The perfect combination of hulk and bruce banner i’ve been using this machine since september 2020 and today i’d like to talk about it. Everything about this product is first class, including the delivery they say the shipment will arrive at 10. Am and boom it arrives exactly at 10, am as a person whose job includes a lot of unboxing. I have to say, unboxing and mac. Pro is quite a unique experience. It is like a little welcome home ceremony. If you will, the design of this reusable box is very clever undo the velcro take it out of its buckle, push the handle in and voila see as an artist. When i look at these products, i see the perfect harmony between design, Music and power, and when i look inside, i see a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, because what you can do with a machine like this is only limited by your imagination. That is probably why, while a lot of artists put this machine to work for creating movies, songs and art self claimed tech, reviewers ran couple of benchmark tests and graded cheese on its front panel. So i guess the question is which one are you? Are you someone who’s loud just to make people look or are you someone who utilizes the right tools to create? Because you are a professional – and i can tell you this – while a lot of the tools stand in the way of creativity, this quiet monster paves the way Music and no benchmark can measure that Music.

This is a tool that inspires you to create better content and i’ve been experiencing. This myself i’ve been able to push the limits of my creativity, including this intro in every project i did ever since i got this machine and i cannot wait to see where apple silicon version of mac pro is going to take us. However, i don’t think the apple silicone mac pro is coming anytime soon, but when it does oh boy, i cannot wait to see what that monster can do. If you want to watch the hdr version of the intro there’s, a link in the description box below also don’t forget to hit subscribe and play ding dong ditch with the bell. Next to it, so you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos. The intro you just watched is shot on sony a7s3 in 4k, 120 frames per second hlg mode. The project file size is huge. This project had everything in it: multi cam clips, uh compound clips, sound design, plug ins, and one thing i really don’t like while i’m working on projects like these is to wait for the computer to catch up with you, because once you get into that catching up Game, you got ta, wait for the computer to catch up with you in every step of the way, and that becomes really tiring and sometimes you just give up on using some plugins or some effects. You like to add, until you add into your video just because you know it’s, going to slow you down, and that is probably not the correct way to approach your business.

You want to be able to give your audience the most visually pleasing thing you can now with this machine once the project was imported in it, let along it catching up with me. It was waiting for me to decide how i wanted to edit the video this mac pro has 3.2 gigahertz 16 core intel, xeon, w processor, 192, gigabytes of ram four terabytes of storage, two amd radeon, vega, 2 graphics cards and one after burner card. It is a beast so, while i’m working with projects that i shot in prores or prores raw, when i record them using atomos ninjas when i grab these storages and just plug into two of many thunderbolt ports, i have on that machine. I can start editing immediately, and that is very important if you want to finish your project as fast as you can, because most of my projects have the compound clips, the multi cam clips, especially while i’m shooting a comparison video. Sometimes i have eight different angles in one multicam clip sometimes even more and i place them side by side and prepare myself like little picture in picture compositions, and i need a system that can keep up with me. And this one does, and also one of the reasons why i didn’t switch to a mac mini with m1 in it is because i also keep, for example, motion 5 and final cut running. At the same time, sometimes i have um lightroom and photoshop running at the same time, if this is a camera review and i have to edit the photos and pull them into the video they’re all running, i usually and mostly have my browser.

My mail and messages running all the time and, if i’m preparing the song for the video, if i’m preparing my own song logic, is running too and and mac pro just doesn’t care. You can run all of them at the same time and nothing slows down and because it’s customizable i can get more ram or more storage or more of whatever i need and just install onto this machine and instead of getting a mac mini. I want to wait till apple releases, mac pro with apple silicon in it, and they say it’s going to be shorter, which kind of makes sense to me, because i feel like one of the reasons why this machine is such a big machine is because of its Gigantic cooling system that never makes a noise, but because it shouldn’t make any noise, it is huge. The front side of mac pro is usually cold and the back side is warm it’s, actually a lot of fun to touch. Sometimes i find myself just resting my hand on it, because it’s it’s like chilly there, so can the new mac pro get smaller yeah. I think it can get smaller, but it can only get so much smaller because we still have pci express slots in it and unless apple is planning to come up with um apple’s own apple uh express, i think it can only get. You know that much smaller when it comes to display. I have the pro display xdi with standard glass.

It has 1000 its sustained brightness and 1600 peak brightness, and it is fantastic while you’re working on hdr projects, it is fantastic when you are working on sdr projects. Even though i am in a really controlled environment here, i would have preferred the nano textured one. I still see a little reflection here and there and when you’re, trying to work on a project – and you really want to be in it – that reflection sometimes bothers me. So if you’re planning to get one, i think you should pay extra and definitely get the nano textured matte screen when it comes to pro stand. The pro stand just works the way it should work once you mount your screen on it, it feels like it is floating. You can adjust it any way you want, but if you have a visa mount, i don’t think you need the pro mount. The keyboard, the trackpad, the mouse is the same there’s, nothing different about it, it’s just it just has different colors. However, i wish the keyboard had backlit keys, because i like to work in the dark, and that would be really nice. One thing you may not realize when you’re thinking about a system like this is that this system doesn’t have a speaker. It has one tiny speaker in the mac pro itself, so you need to connect this to your own sound system and also it doesn’t have a webcam. So you need to connect either a webcam to this or get a capture card and connect your own camera.

In case you want to use, you know, facetime zoom calls conference calls with your machine, as i mentioned before, i’ve been using this machine since september 2020, every single day for almost every project, and it still amazes me how powerful it is, the effect it has on You it doesn’t fade away. I think that’s one thing i’d like to mention about this experience with mac pro the mac pro arriving was one event, but every morning, when i come and start working on it, i feel wow all right, let’s go let’s, create something great together and i feel like That’S important because these machines are not cheap but totally worth it, but i cannot wait to see what the apple silicone version is going to bring to the table Music. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and i hope you enjoyed it. What do you think about mac pro? Is it something you want to get or are you going to get something else can be a pc or a mac? What is the computer that you like to use and what is a computer that you have your eye on? Let me know in the comment section below and until i see the next time take really good care of yourselves and hosh check out Music hi welcome to behind the scenes of this shot and as you can see, i took out the components out of mac pro Carefully carefully, it was very simple by the way it gives you a lot of directions in it and now i’m gon na perform the shot and, as you can see inside the mac pro, we have our beloved sony, a7s 3 and two aperture mc rgbw lights.