This is the refreshed redesigned version of this phone for 2021. it’s a little bigger, a little nicer and might just be the upgrade you’re looking for. If you have last year’s version of this device, i’m going to talk about what’s, new and what’s changed both good and bad with this phone there’s definitely a lot to go over here. So i won’t waste any more time, but first things. First, let’s go ahead and unbox this thing and see what all comes inside the package. So the new moto g stylus is available right now for 299, unlocked it’ll likely be hitting some carriers and prepaid networks soon, which should bring the price down even more. And if you guys are interested in doing some comparison, shopping of your own i’ll leave some links down below in the video description to where you can get this phone at its cheapest current price sliding off the lid of the box. The first thing we see is the phone itself and i think, right away, you can probably tell this phone has been redesigned quite a bit. We’Ll put it to the side for just a second and digging a little deeper inside the box. You can see. We also get a small selection of paperwork and that sim ejector tool, if you need it and as far as the included accessories there’s just the usual usbc wall plug and a usb a to usbc cable for charging. So with all that stuff out of the way here is the new moto g stylus.

I got mine in aura black, but it also comes in aura white this year as well and right off the bat you can probably tell the first big change with this phone. Is actually its much bigger size? The new moto g stylus is now a pretty massive 6.8 inch device. Last year’s version came in at 6.4 inches and most of that exercise is actually in height, with a 20×9 aspect ratio. Now this phone is quite tall, to say the least, but you’ve got plenty of extra screen real estate to utilize for content consumption and to use the stylus, of course, which i’ll talk about in a minute. The phone itself also has a fresh new design as well. You still get a mostly plastic housing, but with a shiny glossy finish, the edges are polished too just kind of nice and even though the materials are still a little cheaper, i think the phone gives off a bit more premium of a vibe this time around it’s A tiny bit heavier as well and all in all in the hand, while it’s certainly a lot to manage. I think this phone looks and feels quite a bit better than last year, taking a look around at everything else. On the left side, you’ve got the sim and sd card tray for expandable storage on the right. The volume buttons are the same, but the power button now doubles as your fingerprint sensor and down below there’s the headphone jack usbc charging port speaker and the stylus.

Of course, which also has some changes i’ll go over in a second around back there’s, a redesigned, quad lens camera setup now and up front the front camera hole punch in the corner and the earpiece. Now one important thing i do want to mention is that, for whatever reason, motorola decided to just drop the dual stereo speaker setup on this new phone this year, the single downward speaker is all you get now which, in my opinion, is kind of a huge bummer. Here’S, just a quick audio sample, so you can get an Music idea. Music it’s still a fine setup, but this is just an instance where they simply took away a better feature for no good reason at all. So that’s certainly a shame. On the other hand, the new fingerprint setup, i think, is actually a welcome change. The power button sensor combination is great. The placement is solid, it’s fast, it’s, accurate and i’m just glad to have it in general. Nowadays, motorola also brought back face unlock this year, which actually to me, feels faster than ever it’s, definitely a solid setup, so another great sort of re addition to this phone and any which way you want. You should be able to get into the device pretty quickly. Now, obviously, the single defining feature of this phone, of course, is that included stylus and all the features and add ons that go with it, and this year the stylus itself has been altered just a bit first off it’s.

Now a clicky sort of quick release, stylus similar to the setup on samsung’s, note series and the lg stylo 6 from last year and to me this is definitely a nice change, it’s a little easier and faster too, to get the stylus out and start using it. The actual stylus itself is also a little different, it’s taller thicker, a tiny bit heavier and it’s round instead of flat like last year, which to me feels a little more comfortable, but it is still just a simple little metal pointer tool with a generic rubber tip. It’S not any sort of smart stylus it’s not directly connected to the phone in any way, there’s no button functions or special features. So all in all, nothing has been added or updated to make the stylus itself any smarter and as far as the features and functions of course, you can still utilize the stylus to tap touch and swipe your way through the device. As if you were using your finger, but there are those dedicated stylus, related tools, apps and shortcuts you don’t get with any other motorola device. The shortcuts panel is mostly the same as last year, and the apps and features should be pretty familiar to you as well. If you’ve used a moto g stylus before you can obviously jot down notes quickly and easily, which is what i probably utilize the most on a phone like this. You can take and edit screenshots there’s a coloring book and you can of course, rearrange and add any shortcuts to any other apps.

