I believe i’ve made a good judgment about it. So yeah let’s begin here’s the phone it’s a successor, to the show me me 90, which was a star note hit about a year and a half ago very popular phone i’ll get the kiss case. Obviously inside knowledge glory. What does come with this snazzy nice case? There brand new plastic um so first up the feel of the thing: it’s big and heavy, as you can see, it’s quite thick, but it does feel premium for 159 pound form, which is how much i paid for from xiaomi uk. I first heard about this on the xiaomi me community on her uk deals. If you ever follow mr switch on there give him a follow and it’s got a glass back as well. At this price point normally plastic it’s, gorilla, glass, gorilla, glass, 3 on the front um. It has got a plastic frame which feels warm another touch at the minute, which means it’s. A plastic frame i’ve been told, and it is nine millimeters thick, like i just said, but it feels lovely lovely in the hand. So don’t expect a nice slim feeling phone if you ever want to purchase. One of these it’s got a six point: six seven inch flat lcd lcd display. You can’t expect amoled at this price, especially with it being at 120 hertz and the thing about lions. Lcds. Like this, the high refresh plan, you get a lot of you, get a lot of motion blur i’ll found on this and the pot.

Will you let me let me do that yeah i had the pogba x ray nfc as well, not had a lot of motion blur as well. You can’t really tell on video but it’s, mainly when you’re scrolling through i websites know why i’ve been reading oxford mail. There and we’ve got argos it’s going through a website, it’s pretty blurry to the naked eye. Possibly doesn’t come up as much on video but it’s there it’s not as bad as a pogba. The pogba was, i mean i wouldn’t call it horrendous, but it was very, very blurry, the pothole when i had it. Hopefully they’ll come out with updates and stuff since then um, so it doesn’t really bother me to be honest but it’s something the bear remains. Certainly before buying i mean you can also switch to 60 hertz, which feels less smooth, but it gives you better battery life overall, obviously um so to the display. The display is good good color, as you can see from my screen saver there. My picture um it supports hdr, which is pretty good, looks decent. The front front display has got a little hole, punch camera there, a little bit light light bleed around the edges. You can’t see it on this wall paper there, as you can see. Actually you can see it well, there tiny little bit lightly, but it’s free to be accepted. At this price point, i would say it even happens on the higher end.

Phones, i’ve noticed so it’s, not just exclusive to the more budget models. Um it’s, a beautiful, beautiful, color it’s rose, gold, it’s called, but it’s got a little bit of gold at the bottom there’s a fire juicing, and then it rolls in there bluey green, maybe but honestly it’s, one of the best looking phones, i’ve ever had i’ve ever Used the colors just so nice makes it look a lot more premium than the price would reflect and, in my opinion, probably one of the best 5g phones on the market, cheapest budget 5g phone. The redmi note 90 has recently come out, but from what i can see on the specs on the paper, i think this is definitely the superior handset over the battery battery life is pretty pretty amazing. It’S got a 48 20 milliamp hour cell and it’s an all day battery for myself, i’m, a very heavy user, with multiple tabs open and constant switching of apps watching a bit of youtube web browsing. It lasts me the full day, like i said, i’ve been using for the last two weeks or thereabouts and it’s been pretty darn good, not as good as a red main name. I was testing last week, but certainly up there with some of the best um. If you want the phone to last two days and like i said before, switch to 60 hertz and that will give you 2d, no doubt late, users might even get into the third year.

Um it’s got 33 33 watt fast charging. So, to be honest, the battery becomes a move point of that with our kind of charge goes so quickly. 50, i think, is about 20 minutes at a big battery in the phone isn’t needed when it charges. So quick speakers are absolutely amazing. It’S got a bottom speaker there, and the top speaker is built into the grille at the top there that i showed you in the video there. It is there. The very top it’s got good mid range vlog for watching a movie makes a movie sound good as well i’ve. Only ever watched one movie on in the last two weeks, i’ve had it. I don’t really watch movies on my phones, but, like i see a good madrid blog bulk um it’s got a it’s got sd card support. It’S also got one of these things down here, which i’ll become more more rare, headphone jack, which is nice in a 159 pound phone it’s got a side mounted fingerprint sensor, which is as fast as you’d expect from xiaomi there we go instant, probably the best place To put a fingerprint sensor on my opinion, now down to the camera i’m going to put a few shots on the screen that i took, but the camera is pretty good, got nice crib, crisp edges, which you can see in the top there, the airtime shot. So obviously, the best we’ve got a 64 megapixel main camera, which is imx.

602 we’ve got a eight megapixel overweight, five megapixel useless smart raw and two megapixel pixel useless depth sensor in my hands on experience. The main sensor is the only camera worth using. Here i mean i’m, not the biggest photographer, but i can tell i can see a good photo in that main center gives good fine detail and image processing seems good, even at the price bracket uh. What i read before i started reviewing this and was a shot. I like on the camera being poor, but i have noticed that at all it’s been interesting for me every time, so maybe that’s been improved with a couple of updates. I got when i first turned it on so yeah that’s, a camera, pretty damn good for the price. Um, all my weight, shots are good. Good, dynamic range might go in death. I just said to make things look good, really both pretty pointless. In my opinion, uh video is good. Definitely better stabilization than the redmi nine that i had a little back um. It could be any worse than that to be fair and it’s got good image quality as well. It’S got no eis, so shooting for create 4k isn’t. The best but acceptable, not the greatest uh, this selfie camera is a 16 megapixel little guy there and which gives good detail and portrait and good portraits i’ll not take this out for myself. You just have to trust us on that. One um the phone uses the snapdragon 750g, which is a 5g processor which is very capable not as capable as a 765g but certainly more capable than the 730g in the poco s3 and it’s got the adreno 619.

So performance is great, um yeah. I think i think i fell in love with this phone it’s just so premium. Anyone could use this heavy users late users, any kind of user honestly go out and buy it it’s. Just so nice. There we go hopefully you’ve enjoyed it. I’Ve got lots more of these to come, and next next video will be my unboxing of this this guy here, the xiaomi redmi note 9, which i also got from xiaomi uk.