Oh look at me, mr fancy, pants la dee da dual telephoto lens and it’s posh 100 times, space, zoom and a whole load of other bollocks that nobody ever really needs. Not unless you want to be like spying on your neighbors or doing some other freaky deaky. Frankly, i do not want to know and sure the vanilla, galaxy s21 doesn’t boast that same snazzy, zoom action, but you do get many of the same great features as that ultra, including some fantastic video tools and improved photo capture compared with previous samsung flagship phones. Now, for the past few days, i’ve been fully testing out that triple lens camera setup on the back of the galaxy s21, which it also shares with the galaxy s21 plus and so here’s my in depth, s21 camera review and from the latest greatest deck. Please do pull subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First of all, let’s have a quick squint of that hardware setup and you get a triple lens camera pokemon only slightly out of the arse end of the s21. This consists of a 12 megapixel primary sensor with optical image, stabilization and used in dual pixel. Autofocus you’ve also got a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a 64 megapixel telephoto lens, which doesn’t actually offer much in the way of actual optical zoom, but does come back in ois once again. Now let’s start with a look at the photo auto mode which gets a lot of action for most users and samsung once again offers its scene optimizer feature here which can be toggled on or off like so with this kept on, you’ll find that the galaxy s21 Often boosts colors and tinkers, with the general aesthetics to produce a standout shot which you may enjoy depending on your personal taste, but knock it off and you’re guaranteed quite natural.

Looking results in almost any conditions. One thing that really impressed me here was how well the s21 handled strong lighting, while some rivals, oversaturate elements were seen. This samsung flagship, often produced slick, looking well balanced, picks. However, i did notice that the galaxy s21 in my test shots didn’t capture quite as much finer detail as some rivals like the pixel 5, especially when you’re shooting a subject. Up close. You do have a 64 megapixel mode. If you want to bump up the megapixel count from 12, but as this uses the telephoto lens, i found that it only really worked well in optimal conditions. Otherwise you can expect even fuzzier results. Oh and the s21 also excels when it comes to capturing moving subjects. Like small children off their tits on sherbet that dual pixel autofocus is super fast and often super accurate. When the lighting is a bit more ambient, the s21 still handles it like a boss, and i found that in very low light, samsung’s little star really started to shine on that auto mode. You get impressively bright and detailed snaps better than most rivals out there flick on the night mode and things get even sharper and brighter. Although at this point, the pixel 5 does still offer more accurate tones with google’s night sight, smarts flip to the s21’s 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens and you’ll capture, quite dramatic shots with a very different viewpoint, although, as usual colour accuracy does take a hit, but Nothing too troublesome much more intriguing is that 64 megapixel telephoto lens, which only actually offers a three times hybrid zoom, rather than a full on three times optical zoom, which is something that you’ll find on many rivals at this sort of price point, including samsung’s, galaxy s20 Fan edition from last year, and by hybrid zoom, i mean a combination of optical zoom and digital zoom as well.

Hence the high megapixel count, so this telephoto feature is pretty weak source compared with the zoom lens found on a lot of competitors like sony’s xperia 5. Mark ii, it’s, okay up to around the sort of eight to ten time, zoom level. But once you get past that point, you could bet you’re left bollock that your photo’s gon na look about as appealing as a portrait of boris johnson painted by blind monkeys. Using only endless buckets of dog, i found that the simple zoom chops offered up by the samsung galaxy s21 was absolutely fine for your basic nature, shots and also getting unintrusive natural looking family shots and that’s helped along immensely by the excellent image stabilization, which is built In here as well, which does a great job of countering any hand, trembles and one thing that you are certainly guaranteed with samsung smartphones – is they’re gon na throw enough bonus, camera features and mods in there to choke a donkey insurance off the galaxy s21 does not Disappoint, my favorite here is still that excellent single take tool, a 2020 addition to the samsung camera, stable, that’s, massively grown on me these past few months. This version 2.0 offers a greater range of effects and still serves up a great selection of stills and stylized video clips for any moment lasting between 5 and 15 seconds. It’S, not infallible by any means, occasionally choosing odd moments to immortalize as photos such as your subject.

