Now we have the samsung galaxy s21 here at the vesper lab, so we’re gon na share our final verdict in this video. So let’s not waste any time and get right into it and you’re watching the adventures of esprit. Let’S begin Music. Now samsung usually announced their new s, lineup sometime around in march or april, and this time around they ended up announcing the smartphone as early as january, and it happened right after ces. Now. What we have here is the s21 now the s21 and the s21 plus share a lot of similarities, which is what we’re going to talk about is in this video. But if you really want us to talk about, the s21 ultra make sure to hit that subscribe. Button or like our facebook page and follow us on our social, because we will be doing a review on that so stay tuned. For that now, let’s talk about the main thing in the room is obviously the design, because this has got to be one of the nicest design from samsung themselves. Now, if you were to look at the s20 lineup, they had a much more generic design with that generic camera cut out, but this time around they have actually went for something that’s, a little more interesting, i would say because they call it the contour cut camera Design and it has this edge kind of design on the top corners like on two corners, and then it has a curved corner at two corners as well.

Now. What’S interesting is the fact that this particular piece right here blends into the frame nicely and you can see it actually gives this kind of a fluidic motion of sorts samsung did bring some of the good things that we have seen in last year’s flagship. Like the note 20 and the s3 d fan edition, the frosted back is back again, but this time around it’s something that you would find common in any color that you’re going to purchase so, which means goodbye, fingerprint magnet, smartphone backing. This is definitely nice and we have the phantom purple right here, so the phantom violet or the phantom purple, depending on how you want to call it, but this is actually one of the nicest color. In my opinion, there is also a pink color. If you really want that chic looking smartphone, this timer on samsung is actually focusing on bringing more a lifestyle. Centric looks, and this is definitely a good start in the direction the s20 fe did, that with multiple number of colors. This is definitely going to do it for this generation of smartphones in 2021.. Now let’s move on to the second thing, which is obviously the specification now take a look at this particular table. You will notice that the s21 and the s21 plus shares pretty much the same specification in the camera department. The resolution of the display honestly for the most part, the only thing that’s going to be different between the s21 and the s21 plus, is the display.

Now the display of the s21 comes in at 6.2, inch it’s, a full hd plus dynamic amoled two times display now the samsung galaxy s21 plus comes with a 6.7 inch. Full hd, plus dynamic, amoled 2x display as well now for the battery is where another change you will notice, because the samsung galaxy s21 comes with a 4 000 milliamp hour battery, which is the same as last year’s samsung galaxy s20 and the samsung galaxy s21 plus Comes with a 4 800 milliamp hour battery now the box is obviously thin, so which means there is no charger included, and this is going to be the case for any upcoming smartphone from samsung themselves, so make sure to invest on a really nice charger. Like the gun based chargers that you can find in the market right now from brands, like you, green and so on, the next up we’re going to talk about the display performance and the camera, because that’s, where um certain improvements have gone in through this phone and Make this particular phone a better phone as well now, starting off with the display, you get a full hd display. Unlike the last year generation, which you get a quad hd, now you get a full hd display, it’s still a nice display to use. It still has a nicer color because of the dynamic amoled 2x. The resolution is still fun to use and for the most part, you’re not going to notice any difference right away.

Now a lot of users aren’t going to pixel peep into this display, so you’re still fine. Now watching content on this display is also really nice to watch because of the color science that it actually has went through. The 120 hertz refresh rate is also nice for the smoother and faster transitioning. And finally, the fingerprint sensor under the display is now much faster and it also unlocks faster because it covers a wide area and it’s definitely an upgrade from the previous generations. We have seen in the past now next up is the performance. I really don’t understand why people are still complaining, especially in malaysia, why it still runs the exynos 2100. Now, in all honesty, the exynos 2100 isn’t a bad processor. After all, it still performs really well it’s now in a five nanometer process, which means it’s a lot more efficient. The cpu side is definitely a lot efficient than the last generation, which means your battery power is going to be a lot more efficient and the efficiency is going to be throughout the whole smartphone. Now the gpu side that’s, where performance is a little bit similar because we actually experienced the gpu performance on this particular smartphone. When we played certain games – and we realized it’s more or less the same as the qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor – that we find in the market and also at the very same time, i personally use the samsung galaxy note 25g.

