So this is the audio and video quality you can come to expect straight from the camera, no edits uh, but today we have a pretty monumental day. Uh we’re gon na spend the day with the phone, obviously uh, but we’re actually headed back to the studio. For the first time since march, so it’s been a really really long time, we’ve been super weary of going to the studio because of the pandemic. Obviously, and pandemic is still is actually crazier than ever, but i think there are enough safety precautions out there. Oh, that sun is shifting like crazy but there’s enough safety precautions uh around there that we think it’s pretty safe to go in there um, but yeah. You guys will be there for us making the big return all right guys. So we are in the man cave now and we are dismantling some of some of it. Uh we’ve got all of our camera gear that used to be over here now we’re kind of getting them together, so we can bring them over to the studio. So this is uh the end of an era, all the videos in the man cave well, not all the videos we’ll still be back here, because i live here um, but all the videos won’t be in this setting moving forward, hopefully jay how you feel about that I’M excited jake’s like get rid out of here. I miss the studio, but while we came down here guys, i discovered something that just like blew my mind.

Had me a little bit upset, so you guys might have. If you follow the channel for a bit, you might have seen me unbox this in one of the massive tech unboxing. This is the logitech herman miller. Collaboration uh embody chair 1500. Bucks really expensive stuff, but, like this chair is absolutely perfect. For me, i’ve owned these chairs before they’re great, and this one just screams judd, so i had to pick it up, but i am so upset right now. You guys take a look at this. This thing is broken like how does this even happen and like an angry little consumer i’m gon na post this on social media, so we’re gon na put our galaxy s21 ultra to use right away and uh i’m gon na act like i’ve. Never had that before guys. Remember that logitech herman miller embody chair that i unboxed in a massive tech unboxing a while ago. This thing looks beautiful right but guess what it broke. I don’t even know how okay so i’m not really happy with the quality of this story but i’m going to post it anyway now that’s an android problem more so than a s21 ultra problem. Uh you see if this well, i go right into the camera. This looks leagues better now. The crazy thing is is this portion of the chair is meant to go back. You can adjust the tension on it, but what good is all that, if the part breaks fifteen hundred dollars like i’m, salty mad and just so upset? So i took a video from the camera itself and it looks so much better.

All right, that’s the rant for today let’s, not even let’s, move on from this ouch, but anyway, this galaxy s20 ultra. You guys i’ve been really liking. This phone, like obviously today’s, not gon na, be the first day i use it and test out all the features i’ve been using it for a little. While i really like it, i like the design too. It feels really premium in the hand. I, like the camera bump, i know it’s either hit or miss for some people, but i like it. I will say, though, this matte black, like glass back matte black glass, back that’s funny it feels nice, it feels nice, but the phone is still it’s. Still a slippery phone, so i would want to go ahead and throw a case on this right after i finished shooting this real day into life. I love the fact that you don’t have to deal with fingerprints, though that’s a big deal good job samsung. I really like what they did with the back here. I just think the overall design of the phone itself. This is peak samsung stuff. Here we just get rid of these little edges on the side of the screen and we’ll be all good to go. I could no no, i don’t care, i don’t care now. I said it in my unboxing of this phone, but i really like the design direction. Samsung went with the s21 ultra, i think, it’s a really good looking phone and i like that.

They leaned into the camera bump design that matte glass material on the back is nice, since it helps keep fingerprints away, which tends to be an issue for a lot of flagship smartphones. But not this one. Thankfully, in the hand, this phone screams premium – and i love it – alright, so we’re headed back but i’m gon na, say goodbye to this guy buddy daddy’s leaving for work today, he’s like yo there’s, a camera right there. I can’t focus on you at all all right. So can i just take one picture of you before i leave yeah. Is that okay? Listen he’s, he’s teething, so he’s really really fussy right, five teeth the boy’s, not even seven months yet anyway, buddy i’m gon na take one photo of you all right. Something for you for me to remember you by like i’m, going away forever. I, like that, pose yeah there we go that’s, so nice that’s a nice, pose with all that food on his face. I don’t know he’s. He came out a bit lighter all right. Let’S, take him out. Let’S. Take him out all right, my guy yeah. He looks really light in these photos like check it out, guys. Ah yeah, he agrees. Austin agrees, let’s try, somewhere with a little bit better lighting. Oh no, he wants jay. He wants that camera man. Listen! My man. We got one shot, look austin the camera’s over there. We can maybe trick him.

