It is basically sony. Xperia 1 mark ii for professionals. Xperia pro has a 4 way antenna system for both millimeter wave and sub 6 5g connection, a special app to monitor that connection, an hdmi port that supports up to 4k 60 frames per second input for monitoring and streaming. It is made from a special material that lets the radio waves through easier and dissipates heat better. It is equipped with snapdragon, 865 5g processor, 12 gigabytes of ram 512 gigabytes of internal storage, incredible camera system that has size lenses and coating. It can shoot up to 4k 120 frames per second 10 bit hdr. Video 20 frames per second burst photo with auto exposure and autofocus dual sim support: expandable storage up to one terabyte, a headphone jack fingerprint scanner, dedicated shutter button and a customizable button on its side. So i guess the question is: is this 2 500 professional phone any good Music let’s keep Music hello, please don’t forget to subscribe and play ding dong, ditch with the bell. Next to it, so you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos. If you go to sony’s website right now, you will see that xperia pro is listed under the professional smartphones, so the pro in the name of xperia pro is not a marketing term. This phone is for professionals who are looking for all in one solution for monitoring: tethering live broadcasting and file transfer the design of the phone puts function in front of form.

So if your eyes are hurt by the bezels around this phone well, the bezels are there for a reason see this phone has 4 way antenna supporting 5g millimeter wave and sub 6 at the same time, and this material lets the radio waves through a lot better Compared to the regular phones, and on top of that, it dissipates heat better than the other phones as well. I tested this, comparing it to sony xperia 1 mark ii. I started shooting 4k 60 frames per second video using the cinema pro app and this shot for more than an hour and didn’t even show the heat overheat sign. Meanwhile, sony xperia 1 mark ii, overheated and shut down after 54 minutes, and on top of that we have the endurance mode and i’m gon na show you how this works later in the video and when you turn this on. While your phone is tethered or you’re using the hdmi input, it lets the phone heat up more without sacrificing the performance. Now let’s talk about the hdmi input. The hdmi input on this machine is not limited to sony products. It basically supports anything that has an hdmi out and fits these resolutions and frame rates. So right now my atomos is connected and let’s just hit the external monitor and there it is, you can double tap and zoom in you can actually zoom in up to four times let’s zoom out all the way, and on top of that we have some settings Here we can lock this and unlock it change the brightness.

We can have grid lines. We can have frame lines i’m, going to turn this off and then we can rotate the screen 180 degrees. If we like, and then we have settings but as you can see right now, we don’t have any support for luts and this device doesn’t record the html input so compared to an atomos ninja, for example, which is a monitor and a recorder. At the same time, this doesn’t record the footage and also when it comes to brightness, the xperia pro screen is as bright as xperia one mark ii, which isn’t that bright. So if you’re going to be under bright sunlight, you may need a hood around this monitor to see it clearly, but using 2 bit software smoothing. This device can bump up its 8 bit screen to 10 bit and can display 2020 hdr videos now let’s go outside and take a look at streaming all right. I have 5g right here and it’s, showing me the direction i’m going to minimize that here and i’m going to run a speed test to see what the result is going to be wow. Okay, i guess we have enough internet enough download enough upload and, as you can see, as as the download and upload was happening, it was showing us here. What was going on now. Let’S say we want a live broadcast. I brought my camera let’s put this here for a second done. Everything is done now.

My camera is turned on and i’m gon na go to Music stream yard, as you can see, we’re seeing through sony, a7, s3 and now i’m gon na give it a test. Is a good name enter broadcast i’m gon na hit, go live, go, live and we’re live and as oh wow all right. This is super simple and very efficient i’m recording this to my camera and i’m broadcasting. At the same time, with no problems at all – and i can see where the 5g signal is stronger – it’s giving me directions in that little app, and on top of that, if i want, i can go into endurance mode and turn that on yep and now the Device is gon na heat up as much as it can and it’s suggested that you don’t hold it in your hand for a long time it may be too hot to handle and the same thing goes to photos as well, if you’re doing photoshoot and you have A feathered connection you can set the ftp and upload your photos and videos to to an ftp server immediately. The second you take the photos or you can select them and upload them later as well depends on your setting. Finding 5g was a lot more difficult than setting this up. This is amazing, oh and when you turn off the camera and the stream, because the hdmi connection becomes deactivated, the endurance mode turns off by itself that’s good that’s good to know so you don’t need to remember to turn it off the camera system on xperia pro Is exactly the same as xperia one mark ii? So if you haven’t seen my xperia one mark ii review, where i concentrated mostly on the cameras, you should check it out.

