A 108 mp sensor, two telephotos cameras, 100 x, zoom up to 16 gigabytes of ram and s pen stylus support all packed into a single android phone. With a 6.8 inch, 120 hertz quad hd display this is the first new android phone we’ve tested in 2021.. Samsung has retooled the autofocus of its camera system to remedy the problems we had with last year’s: galaxy s20 ultra tweaked the specs and features for faster performance and comes in at a significantly cheaper launch price. So with lots of excitement, let’s start the review. Several parts of the galaxy s – 21 – ultra 5g’s design – are business as usual, but that is news in itself, because each other member of this family takes a step back in quality materials. This year the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g, has a lovely curved glass front and back using ultra tough gorilla, glass, victis drop down a level to the samsung galaxy s 21 plus, and you only get a flat pane while the standard, samsung galaxy s21 swaps, glass for Plastic everything has its price in in samsung’s world, but the expensive materials and design definitely make the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g more attractive than its siblings cuts. Aside, samsung has managed to make the galaxy s21 family the most recognizable series of android phones in ages. Thanks to a whacking great camera array on the back, it means business with all the self assured swagger of a cocky 17 year old, rocking up to their first proper job interview.

The lens cutouts are bigger than they need to be, and, according to our measure, this part of the phone is closer to 10 millimeters thick than the 8.9 millimeters. That samsung claims, but you know what why not flaunt it? We think it looks pretty good and these cameras are worth showing off some parts of the samsung galaxy. S21. Ultra 5g are actually quite hard to appreciate if you have used a samsung flagship from the last year or two it has exitus 2100 processor or a snapdragon 888. According to some quick testing is about 20 percent quicker than last year’s exinis 990. But can you notice that difference most of the time not really there’s? Some of this effect in the display, too top samsung’s, have had flat out incredible screens for years now, and this one is no different it’s a 6.8 inch 3200 into 1 1440 pixel low late with unbeatable contrast, ridiculously good color and the slight front curve max out The screen space versus how big the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g feels a peak brightness of 1500 and it’s as useful when you’re out shooting photo is on a sunny day too, but the galaxy note 20 already offered a similarly bright screen. Samsung has addressed one of the things tech boards complained about in previous flagships. This is a variable refresh rate 120 hertz screen, letting android run it up to twice its standard frame rate. It makes menus scroll by at the pace of a ferret thrown down a lubed up water slide.

High refresh rate phones are nothing new, but the samsung galaxy s 21. Ultra 5g lets you use both its full bore, 1440 pixels resolution and that high refresh rate you had to pick one or the other in the galaxy s20 ultra we’re hard pressed to notice the difference between 1080 pixels and one thousand four hundred forty pixels. Much of the time, because, whatever resolution you use, it gets scaled to one thousand four hundred forty pixels anyway, but if you’re spending one thousand plus pounds on a phone it’s nice to know you don’t have to pick and choose between the parts that make it so Expensive in the first place, there’s still a big question mark over battery life. The galaxy note 20 ultras was not great in large part. Thanks to its exist chip, we will keep our eyes on the 5000 mah batteries charge level over the next few days to see if the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g xenos 2100 has fixed this samsung’s. Ultra phones are all about tech xs, and nowhere is this clearer than with its cameras. You get a 108 megapixel main camera, one of the company’s renowned ultra wide 12 megapixel lenses and not one but two zooms there’s a 3x ordinary zoom and a frankly nuts, 10x optical zoom, using a folded periscope lens arrangement to fit the equivalent of a 1 kilogram. 200 millimeters plus long dslr lens into a phone you’ll, have to wait for our full review to see if it’s 100 x, space zoom images are any better than the dross.

The galaxy note 20 ultra squeezed out, but we can tell you the samsung galaxy s: 21. Ultra 5g makes you feel like a photography pro able to capture an exhibition’s worth of photos without even taking a single step and, if you’re, too lazy to compose an image yourself. A single take feature: does that for you just pan around using this mode and the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g spits out a bunch of stills and pint sized vids. Our first thought was this is pure bloat, but then it made a loop able we’ll have in depth impressions in the full review, but if you’ve not got a phone with a proper zoom, yet you’re in for a treat, the samsung galaxy, s21 ultra 5g appears to Be samsung’s most extra phone to date, sure that’s, partly because the gap between its less expensive siblings has seemingly widened, but the samsung galaxy s21 ultra also has a 10x optical zoom that a weekend in we can’t quite fathom. How do you fit a 10x lens into a phone? Samsung has done it apparently, and it has done so with a lower entry price than the previous samsung galaxy s20 ultra.