So if you remember, i reviewed the regular bv4900 a few months ago, and the difference here is an extra gig of ram. So four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage is a 42 and the difference will cost about 20 dollars more and i think it’s pretty worth it. So we’re gon na see if there’s any more differences and yeah just review the phone okay. So we have look what it looks like to be the green version over here. First impressions, it feels nice and durable in the hand. I like the green color not too thick for having a 50 500 million bar battery buttons are nice and clicky in the box. We have our charging brick charging cable, which is unfortunately, micro usb. In this box thing we get a manual anything else: oh it’s, a sim ejector tool, but that is yeah that’s, pretty much it. My first impressions of this play looks pretty nice, so yeah i’m gon na it doesn’t look like we have a fingerprint sensor, which is weird. I mean this is a pro phone after all, anyway, i’m gon na set this up and get back to you all right. The phone is set up more or less, and i noticed that it is very snappy still in those settings. Yeah we’re already here so so far, no stutter um really liking the performance of the phone. So far, all right so let’s see if we have face unlock.

Okay, we have face unlock all right, let’s see how this works. That was very slow, let’s, try again that was better close up. Okay, so um not too bad gon na be a bit better and um and i’m suspecting that in real life you said, it’s not gon na work that good what’s, not the worst face, unlock i’ve ever seen, and of course it started no surprise there need. I really need to find another game to test what about disabling ads. Maybe that’ll help again this glitch, okay, okay, let’s play with ads because it just won’t disable screw it okay, so the game is playable, but it does stutter a tiny bit that’s due to the low optimization. This game has for these kind of phones on older phones. It actually works better surprisingly and yeah. I know weird right, let’s see wind rider. Okay, wind rider runs decent okay, not that decent, actually just it’s kind of lagging, but there’s no sturdy. So it is playable um, not so much, though. Okay, one rather it’s, not gon. Na run the smoothest, but it is playable more or less and it crashed okay. Just look at this. The the whole map is blurred, like it, hasn’t been loaded yet, and these are the lowest graphics, as you can see so yeah, but for the most part. Okay, now the game is making me wear this pink jacket all the time, but i have no lag. No stutter probably runs just fine, not the highest frame rate, but of course that is to be expected.

Sorry my hand was covering the camera, but anyway not the best gaming phone, but most games that should run just fine, okay, now the phone crashes. Every time i try to open an app. I just start opening youtube and just crashes. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it because that’s just how these cheap phones are in the beginning alone, like as soon as you start using them a bit. All the minor issues stop the phone. The phone just needs to settle that’s, pretty much it. Okay, that gets decently loud for the price and the quality is nice and there’s no distortion. So the speaker here is pretty good. Actually main camera is 13 megapixels front. Camera is 5 megapixels, okay, that’s pretty low, okay, rear videos, 1080p front video 720p, so yeah let’s. Take our first selfie okay let’s go outside 1080p video on the blackvue bb4900 pro uh doesn’t, look too bad, actually also the pictures don’t look too bad as well. They just don’t really focus when you get close up to an object like this, but as you can see, it’s trying to focus but yeah overall video not too bad front facing video on the black view. Bv4 bv4900 pro 720p – and this seems significantly signific significantly. It is it’s worse than the rear camera by a lot and on my end, i’m stuttering, like the the video stuttering and walking looking for a place to that, can stay still. Okay, good, okay, see, and let me know what you think: okay, that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone and you know i’m gon na say yes, because even though it lacks certain features that pro phones have like a fingerprint unlock, for example, this Is still a pretty good phone for a hundred bucks.

We have decent performance, good cameras, good speakers, so you could definitely daily drive this phone also battery life, even though i haven’t officially tested it it’s it hasn’t moved since i started making the review so battery life. You can expect it to be great, so this is overall, a pretty good phone.