Here is 16 phones and tablets, but i do have 20 devices around my house. It was just a little hard to get them all plugged in right here, so this is only some of them and i’m going to be answering a lot of the common questions that i’ve been getting recently so yeah. If that sounds interesting, please like comment and subscribe, i really can’t. Thank you guys enough for the continued support channels growing at a crazy rate. I will show my referrals and active miners here in a little bit like i always do so yeah i won’t waste. Your guys’s time, we’ll jump right into it. Um show you guys around. Take a look at the phones, real quick, see what we’re earning see, what the hash rates are. Some s6s some s7s. This is an 10 plus, i believe, no that’s, an s 20 it’s, an s 20 plus tablets. I’Ll seem to be on screens going out on that one. A little bit looks a little funny so we’ll scroll down, so you guys can see the referrals and active miners. So we have 1223 referrals and 88 active miners, and that is just crazy to me. I never thought that we would be able to grow this channel as fast and as popular as it’s been and that’s. Thanks to you guys, if you want to get in my mining pool uh, even if you’re already signed up and mining on crypto tab, all you got to do is uninstall the app click.

My link i’ll put it right down below this video. If you want to join my mining cool or if you just want to download crypto tab um, all you got to do is click on the link, follow it through and then re sign back in or sign up and you’ll automatically be plugged in so it’s. That simple um, if you guys want i’m, always curious, let me know what your hash rates are and let me know what you’re mining on down below. I i really like reading all the comments so yeah with that being said, i think we will jump over here. I have all my questions written down on a piece of paper and answers, so we will get you guys. Some answers to your questions. So one of the more common questions that i get is the whole active miners thing um and how many devices you can have on and how that all? How that’s all calculated so let’s say you have a farm like my farm and i have 16 devices right there, but i have 16 devices plugged in it’s not going to show 16 active miners they’re all on one account. So you’re only going to show one active miner for that, so i have a lot of people messaging me saying i have five phones plugged in. Why is it not showing that i have five miners it’s it’s, because they’re all on one account, you would have to split them all up over five different accounts to be able to see them all working and i don’t think there’s any benefit to having five accounts.

So somebody’s asking me: well not somebody i’ve been asked quite a few times. If you can mine different coins on here and no you can’t, you can really only mine, bitcoin, uh, so there’s really not much. You can do there. Uh cloud boost is forever for the mobile phone or you have to subscribe for it. There’S a subscription fee every month for the desktop um super boost for the mobile and for the desktop is a subscription, so you do have to pay for that. Every month, um let’s see here the best phones to use, in my opinion, are anything that’s galaxy. I am really partial to samsung and their products. I think they make a really good product. So anything you can get your hands on by them, whether it’s the s’s or any. I know somebody asked me the other day about the js any of those work very, very well. Even the tablets work well so yeah. A lot of people have been asking me if i got to have service on all these phones or if you can run them through wi fi uh. They are all run through wi fi uh, the screen always on app. I will show you guys this app, because a lot of people have asked me about it. How i keep my screen from turning off um it’s, really simple it’s! Let me see here, keep screen on so it’s, just this one and then with this little thing, all you got to do is hit the light bulb and boom it lights up and it keeps the screen on so super super easy that’s.

How i keep my screen from turning off electricity cost? This seems to be a super common question about how much i pay for electricity and how and if it’s, even profitable, to do this with the electricity fees. Now the electricity fees for a cell phone at full speed is about 25 to 30 cents a year. Now, if you lower the screen costs, a friend of mine did the did a kilowatt meter in the wall and everything, and he was only getting about two watts or so and and he did the math and it came out to be a little over a dollar. A year, so electricity really isn’t even a thing that you should worry about. I i wouldn’t even be concerned. I mean considering that my this one part of my farm, these 16 phones, i pull in between 125 and that kind of goes into my next question. I pull in between 125 and 175 dollars a month on on these 16, 20 or 16 to 20 phones depending upon the price of bitcoin, so that one dollar per phone for a year’s worth of electricity is nothing that you should even worry about, or even can Concern yourself about it’s, so small, so as always guys, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask down in the comment section down below. I always do my best to answer them as quickly and as best as i can. If i don’t get around to answering them, i know we have done a great job at building a good community of people here that will answer your questions, so, if put them down there, if i don’t get to them, somebody will, but i really do try to Get to them as quickly and as as fast as possible.

So as always guys, i will put all of my links down in the description um. I will have my gemini link and uh my crypto tab link for anybody.