And the best thing about this smartphone is that it has depth of field in video mode and for those who don’t know what is depth of field is so basically, if you watch youtube videos, then you have seen that most of the youtube videos have a blurry Effect in the video at the back of the person speaking and that blurry effect is called depth of field, and this feature comes only in the expensive dslr cameras. But this time oppo has added this feature in the all new oppo renault 5. Pro. So hey guys. Welcome back to my channel, my name is nitish, and today, in this video i’m gon na tell you about open 5 pro, and this smartphone has lot more cool features that you don’t know about. So make sure you stick until the end of the video and subscribe to my channel for more upcoming tech updates, so without wasting any time let’s just dive into it Music. So after the success of oppo renault 4, pro now, oppo has launched renault 5 pro, which has a premium design, feel and a diamond screen which looks attractive and this time it has a more powerful 5g capable soc a larger battery, and some amazing camera features. This phone features mediatek much hyped density, 1000, plus soc, and this time oppo is offering all these improvement at the same price of rupees, 35, 000 only, which is almost 480 dollars. And if i talk about overall design and display of this phone is very slim and light, which is 7.

6 mm in thickness and 173 gram in weight, which makes this phone excellent in hand feel and comfortable to hold and use even for longer stretch at a time. The glossy frame of this phone offers a decent grip and textured glass back, has a unique sheen when light hits it other than this. There is no 3.5 mm headphone jack on the oppo rno5 pro. It features 6.5 inch borderless synth screen amoled display with curved edges. It has a full hd plus resolution peak brightness of 1100 nits touch sampling rate of 180 hertz and 90 hertz refresh rate. The display has multiple certifications for low light emission and is hdr 10 plus capable too. Overall, i really like the design of the oppo renault 5 pro mainly due to its slimness and low weight, and the build quality is also very good. Now one of the biggest upgrade in the oppo rno5 pro is mediatek dem city 1000, plus soc, and this is built on a 7 nm process featuring 4 arm cortex, a77 and 4 arm cortex a55 cores. It also has an integrated 5g modem and support for wireless connectivity such as wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth. 5.1 oppo is offering a single configuration with 8gb ram and 128gb storage, and this phone has a 4350mah battery, which is larger than renault 4 pro, and it has 65 watt super voc, 2.0 fast charging adapter now coming to the camera, the oppo no 5 pro features 64 megapixel primary camera, which is higher resolution than 48 megapixel sensor on the renault 4 pro other than this.

There is an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera 2, megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel mono chrome, camera and now for selfies. There is a 32 megapixel front camera which does a great job in taking Music pictures Music, the oppo rena 5 pro camera features. A new ai highlight video mode which either brighten footage in low light or applies an hdr effect in day, depending on the amount of the light around your subject. This works for selfies videos too. There is also a picture in picture mode for videos. Overall, the camera performance was just great in picture as well as in videos, and personally, i feel that the depth of field in this phone was the best feature i liked and overall i feel if you don’t want to buy a expensive camera for youtube or, if You want a smartphone that covers all your needs of a smartphone and a good camera for youtube videos. Then the oppo, no 5 pro is best option for you, Music and generally. I have also used this phone for about a week, and things went pretty well and i didn’t mind carrying it along with another phone with another phones since it’s very light and slim the in display fingerprint sensor and the face recognition works very well. The gaming experience was also great without any lag. I was able to play a higher graphics game overall, the oppo reno 5 pro is a good package and a value for money smartphone.

It has a premium design, a vivid display, long battery life fast charging and a good camera quality. The video quality is also great, especially in low light depth of field in videos, and i would like to see stabilization in Music, 4k, Music, uh, Music, hey, Music, she’s, Music, hey, and you guys also. Let me know in the comment section below that what’s. The best thing you liked about the smartphone and if you guys are new here, then let me tell you that i upload tech, videos, unboxing tips and tricks here and if you guys are into that, then please subscribe to my channel.