a link in the description to the mode phone.