You want easy access to here, including some other non moto specific apps. You want to use the stylus with like keep notes. For example, some of the stylus specific apps have been updated a little bit. For example, the notes app has a fresh new look with easier navigation, in my opinion, and a few additional colors and options, but in general, most of the features and add ons that are stylish related remain pretty much the same as last year. The other thing that remains the same is also how the stylus functions with the phone. This is still a super basic setup. Like i mentioned earlier, neither the stylus nor the screen are pressure, sensitive or otherwise, paired together in any sort of way. So you still have quite a bit of latency when drawing or writing like i mentioned it’s still just a super basic pointer essentially, but if you’re already used to it, it might not be a big deal just keep in mind that it certainly still does not compare To samsung’s note series: for example, inside the new moto g stylus, has some upgraded specs. The phone is now powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 678 chipset, an adreno 612 gpu, a slight bump up from last year, but the same four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of built in storage. Also, even though the phone itself is quite a bit larger. The battery capacity remained the same as well: 4, 000 milliamps motorola.

Also didn’t. Add wireless charging here either. So, while some things changed, most remained the same. This phone also still ships with android 10 for now and collectively, even with a slight bump up in specs there’s. Still a bit to be desired here, i think the phone feels okay at least out of the box, but i think there was room for a little more here as far as what this phone could have offered. A little more ram would have been nice, a more powerful processor. Even at this price point, i think, is a possibility all in all, while you do get some changes this time around versus last year, i’m, not sure it’s, the definitive big upgrade some previous moto g stylus users were hoping for and i’m sort of surprised, given how Popular this phone seems to be that motorola didn’t spend at least a little more time and effort in offering its power users something better in regards to the display. The larger 6.8 inch screen is still an ips lcd panel. This time, coming in at a resolution of 2400 by 1080 packing in around 386 pixels per inch and in general, i think the viewing experience here is still pretty good. All things considered: it’s big it’s bright, not quite as bold or colorful as oled, obviously which you could absolutely get on other devices at this price point even but for casual content consumption. I think it’s still gon na work, fine for most people, it’s relatively sharp too, which is important for a screen.

This large, though, i think, it’s still fair, to say that other smartphone manufacturers are now offering a lot more bang for your buck with oled or high refresh rate displays, even at a similar price range that this phone might fall in. So, while the viewing experience here is probably fine for now it’s easy to look around and see some better displays on other phones at a similar price. Now, when it comes to the cameras, motorola also made some changes. Here too, the main lens around back seems to be the same 48 megapixel shooter as last year. The secondary ultra wide lens is now an 8 megapixel shooter, though, with a little wider field of view. The macro lens remains the same, but motorola also threw on a 2 megapixel depth sensor to complete the quad lens setup. The camera app has, of course, changed quite a bit as you can see at least visually, but with the features and shooting modes. There’S not a whole lot, that’s been added. The selfie camera looks to be the same as last year too, but honestly, nothing wrong with that, because in practice i think the results are pretty solid. All things considered, this is a phone that takes some great shots for the price. The rear lens setup has a lot of potential and i’m looking forward to putting it to the test here to see what all it can do. I know motorola isn’t necessarily known for being a top contender for smartphone pictures, but i think in this price range there’s still a lot to like all in all this new moto g stylus definitely has some new things to maybe entice you to upgrade bigger.

It’S got a fresh new design, it’s a little more powerful but it’s still not necessarily a huge upgrade. I do think it’s great that this phone continues to get the love it deserves, because it’s, essentially just one of three or four total smartphones. Now that still offers a built in stylus with the extra features and add ons that go with it, so it’s a very unique device with i’m sure a solid fan base and it’s great. That motorola continues to keep it fresh. But what do you guys think about this new moto g stylus? Is it something you’re considering maybe something you’d like to upgrade to? Let me know in the comments down below i’d love to know your thoughts, of course, but hopefully you guys did enjoy this. Video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.