You were just like your mother. Trying to get him on camera is just as hard as trying to get ariel on camera. Ah, all right, i love it. Okay, so little man’s not really cooperating, but we got some shots already so uh the front facing camera, though this uh the selfie, is not bad. Oh did he mess up my sweater? Well, at least you know, i was able to notice that, because of the camera, you know really really clear that i could see the there’s something on my sweater there. If my experience with this phone has taught me anything it’s that it’s pretty decent at taking indoor photos of people without an abundance of light, but like every other smartphone, the more light you can take advantage of the better, your shots will come out. Can’T, say i’m blown away by the indoor photos of people with mediocre lighting, but it definitely gets the job done. But we finally got back into the studio though, and it allowed us to get shots of a bunch of different subjects in different lighting situations. And we got to see different methods of taking advantage of that camera, alright guys so it’s almost been a year, but we are actually back in the studio, it’s kind of crazy. I remember this place right, it’s, a nice backdrop, man it’s crazy to be here right now, whoo. It feels so nostalgic, almost like it’s it’s, a weird feeling. It feels like this place just froze in time.

Yes, all right, all this coming back to the studio stuff! Aside let’s talk more about this s21 ultra all right guys. I feel like we’re, a little bit more situated here again right, jay, we’re, we’re, good, now, yeah a little bit so back to the phone. I haven’t been able to focus on the phone that much throughout today, we’re still going to cover everything we’re at like 80 percent it’s 2 33 in the afternoon. So i haven’t been using the phone that much, but that means i’ve also been slacking a little bit. There’S a lot of things i need to get done a lot of emails. I need to do now. I’Ve already mentioned it before it’s a little bit slippery and i don’t feel super comfortable without a case when i’m outside, but when it comes to like typing and stuff it’s, not an overwhelmingly big phone, even though it has this 6.8 inch display, which is massive and One thing that’s actually kind of nice when you’re like typing or doing anything with the phone, because the camera bump is so large. You can kind of place your finger right here and it gives it like another holding point i’m sure that’s, not that’s, not why the bump is there, but it’s a nice little side effect. One handed activity has gotten a little bit easier thanks to the camera bump, which is who would have thought all right guys. So we figured why not come outside test out all of the cameras on the s21 ultra now for this phone you’ve got quite a few different options here.

So you’ve got your standard lens, which is the wide angle. Then you also have your ultra wide up top a telephoto at the bottom, which is a 10 times zoom, another telephoto, which is a three time zoom, and that covers a lot of ground when you’re trying to take pictures so look there’s a flag up. There let’s bring up this brightness hold on. I can’t see anything: oh man, this is direct sunlight. You guys, and i can see this phone clear as day ultra wide bam. Then you’ve got your one times, which is the normal. Then you’ve got your three times. Then your 10 times – and this is all optical it’s – just nuts – that samsung covers this entire range uh with it all being optical, meaning you don’t have to use digital zooms to get your photos, so it keeps the image quality really nice, but the phone does support Space zoom, so space zoom allows us to go 30 times bam and even a crazy 100 times zoom we caught it. Oh no, we did it that lag. That is pretty stable, it’s extremely stable jay. Now that is a pretty crummy photo that’s 100 times zoom. That is absolutely bonker’s stuff, but one thing i did notice when taking pictures, sometimes there’s a bit of a lag. When you take a photo like you guys saw. I took the picture it took a second, then it captured so i’ve encountered that a few times definitely caused me to miss a few shots.