Gurnen or blinking or picking their nose, but you do get enough material each time to get some quality results and the video clips it pukes out are often amusing. Even if the new speed up and slow down efforts are usually a bit janky. Samsung’S portrait mode has extra ai goodness now and i certainly have no complaints there. My test shots looked great with accurate edge detection and the option to change the focus area and the bokeh severity after you’ve already taken the photo and if you’re a bit of a camera guru, then samsung’s photo pro mode is once again on hand to get very Precise results at any given time complete with raw capture on demand. Now, where samsung smartphones tend to really impress me as far as the camera tech goes, is the video prowess and once again, it’s here, where the s21 kicks its rivals square in the ghoulies over and over again until that genitals are resembling something like peas, pudding, yeah Sure you can shoot 8k video at 24 frames per second, just like last year’s main models, but bear in mind that every 10 seconds of footage takes up around 100 megs of storage and unless you have to have a whopping great ak. Tele sat in your front. Lounge, the only real point of this feature is to grab ultra high res stills from your footage after you shot it, which, thankfully, is nice and easy using that video snap feature for my test.

Video though i stuck mostly with the ultra hd resolution at 60 frames per second and yes, my footage looks slick just like my photos, we’re talking impressive detail, accurate, colors and perfectly competent handling of imperfect lighting. While that focus keeps your subject sharp, even when they’re bouncing around like bes on happy pills, if you cut back to ultra hd at 30 frames per second, you can swap between all of those three rear lenses on the fly with a reasonably smooth transition effect. All three are perfectly capable at capturing video as long as the lighting is decent and things still look sharp with that telephoto lens too, where you can pinch in up to a maximum of around 12 times zoom, although as before, that footage definitely gets a bit grainy. Once you’re heading towards the 10 times level, you also have a new dynamic, full hd mode, which is supposed to swap on the fly between 30 and 60 fps capture. Depending on how much motion is detected within the frame, the results were certainly smooth when i watched them back, but i struggled to see any points where the firmware actually dipped to 30, so it’s hard to see exactly how effective this mode is potentially more useful. Is that director’s view mode which allows you to once again swap between those three different lenses on the back on the fly, while also shooting, with the front camera simultaneously, and this time you can actually see a preview from each of the lenses down below.

So you can choose which one is best at any given moment. This basically worked as expected, and while i never really made much use of it besides these test clips here, i’m sure it’ll have some fans out there, and last up is that 10 megapixel selfie camera, which once again boasts a bit of dual pixel autofocus. This proved perfectly capable of capturing good looking selfies packed with plenty of detail. Ditch that rubbish, beauty, smoothen and every bag and wrinkle and dried up saliva trill is clearly visible. You’Ve got a respectable portrait more to add a bit of bokeh action too and night. Shots are reasonably bright, just like the ones taken with the back end and using that 10 megapixel selfie cam. You can actually shoot up to 4k resolution, video at 60 frames per second once again for nice, natural, looking results and again the audio pickup seems nice and clear and uh, just like those ray cam seems to deal well with dodgy lighting and all that good stuff. So you’ll still be looking pretty pretty pretty pretty unless you’re me, in which case you just look like a hungover as usual, slightly there’s. What i reckon about the samsung galaxy s21 camera take after giving it a proper full on testing for the last few days, and i was definitely impressed. The photo chops have definitely improved over some previous samsung galaxy flagships and that flexible video tag is absolutely fantastic for all of your home movie needs yeah, it’s, a shame.

You don’t get a proper decent optical zoom on that telephoto lens it’s, definitely beaten by a lot of rivals out there, but that’s the only part of the s21 setup that did disappoint me and frankly, i think the whole spear zoom with shenanigans is overrated. If you want it, then pay an extra 400 quid get that ultra model. Otherwise everyone else should be more than happy with the s21, so that’s.