We have 16 millimeter, 24 millimeter and 70 millimeter lens on this device and underneath the 24 millimeter lens, we have one over 1.7 inch sensor. It is super sensitive to light. So if you’re gon na be under bright sunlight and if you want to keep your 180 degree shutter speed, i suggest you get something like this from moment place this on your lenses and mount any filter. You like it’s, obviously not built for this phone, but i was able to make it work. Just like xperia one mark ii. We have the cinema pro app and when you go into cinema pro app, this is the interface you’re. Greeted with this is a really fun app to use. You basically create projects uh in a certain resolution and frame rate, let’s create a new project and call this hello, and then here we set the resolution. It can either be 4k or 2k and then you select the frame rate let’s, keep it at 23.98 and then you can select looks which is a lot of fun. If you want to get certain kind of looks without adding any effects to it. And then, when you go to frame rate, you can either shoot in 23.98 because that’s what we have picked or you can just switch to 120 frames per second, which is going to be played back in 24 frames and have a slow motion in your video and Shooting 24 frames in 4k with this devices, 24 millimeter lens is just a lot of fun and when you go to focus you have autofocus and then you have manual focus and you can pull focus in manual focus.

You determine point a and point b and then you let’s say this is a this is b when you hit this button. It just goes to a and when you hit this, it goes to b and then you can adjust how long you want that transition to take. But there are some limitations when it comes to cameras of xperia pro just like xperia one mark ii, for example. It doesn’t have the smooth switching between cameras, while you’re filming you have to pick your lens first it’s, just like having a dslr, you put your lens on it, and then you use that lens. I think that’s the approach they have in this app let’s go into our photo app in the photo app. You can select your mode let’s set it to manual, and then you can select what you want displayed on the screen. We have histogram, as you can see, you can select the lens from here and your shutter speed. Autofocus all the exposure – and this all looks very similar. If you have a sony camera and the beautiful thing is when we go to settings. This looks very much like a7s3’s menu, and this is what it looks like, while it’s shooting 20 frames per second with auto eye. Autofocus and auto exposure in photo burst mode when it comes to performance it’s exactly as xperia 1 mark 2. Even though this thing has 12 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of internal storage, but unlike xperia 1 mark ii, this supports dual sim.

If you want to sacrifice uh external storage slot and because of the material, you probably guessed, xperia pro doesn’t support wireless charging, but with wire charging it supports pd and fast charging. I kind of enjoy that it doesn’t have a camera bump and we have all the buttons here which are very useful. You can customize these buttons, for example, i customized this to the cinema pro app and this to the photo pro app, and this is the fingerprint scanner and the fingerprint scanner. Just works. Fine, no problems there, and then we have the volume rockers up here. My only problem is, there are so many buttons on one side. You need a mount like this, a narrow mount, so your buttons are still exposed right now, all the buttons are exposed, but, as you can see, it’s not quite centered, and if you center it like this, that means it’s going to be over the fingerprint scanner and The power button – oh and if you, if you don’t, want to deal with the professional camera, apps there’s, a simple camera app here, which gives you simple selection between lenses and it sets the scene automatically and but it doesn’t have all the computational photography features. For example, if you want to do a portrait mode photo, it only does it in with the front facing camera. In the end, if you’re thinking about getting a tool for live streaming, broadcasting or instant file sharing, xperia pro is a great all in one device to consider.

It has a killer, 5g connection, great tools and features specifically built for professionals and it’s, a fantastic smartphone. That is with you all the time after using this phone, i don’t think i’ll, look at the phones without an hdmi input the same well. Thank you very much for watching this episode and i hope you enjoyed it. Please. Let me know what you think about xperia pro.