Let me grab a selfie here, really quick. Now one thing samsung did, which i really do appreciate, is you can actually go into the settings and when you’re taking a selfie, you can change the color tone to natural instead of bright. So we kind of saw a little bit of that behavior earlier in the day when i was taking pictures with austin those images they just came out a bit brighter. They impacted the skin tones to levels that weren’t natural, but the samsung does have like the natural uh option now for selfies we’re gon na do natural yo, jay that’s, a clean, selfie boy. So now there’s two of us here actually let’s face this way. You can actually zoom out a bit. Nothing to complain about are the skies, this blue, no they’re, not this blue, so it does add a little bit of saturation to the blues in the sky there. I, like really colorful photos: i’m, okay, with the sky being a little bit more saturated than it actually looks. Alright jay let’s get inside it’s cold. The wind is blowing. We showed off how good the zoom is on the s21 ultra um and uh i’m cold. All right guys so now we’re in the other part of the studio. This is where the gamer’s paradise uh was supposed to be. It was in process, but never quite got finished. It feels so good here. This is where carl has been staying and he’s a lucky.

Bum they got all let’s. Take some pictures of this stuff. Jay. Look at all this beautiful teal, these teal consoles they’re literally collecting dust. Can we get a nice little macro shot going here? Let’S see the level of detail here, see all that dust. Jay that’s crazy man so like. If i take a picture of this controller, you can see all the dust particles and everything it’s, just it’s nuts i’ll take a picture of one gundam here and i’ll leave it at that all right guys. So this phone has an improved, wide angle, lens it’s supposed to be a lot better in terms of focusing so let’s uh. Take a quick look here: um that’s awesome, so let’s take a look at these photos here. These are nice. Look at the quality. Colors are absolutely realistic here. Okay, so i didn’t even know they changed the whole portrait mode photo to portrait mode. I believe it was like a live photo or something like that. I forget the exact term, but they changed it up. I do not know if this is going to come out. Well, not bad. Actually, all the things that i would have expected to stay in focus did uh let’s try something with like one of these tons of xbox controllers. Jay pick one all right, all right! Some nice pop, oh yeah, that’s, clean jay. Now, even here i will say, skin tones are a little bit weird, at least for me, because it looks so much brighter than i am like this isn’t getting my natural skin color here, because i’m, a bit darker than this, so actually jay let’s, take a picture Of you and let’s see how it handles skin tones with uh somebody who’s, not black.

There we go let’s, see in terms of skin tone. It looks a little bit pinker than you are oh that’s, pink, so jay – and i are here messing around with this camera and we’re just noticing, like so many things look pinker than they should be, and then it kind of got my brain going. I’Ve been noticing that the screen has like this weird magenta hue to it. So take a look here guys. So when it’s straight on the screen looks normal, but as i tilt it, it starts to get like really pink and magenta. You see it on camera right and to be fair, i only really notice it whenever there’s like white on the screen, so i don’t know if it’s having an impact on the photos at all. But whenever there’s like white, a white background is when i really notice it the most alright guys so we’re back in the studio and we’ve got these pictures on the computer. Now, a lot of the stuff that we saw that we were you know, had some issues with like the magenta, not really an issue here. This looks way more accurate to uh jay’s color. I can walk away a lot more confident with the camera quality. After seeing these on a computer now, that just makes me feel a little weird about the actual screen overall i’m pretty impressed with the camera i’ve been able to get some really great shots, and i do love the implementation of the different zooms that samsung offers with The s21 ultra one thing this camera will give.

