This is the rush charge, hinged battery and stand and it’s a really cool idea. I haven’t even opened the box yet because i want to demonstrate or test something out, but you can see it has pretty typical packaging and on the bottom, most importantly, it says, comes pre charged. I wanted to test that out. So let me take my oh. You need to be careful, unboxing tool and we will give this a cut and then i will carefully close my unboxing tool and let’s see what’s inside the box all right. Well, this is pretty standard set of packaging there’s, not much going on there a little magnet. So that the front stays closed, will it stand or will it fall over? Maybe i can do it like that there we go so now. We have that and so now let’s see what we got. So it is a charging stand but it’s, a very unusual design. I’Ll show you why, in a second, but it comes with a nice big user’s guide a little bit of information on their warranty, and this is hilarious. Few important reminders number one before using for the first time charge your rush charge for two to three hours supposed to be pre charged let’s, see if it is so to do that. The way this works is i’m, going to give you some close ups. So here’s a close up of it it’s a little confusing, but this comes in three different models: it comes in a lightning or usbc or micro usb form, and the idea is that you move this switch and then the plug pops out and then what’s.

The hinge part: well it the whole thing, doesn’t move, but the back actually where the battery is does hinge. So the idea is, you can do something like this and let me do it sideways, so i can take my phone. This is the google pixel 5a and plug it in and it is charging so now my phone is charging and it’s a stand. So that means, if i want to use this for a skype or zoom call or if i want to record a tick tock. I can actually have this, and this is like a perfect angle and everything, and not only that but on the left side, there’s a little button and the button is because this has three different positions, so i can put it here and then that’s a lock button. So it won’t move again, so i can do something like this and now this is a much more convenient angle. If i just want to be able to see what’s going on on my phone while i may be working on my laptop or something so really cool idea, and it is charging away – and one of my questions is how much charge does it have, but i also Want to start up my pixel, and so i just push the button to start it, because i want to see if it’ll tell me if it’s fast, charging or regular charging, but on the back. There is a four blue led status light and it has three lit up so it’s showing me it might not have come fully pre charged, but it’s certainly plenty pre, charged that if you’re at a trade show – and you have a battery crisis – and you pick this Up out of a vending machine or something you really can be good to go so how much battery does it have i’m really glad you asked it’s a 4 500 milliamp hour battery, so that’s about 1.

5 times the size of most phone batteries. It’S, certainly enough to give you a full charge – and this says on the bottom – the pixel line actually tells you what kind of charge it’s doing and it’s just doing a regular charge, and that refers to the amount of wattage that it’s getting so i’m. At thirty percent charge – and it says i have an hour and thirteen minutes until i’m – at a hundred percent, now charging doesn’t go at an even pace because there’s, you know all of these really modern smart devices slow down the charge as you get to a hundred. So that hour, 13 miter might not be right, but it’s not saying that it’s fast charging and it’s also not saying that it’s slow charging so we’re right in the middle, which is perfectly fine. Now i can unlock that hinge with this button and then i can push it down and now i can ostensibly use the phone and everything and walk around with it sitting right there on its cradle and then it will balance, obviously it’s, not necessarily designed for use In this format, oh – and let me take that plastic off, so we can get a better sense of the color, so it comes in a ton of colors, but so let me just make sure we’ve hit the main highlights of this particular product. Let me that’s level. One and then level two and then of course, level three and then i’m gon na go ahead and do that lock switch again, so it’ll just sit there and it’s a really great idea.

Actually i just wan na be candid. I have so many of these batteries. I probably have gone through hundreds of these external batteries. I get them at trade shows companies have their blue instead of green or they have it fabric instead of plastic or metal right, but they’re all basically the same thing: they’re just a battery in a box. So, to add, that hinge is actually pretty ingenious, because this becomes much more valuable, particularly if you’re traveling right. So if you’re in a hotel room and you’re working or you’re borrowing a desk at school or something then having this, where you can put your phone in a format like this and see what’s on the screen and have it be maybe you’re just watching a streaming. Video in this form or something this is really great and of course, it’ll work with tablets too, and if you get the lightning or micro usb form, then you really got all your bases covered for modern devices and then i can pop it off of the usbc And then notice that i can push it back down for transport and then, when i want it to come up again, i just use the right hand button and it pops up ready to go so super easy, and so now, in this form factor i can just Be on the go with it and then the only other question is then: how do you charge it, and here we go on the side – is a usbc plug and that’s how you plug it in to charge it and it can do pass through charging.

So if you have it where your phone is actually being charged by the device – and you notice that not only does your phone need charging, but this needs charging you can plug this in and it will effectively pass through the charge till the device is fully charged And then charge itself so that’s an overnight charge strategy that i’ve used with other devices that works great because in the morning your device is ready to roll, and this is fully charged and ready to roll too so really great. Now what else can i tell you? Well, let’s talk about the size, so it is three and a half inches by 2.4 inches i’m, not sure, maybe that’s the size of the back panel. So three and a half by 2.4 it’s a quarter inch thick, it’s 2.6 ounces, there’s kind of no way to get around that batteries have some weight to them because they’re not just empty right, but this is super light. This is about the same weight as my pixel, so you know it’s, not bad, considering this is giving me another full battery charge. So the combination of these two things means that i have a couple of days that i can go without ever worrying about a wall plug and, of course, with the hinge form factor. This also gives me so much more flexibility than having my phone just sitting on the table, so win win, really cool design now comes in a bunch of colors i’ll get to that in just a second.

When we talk about the price, but before we get to the price, if you don’t mind i’m going to ask if you can subscribe to my channel it’s, just that little red button on the lower right, a click or a tap and boom you’re subscribed and we’re Connected that’s, a great thing, all right, this really slick device is the rush charge, hinged battery and stand. This is the usbc version which is the plug on the bottom. You can also get it in lightning or micro usb this comes in black or blue, or gold or silver or purple. I wish they would have sent the purple it’s a really nice purple and it’s 49.99 at definitely worth checking out if you’re, a road warrior or you’re ready to become a road warrior again or you’re at school. All the time and you’re just tired of your phone just sitting on the table. This is a really nice solution, definitely worth checking out that’s. All i got.