Why is this part one? Because i have tested out a number of aspects of this phone, but i still have yet to test out certain other aspects like the camera and the audio experience of this device, but in today’s video let’s jump into this vivo iq7 here and talk about its design. The display and the performance wrapping up with some genshin impact here on this phone now this one was just released in china. Earlier this week, at a price of 3798 rmb for the 8128 gb variant, i got the 12 256 gb variant, which retails for 4 198 rmb, and so because of the price point. This is the first direct competitor to the me11, which was released for ’99 rmb, and i will be doing some comparisons to the me 11 in this video, as well, and with terrific performance, pretty fantastic design and a brand new origin. Os experience let’s jump in here to part one of this vivo iq7 review design: 8.7 millimeters 209.5 grams. So this is definitely a hefty device similar to the meat 10 pro, but i will say that the build quality of this device – it kind of reminds me of a real me, x2 pro with that kind of matte aluminum edge, very kind of understated. Look. But yes, there is a bmw version of this phone and there’s a blue color variant as well, but this black is not too bad and it has this kind of nice.

Ridged look even though it’s completely smooth matte glass. On the back, you see the camera module kind of reminds me of what we saw on the vivo x50 pro from last year, all in all it’s a pretty understated design, especially when you put it next to this xiaomi mi 11, which, with its glossy aluminum edge, Is definitely more of a premium feeling device, but it really will depend on your taste but there’s, no denying that this iq7 is still a really well built device. I love this red accent here on the power button and the volume rocker buttons are very clicky here. You see a mic hole at the top, some antenna bands on the sides, sim tray, usb c and the speaker grilles, and on the front you see very small bezels on this flat panel display. You do have a centered punch hole which i don’t love as much as having it on the side, but overall the bezels are uniform and they look pretty great it’s, not my favorite design of a phone. But i think a lot of you will still appreciate the looks and the feel of this vivo iq7 display and we have a 6.62 inch, amoled 120 hertz, hdr, 10 plus display, and like i mentioned it, is a flat panel. So you won’t get that kind of color shift that you do get on the curved edge of the xiaomi mi 11. But it is also a full hd plus display, and i can definitely tell the difference guys going from the mi 11 back to full hd plus, while not a deal breaker on this phone definitely just makes it feel a little bit lower quality.

The other thing i’ve also noticed, is this rainbowing effect that you’ll see here when you kind of slant. The viewing angles definitely make me conclude that this panel on the iq7 is just not to the level of the one that we see on the xiaomi mi 11.. But that being said, the colors do pop off the display and it’s a really smooth buttery smooth experience. 120 hertz is really now the gold standard, and when you combine that with this oled hdr 10 plus display, i think you will appreciate and enjoy the display here on this iq7 and here’s youtube playback on the iq7 and one thing i do appreciate about flat displays There’S, no warping of the image whatsoever, the centered punch, hole, doesn’t, really bother me and it’s, actually a really tiny punch hole, so i think it’s a really enjoyable experience watching content on this phone, but in drm info. This is something i didn’t want to see. Well, l3: security level on this iq7, which means you will not get hd netflix out of the box. A missed opportunity here guys, especially considering the mi 11, is now shipping, with l1 out of the box on the china rom version performance, and we have the second snapdragon 888 processor here on the channel, and this chipset let’s just say, has been having a bit of Controversy recently on my channel, if you watched my antutu throttling test with this iq7, you will know that this device did get plenty hot, not as hot as the mi 11, but it may be indicative of an issue we’re, seeing just with snapdragon 888 in general.

Now the scores on this device were tremendous. 726 000 is officially the highest score on any phone i’ve ever tested here on the channel, and the geekbench results on this phone are terrific as well. This phone is very much in line with the mi 11 as one of the best performing devices of the year. Now we will have to wait and see how this chipset evolves and whether optimizations can improve just the higher temperatures that we’ve seen on this chipset versus others right now here with normal use, as you can tell, the phone does not get warm and it’s really only When i’ve run these extreme benchmarks, that we’ve seen some major overheating on this device and introducing for the first time here on frankie tech, origin os, and when i did the first look, the software was using the old launcher. Well now it is completely switched over to the origin, os launcher and at first i tell you guys it was a very jarring experience, but what i did know was that aesthetically, it is a very pleasing software and while these settings do still remind me, a lot Of fun touch os and they are a bit of a mess. To be honest, i got ta say this launcher is looking really clean. I’M, loving these icons like the lens and this giant settings button just looks terrific, as well with a bold text here of the clock. It is miles ahead of what we had on fun touch os, and i love that when you swipe down you get all your toggles in a very kind of easy to reach location.

