Similarly, in designated compared to samsung galaxy a71, the marathon alliance dito tapas parasham, presents of the infinix note. 8 marathon, 6.95 inch 720p ips lcd display, surprisingly guys misses infinix. Note 8, despite being a 720p resolution, guys having an ips lcd display, experience being a 6.95 inch display, immersiveness guys on cameras, quad camera setup. John is a 64 megapixel wide angle, main camera, a 2 megapixel macro lens, a 2 megapixel depth sensor. Tapas is some 2 megapixel megapixel depth sensor, of course, guys nina penelope pass out in a camera performance infinix note 8 sample shots so looking at the sample shots guys and adding infinix note 8. Surprisingly, for a budget phone again, guys surprisingly good on performance than infinix. Note 8.: some of the situation guys lighting that in especially studio lights, we can expect natalia before guys expect this year now but i’m in any time, for some expect with a usb type c port. So moving forward plus points again, infinix note: 8.. The feature in the phone at all no allah, making the infinix note 8, one of the very few budget phones, the meron dual speakers. Speaking of playing games, guys championship neck out the nation and performance, then adding infinix, note 8, so similar moon and night and suspects. Now guys, paris, cpu marine time, media attack, helio g18, not chipset, maritime, six, gigabytes of ram and then 128 gigabytes of internal storage. So again, booster nipple, soaking, specs and adding infinix.

Note 8 guys videos from last year, usually four gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of internal storage, some of the budget phone pedal with this one spec snap in for the battery guys, maritime 5200 milliamp hour battery capacity and, of course, the nest outlet for gaming. So with the gaming test, guys mrs sabico again necessary now, i think infinix, note 8 guys performance wise guys again, gameplay actually didn’t expect you performance, features. Speakers again, the camera performance output, main camera gaming performance guys again very smooth number night in gameplay enough for casual gaming, adding infinix, note 8 again, ultra wide shots at 6.95 inches so first and foremost subscribe to my channel next mechanic i’m going to give away nothing Follow me on instagram, twitter feed account next one share this video on your facebook profile, shamrod again and finally comment down below on infinix note 8 and will be chosen randomly guys subscribe by clicking the subscribe button down below.