So the redmi note 90 won’t be available here in the philippines, and this one would be available and guess what just a little bit trivia for all of you. This is almost the same as that of the poco m3. So how similar are they come on? Let’S find it up in this video, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, so hi, guys, i’m mitch, doballo 2 of xiaomi review and finally we’ve just unboxed the redmi 9t, and here in my hand, is the twilight blue color. We have the four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage in this phone. Okay to start things off let’s talk about the processor on this phone. It has a snapdragon 662, which is a 11 nanometers uh processor it’s, the same as that of the poco m3 it’s, coupled with arduino 610 as its main gpu. Now this phone comes in so variant either go for the four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage, which is a ufs, 2.1 read and write speed or the other one is the 4 gigs of ram and 120 gigs of storage, which has a ufs 2.2. Read and write speed, so one of my favorite games to check if the speed of this phone is to as of course and bluetooth benchmark, so it gave it 182 000 points, which is a well almost the same score that i got from my pogo m3 review. Now checking other benchmark on 3dmark.

It gave it 1179 on the slingshot extreme 89 000 points over at i22 benchmark and, of course, a level one widebind security level on this phone, which means hello, hd on netflix right now, let’s talk a little bit more on the screen of this phone. It has a 6.53 ips lcd 1080p resolution, which is the same as that of the poco m3. Now it also has a corning gorilla, glass, 3 protection, then of course uh plastic frames and the plastic bag. Also the same as that of the m3. Now, taking a quick look on this phone, swiping left and right it’s really really a breeze. This one it’s better than the poco m3, which i can feel some lags on its ui i’m, not quite sure why? But this one feels a lot lot more smoother. Probably they have improved the ui on this phone. Maybe they took away the ads on this phone as well. Now, watching movies on this phone is really a breeze. I can say that this screen is nice, though i don’t really like that teardrop notch on this phone, which is a little bit big and yeah it doesn’t, really look nice for me. Of course, that’s just my opinion and the resolution is nice and i can set 1080p on my youtube and yeah it’s. Giving me a good good experience, especially when i have a stereo, surround sound on the boat loudspeaker, it’s, really really nice, while we’re still talking about the screen, let’s check the refresh rate on this phone.

It gave it a 60 hertz screen refresh rate, while i’m checking the refresh rate checker app on this phone now. This is probably the only legit way on checking uh the refresh rate of the phone. Well, some other bloggers claim that, based on their eyes, you can see the refresh rate of the phone if it’s, fast or slow. I don’t think i could agree on that. Now. Let’S move on and talk about the camera. This phone has a 48 mp quad camera setup and an aperture of 1.8. This is the same as the poco and except the next one, which i’m going to tell you is the difference with the poco m3. It has. This has a 8mp ultrawide sensor, which the poco entry doesn’t have. The rest is the same 2mp macro lens 2mp depth sensor and can record up to 1080p 30fps video up front. We have the 8mp shooter with an aperture of 2.1 and it also can shoot up to 1080p and 30fps. Then of course right now we want to try and take a look at some photos on this Music phone Music. Now i can see the photo that i’ve taken using the rear camera outdoors is really really something. I can see that probably it’s a little bit step up over from the m3, then taking some low light shots on this phone. I can say that it’s pretty decent, probably i can see it also is a little bit improvement over from the poco m3 now taking some photos using the selfie camera let’s check it out Music.

Well, i can see that some of these photos is nice. The outdoors uh bright, sunlight is also nice and, of course, taking some low light shot it’s still decent, but when you try to take some night shots using the front camera, well, it’s grainy now taking some videos using the rear camera let’s check it out: Music, okay, Taking some 1080p 30fps video using this phone with my bare hand, just like this one, i can see it’s pretty nice, well, it’s a little bit jittery and well. I can’t blame it. It’S uh something to be called below mid range and having a decent video like this one. I can see it’s, not bad, not bad. At all, now let’s see some videos from the selfie camera, hey guys, it’s me mitch double auto xiaomi review and right now, i’m. Holding the redmi 9t – and this is how it looks like when you’re vlogging using the front camera, take a spin. Well, not really that bad. But of course, when i hit some places like this it’s quite dark. Well, the lighting yeah, the camera is gon na. Have a little hard time adjusting to the lightings? Well, i can say the resolution: is nice? Well there’s? No doubt about that, but of course it’s jittery. It gives me a headache while watching this video. Well, probably, you can use some gimbal to improve the stability of this video and this phone has a fm radio together with a bluetooth 5.

0. It also has a side fingerprint scanner, which is very very accessible, though i can see that it’s a little bit slow in response check it out. Well, it responds probably roughly 0.5 seconds late compared to other phones that we have tested from xiaomi. Now, how can we forget to play a game on this phone let’s check call of duty, one of my favorite games. You can set some high settings on this game. I can say that the gameplay is nice, okay, so playing this game. It’S good uh, especially when you have your surround, sounds uh firing from the top and the bottom of your screen. Then, of course, uh think this knife, i cannot say anything bad about it, though i can feel some frame drops from time to time. It’S really not possible to eliminate all those frame drops from this game now checking games in impact, which is a more uh graphic, intense game. I can say that it’s still nice, though uh there are time to time. I can feel some lags uh, which is more uh frequent compared to that of the call of duty, then, of course, playing ml and also playing pubg is just a breeze on this phone. Now this phone has a 6 000 milliampere hours of batter, which is massive same as the poco m3. It can also support up to 18 watts of fast charging. Then also it can give you a 2.5 watts of reverse charging, meaning you can charge phones of others in case of emergency.

Now i tried to drain this battery. Down to 10, then charge it using the default cable and the default charger supplied from this box. It gave me a 19.5 watts, uh, probably the maximum, that i’ve gotten from this uh charging. Then it took me two hours and 35 minutes, which is quite long for charging at 6, 000 milliampere hours, of course, it’s quite massive i’m, more used to charging it within two hours less than two hours, but given that it’s a six thousand milliampere hours of battery. Well, charging longer it’s pretty normal, and we tried a battery stress test on this phone. So using pc mark battery stress test, then we set it to 50 brightness. Then let it run overnight and guess what it gave you. The 19 hours of battery screen on time, which is a nice nice rating from this phone it’s very, very battery efficient, which probably something that i want on a smartphone, a long lasting battery and this phone comes in four colors. We have the carbon gray. The twilight blue, the sunrise orange and the ocean green now, which one is your favorite. Now we have come down to my verdict on this phone. I can say that it’s almost the same as the poco m3, except there are two things that has improved a lot on this phone one. There is no ads well as far as i’m concerned. I have yet to see an ad pop up while i’m, installing what i’m playing while i’m using the phone and second the ui is a lot lot.

Smoother. Probably they have adjusted and from the deck out the ads and probably makes sense it’s a lot faster right now. Adding the 8mp ultrawide sensor is not really a big deal for me, but it’s nice to have. So what do you think about this phone? The redmi 9t: i can see that it’s really nice. The price is right and, of course, uh. The performance is not bad. No, i can say that probably the redmi note 90 could have been a lot better than this one. But, of course, if your budget constraint is something uh within this budget well, i can really highly recommend this phone to you. The redmi 9c is really a performer. The battery is good, the camera is not bad and, of course, the performance on this phone is really not bad. So what can you say about this phone drop me a comment and let’s talk about it. If you like this video forget to like subscribe and leave a comment and, of course, click that bell icon, so you don’t miss any of my future review here in my channel.