You is a lot of flexibility, whether you’re, taking advantage of the different lens options for the zooms or, if you’re, using different camera settings like directors view which allows you to see multiple cameras, all recording. At the same time, so you can easily switch angles. Gon na be great for vloggers, that’s kind of the idea there. I will say, though, for the front facing camera. I felt like i got better quality photos when i was in that portrait mode. I seem to keep getting this weird smoothing effect on my face whenever i took a regular photo, but once i took a portrait mode photo it just kind of went away. I, like portrait mode photos more anyway, so i’m not really complaining, but for the average person who might not jump into those kind of settings, i tried to turn it off, but still it does seem to have some kind of impact, even with the feature off not Super crazy about that, but it does still provide some pretty solid, selfies, alright, guys so we’re back home. Now i was starving, so i had to pick up some mcdonald’s. I was killing that just now, but while watching uh marquez’s last video, i think it’s, like apple rumors, but i got ta, give you guys a battery update, so it is 5 28 p.m. I still have 47 battery left 2 hours and 35 minutes of screen on time. Phone has been in use for 6 hours and 46 minutes like from coming off the charger, and everything now is that great for 5 000 milliamp hours um.

But i will say, as of right now, it’s still learning my patterns, my usage patterns, obviously i’ll. Let you guys know where we end off today. Uh, but i’ll also give you guys an update as to what it typically clocks out at once. It’S learned my patterns. So there’s still more to see with the battery um, but when it comes to like watching content drop this mac pro, we all in okay, yeah, it’s, pretty loud right, yeah, marquette doesn’t have a loud voice and he’s coming off good stuff here, but now really clearly. But i’ve actually been playing this game and you can actually tweak the settings quite a bit and you could kind of make a graphic intensive and on this phone it looks pretty good. I don’t know if it’s actually playing at 60 hertz, though that’s my that’s, the only thing that’s kind of getting me right now i have my settings set to 60 frames, but for some reason i can just tell this is this is still 30. the games that Can usually look really smooth with high refresh rates they don’t seem to take advantage of it on the galaxy devices, some of them like if i played like that injustice games, that one is like, i think, supports 120 hertz. That one looks fine, so it’s like hit or miss. So, if you’re expecting all of your games to just look amazing and really smooth, sometimes it doesn’t happen now.

Samsung also came out with a few accessories to kind of up the whole galaxy experience this time around. They came out with the galaxy buds pro which i did talk about in a previous video. So if you guys want to check that out, i have it linked down below in the description. They also came out with smart tags and they also came out with an s pen for the galaxy ultra now that’s interesting, because the s pen is usually reserved for the note series. But they’ve got this whole new case that you can attach to this and give you access to the s pen. So if the s pen was something that was really attractive to you, but you don’t want to wait until the note series comes out which is going to be at the end of the year. Usually, you can now just pick up something like this and have access to that it’s kind of cool, but also makes me wonder what samsung is going to bring to the table, for the next note series that this won’t be able to do but that’s, where we Are with the galaxy line? Samsung probably has some nicer cases for this too. If i find any good cases that they have, they usually have like these cool led cases. I’Ll have it linked down below in the description uh. Those are usually pretty nice now. I’M curious. Would you guys pick this up with the s pen, combo versus the note series, or would you prefer the no series since it’s gon na be built in? Let me know with a comment down below now.

I did end off that day with exactly six hours of battery life and i think that’s going to be a pretty easy number for most people to hit throughout the day. But overall, my thoughts on the galaxy s21 ultra is that this is a great phone. I am impressed with what samsung has come up with here in terms of features. Samsung gives you everything: wireless charging, reverse charging water resistance; amazing cameras that snapdragon 888 processor, so you’ve got all the bells and whistles. One thing that it is missing is an sd card kind of what helps keep the price down compared to last year’s model. But still i really do like this phone and it’s an easy recommendation. If you have the budget for it and that about wraps up for this video guys, uh samsung pulled no punches with this guy. But let me know what your thoughts are. Are you picking up the s21 ultra the s21 or the 21 plus, but till next video guys? Hopefully you enjoyed it if you did be the cool guy girl that gives this video a thumbs up and i’m gon na catch.