So it comes with the exynos 990 processor and the performance was more or less slightly improved from that. So if you’re gon na use this phone as your daily driver – and you want that really smooth experience through and through. Obviously this is a flagship phone and you can expect that because now honestly it’s a little weird to expect a new phone and runs an infield processor right. So this one definitely takes the cake. Now. The third one is obviously going to be the camera, because we’re going to focus on the triple camera at the back and you have a 10 megapixel camera on the front. On the back. You get a 12 12 64 configuration. So the first 12 is the ultra white. The second 12 is the wide angle, and the third 64 is the telephoto lens. Obviously, you need a telephoto lens to have a higher megapixel account so that the pictures that still can further away has a better resolution and a better image quality, so which is the whole idea here now they have improved a lot of things under the hood, like The uh pixel binning on this particular camera is a lot more better to offer better low light experience or, if you’re, taking pictures in the night mode. There are also extra features to take moments and to use all the three lenses simultaneously to have this vlogging kind of style or a cinematic kind of switching side kind of thing going on and for the most part, honestly, the camera department.

You get a lot of software related updates. The ai based feature like the scene, optimizer, has also improved. The single tick is now running on 2.0, so you get a lot more interesting ways to capture your pictures as easy as using all the three lenses where it actually suggests you to take the right one or capture the right moment and finally, obviously i’m going to Talk about the software, because one ui has gotten improved in this particular smartphone. Now, yes, the previous generation samsung galaxy. Note 20. The s20 has gotten the update as well. So you expect the same thing here as well, but if you’re looking at the s21, it also has an interesting feature under the hood. You can even use this smartphone as a key to your car or even use the samsung smart things tag for you to actually use it to track your device. Unfortunately, that particular sensor is not available on the s21. So if you really want that feature, you would have to resort to the s21 plus or the s21 ultra same goes to the s pen support. Now the s pen support was introduced in the note series, but now the s21 ultra is the first s series smartphone to get the s pen support. That means. If you want that s pen on a series smartphone, you will have to go for the s21 ultra. Instead of going for the s21 or the s21 plus another thing to remember now, we are at the end of the video, because this is a very simple review and for the most part we weren’t able to tell a lot of flaws with this particular smartphone.

For a lot of good reasons, and for one or two, not so good reason, let’s start off with a not so good reason. Obviously this is an incremental upgrade from the previous generation. If you look at the s20, obviously it has the same triple camera setup. It has the same front display it has a better front display and it also comes in this chic color and it uses a generic design. And those are the stuff that you see, and here what you do get is obviously a nicer design, but as for the rest, you still get the triple camera setup at the back. The front camera is a incremental upgrade over the previous generation. Now the second not so good thing is obviously the lack of micro sd card now microsd card has always been a staple in terms of expanding the storage and it’s sad that we no longer get that on the galaxy s21 and even on the note 20, it Was already gone so, which means we’re stuck with the internal storage, but that doesn’t mean the phone doesn’t offer anything good, because it has a lot of potential under the hood. These are not cheap, because flagship smartphones definitely come at a really heavy price, so which means your experience is going to be worthwhile. Obviously, the software department has gone so hard to a point that they have improved the experience with the hardware that they have paired up with and that’s all.

I can really say so if you really want a refined flagship experience from samsung, look no further. The s21 and the s21 plus are good phones to go for the s21 ultra is made for a niche market i’m not going to talk about that. Even samsung positioned that phone as the future of what a smartphone can hold. Rather than calling it the flagship that you should get so these are the phones that you should be getting. If you really want the flagship smartphone in your pocket and that’s all we have to say, we have written the review of this particular smartphone, which is linked down in the description below so make sure to check that out. And if you really have any other questions that you want to ask us feel free to leave us down in the comment section below. So we will answer you that right away, make sure to like us on our facebook. Follow us on twitter and instagram, because that’s, where i post all things tech related, so stay tuned for more coverage here at the adventures of esper and also stay tuned for the studio on ultra review, which will happen real soon. Until then, this is pretty rare.