I don’t know why other oems have not done this it’s a great touch. You also have some other really cool features like tap to set gestures shortcuts, and i think one thing you guys will really enjoy. Is this right here, the toggles for animation, performance, refresh rate and network settings as well, and this will basically allow you to switch from battery saver balance modes to monster mode which increases cpu performance, and you can also adjust the refresh rate between smart settings. 120 hertz and 60 hertz, but overall i’m loving these toggles and in general origin. Os is looking like a terrific piece of software, just much more refined and with a design, aesthetic that i really do appreciate. It is one of the highlights of this vivo iq7 and definitely let me know if you’d like to see a full video dedicated to origin os and see how it compares to other software skins like miui 12. and talking about battery. We have a 4 000 milliamp battery capacity on this iq7, but the real star of the show here is the charging with a 120 watt charging brick included. This phone gets you from zero to 100 in just over 15 minutes now. Some of you have mentioned, though, you are concerned about battery longevity, and i would definitely say if that’s the case, that you can use other chargers with this phone. All the oneplus or supervooc chargers should also work to rapidly charge this device with 30 or even 65.

Watts of power and i’ve been getting a calculated screen on time of around five hours for this device and, overall, i think this phone should last you easily a day of use and considering how quickly this phone charges, i don’t think it’s as big of an issue On this iq7 – and here we are with some gentian impact on the iq7 and just wanted to play to you guys here these speakers on this phone they’re pretty loud they’re, pretty terrific, i don’t think they’re to the level of the xiaomi mi 11s, but we’ll be Doing the speaker test in part two of this review stay tuned for that here we go, and so here we are in gentian impact on the vivo iq7 just want to show you a bit of gameplay here, but, most importantly, i do want to show you guys This, which is basically the kind of game mode here for this iq7, and this will basically show you – the cpu and gpu speeds the battery remaining as well, and you have a lot of other settings here that you can utilize, including live stream assistant, peripheral settings pressure, Sensitive screen, which you can go ahead and turn on, let me show you guys how this works. So turning on left and right – and you see you can kind of move these around let’s go ahead and put the right pressure button here on the sword and now i’m getting some actual haptic feedback and it does make for a more immersive gaming experience and as I mentioned earlier, you have the different modes you want to use here.

So if you go to balance mode, it will show you what the gpu and the cpu are doing and when we go to monster mode, you can see they’re full blast now, which is pretty great. Now let’s go ahead and adjust the settings here to highest possible settings and i’ve seen a few little stutters here and there, but overall it’s looking pretty smooth there’s a little bit of shutter you can see, and they also have. This thing called eagle eye view which you press and it kind of like enhances the colors of the game. I quite like that now here’s the deal guys, the adreno 660 is still a beast of a gpu and i would prefer to have this gpu in my phone than any other mali gpu. But the thermal throttling issues of this snapdragon 888 are a little bit worrisome and yeah we’re gon na go check the cpu monitor in a second on this device. 42 degrees celsius so still very comfortable to use, and this room is around 23.2 degrees celsius, and i am appreciating that haptic feedback when i’m walking or when i’m using my weapon it does make for a more immersive experience and we’re coming up to some enemies. Here, oh yeah, here we go take that booyah liking the haptic feedback and the speakers sound terrific. There we go come on. Oh yeah, give me that potato i’m gon na take this guy out better switch to amber here.

Take that boo, yeah there we go and overall i’m liking the gaming experience here on this iq7. It definitely has gaming in mind with these types of haptic feedbacks with all the additional features and this monster mode. But let me tell you: it is getting a little bit hot here, let’s see what are the results. 43 degrees. 42, not too bad. Actually, all right! Here we go level. Seven man! This is gon na, be a pretty tough battle here. Oh man come back here. There we go, wow took care of business and that’s it for this quick gameplay here, gentian impact on the vivo iq7 43 degrees 42 degrees. Now do. Let me know if you’d want to see a full gaming review with this iq7 i’ll be happy to do a number of different games and the reality is guys. This phone can handle this game and i think, even if you’re playing at max settings on a game like this, you won’t have any serious problems with overheating on this iq7, so that’s it for this video guys and my initial verdict. After going through these various sections. This is a really promising device and i’m so glad that i did pick up this iq7. I have not reviewed a vivo phone in a long time, but it’s exciting to see how far this oem has actually come from the previous eras when fun touch os made. It a deal breaker to even recommend these phones and the overall experience from design display performance battery life and gaming is really excellent and stay tuned for part.

Two, where i’ll be covering the rest of the aspects of this phone, like the fingerprint scanner, comms the speaker test and sharing my full camera samples of this iq7 stay tuned, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on this vivo iq7 and do you think, it’s, a worthy competitor to the xiaomi me 11., hit me up in the comments i’d love to hear about it and that’s it for this video, if you liked it give me that thumbs up and If you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates all right, it’s time to fully test out the cameras on this bad boy.