For this in depth review, you can grab it right now from the likes of carphone warehouse, john lewis, all the usual peeps for around 179 quid at the time i shot this video so here’s all you need to know from all the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. The first thing you’ll, undoubtedly notice about the model g9 power when you pluck it out of its lovely little box, is the fact that it is one heavy more for this is a proper heifer. Lump of a smartphone people, 221 grams it’s, almost as hefty as the samsung galaxy s21 ultra. So certainly, if you want something that’s gon na be nice and lightweight, you’re gon na have to look elsewhere. Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight budget smartphones out there. So just go check out any of the others. I’Ve reviewed pretty much like pretty much every budget blow around this price point you’ve got a plastic finish around back and you can grab it in either electric violet or metallic sage. This sage model of the g9 power isn’t exactly going to make you giddy with excitement, but this isn’t an ugly smartphone either you’ve got a slightly textured back end there’s quite a subtle pattern, but it does help with the grip, especially as it’s such a hefty beast. It also helps prevent any greasy finger, marks and stuff like that from coating that back end every time you pluck it out of your pocket, your bag whatever and the motorola moto g9 power also proved plenty durable over these last few weeks, uh, where i’ve had it Knocking about the house last few days where i’ve been using it full time, as my support for got one tiny little scuff down here at the bottom, which i’m not even sure i’ll, be able to capture it on camera.

To be honest and motorola has added its usual splash resistant coating to the moto g9 power as well, so spills aren’t, a problem nora, is using it out in you know a bit of a typical british winter drizzle. So, as far as the design goes, mud roller is not exactly going to win any awards for being particularly exciting or innovative here, and it is a big chunky, hefty more for, but apart from that, all good. Now, as for the actual software running on the motorola, moto g9 power one, unfortunately, this bad boy is still on android 10 uh, which is a bit of a shame. It is on the android 11 updates list. If you go to motorola’s blog, but unfortunately they’re a bit vague when it comes to the timelines, they’ve basically said it’s coming soon and if you scroll a bit further down it says in the coming months. So while it is down to get android 11, i certainly wouldn’t hold your breath. Otherwise, you’ll be dead as basically, but you do get that usual lovely stock. Android finish with the motorola experiences chucked on top to add bonus features as well now, i’m. A big fan of the model experiences here: it makes it really easy to customize your smartphone for one. So, if you’re not particularly used to android you’ll find it really easy to change the grid sizes on your desktops change, the icon, colors all kinds of stuff, but the one feature that i really loved that motorola put on all of its previous smartphones.

That seems to have cold now, for the most recent handsets, like the g9 power. Is that one handed mode for some reason that seems to have completely disappeared and that particular feature would have come in really handy here on the moto g9 power, which obviously is an absolute unit. But at least you can, for instance, drag down that notifications bar from anywhere on the screen, which definitely comes in helpful too. Of course, you’ve got all those classic moto experience, gesture shortcuts as well such as the fantastic karate chop to turn the torch on, which has got to be the best feature on here, it’s functional, and it makes you feel like a badass, at least for one fleeting Moment until i stare in the mirror and remember that i’m, just a scrawny, bold pasty, little ass, biscuit and you’ve also got the uh the wrist twist to open up the camera which, as i mentioned every time, is increasingly difficult. Once you get into my sort of age and the the old arthritis starts kicking in and for the moto g9 power module actually added in a new uh gesture as well, which is really really good. It’S called swipe to split. So, basically, if you’ve got an app open, all you need to do is swipe across the display and back again like so, and this allows you to split your screen uh quickly and easily. Now one feature i’ve seen in a lot of budget motorola and nokia smartphones.

Lately is this dedicated google assistant button, which is absolutely unnecessary as usual here on the g9 power, like seriously, there are more than enough ways to call up the google assistant without having to have a dedicated button on there i mean for one. You just need to swipe from either of the bottom corners and it does exactly the same thing, so it certainly feels like that button is completely redundant. I certainly can’t think of any proper full on uses for it and the annoying thing is you can’t, disable it or remap it either. The only way of actually disabling. It is by just stopping the google app entirely from running in the background in the settings menu, but the good news is that here on the g9 power, i didn’t find myself accidentally pressing that button when i was like fumbling it out of my pocket, something like That which i have had with some other smartphones, so at least it wasn’t a pin in the arse. I guess you’ve got a rear mounted fingerprint sensor on the back end of the moto g9 power, and that does its job perfectly. Fine you’ve also got face recognition to back it up as well and again that works all right as long as the lighting isn’t too dodgy. Otherwise it can take its sweet time or fail entirely it’s, pretty standard stuff for a budget blow. To be perfectly honest, you’ve also got nfc support on the model.

G9 power and you’ve got a very respectable 128 gigs of internal storage, which could be expanded via microsd memory cards up to a further 512 gigs. So, whatever crazy you want to download, you want to stack this full of movies music. Whatever you are sorted now, let’s have a squint and that 6.8 inch max vision display, which is certainly an absolute beast, although it is just a standard, hd plus resolution, while many sub 200 pound rivals like the poco m3, the redmi note, 9t, etc have full hd Screens with the display this size, you can definitely notice, especially if you put it side by side with any of those rivals. I just mentioned that the visuals aren’t, quite as crisp but that’s, certainly not to say that the moto g9 power has a bad display. It’S. Just that the clarity can be a little bit fuzzy at times. You lack some of that sharper detail but i’d still, happily kick back with a bit of netflix watch an entire movie on this thing, no worries the model. G9 power does suffer from the usual budget. Smartphone foibles, though so, for instance, sometimes that uh adaptive brightness can act a little bit drunken. It can just kind of do its own things. You’Ll have to dive in there and manually sort it out now. Maximum brightness could also be a little bit stronger as well. When you’re using it outdoors viewing angles could be wider as well, but it’s typical sort of budget complaints.

Apart from that, you know, the colors are reasonably poppy for an ips panel and, as i say, overall it’s fine. As for the audio well, that is pumped out of a single mono speaker house, here on the bottom edge of the moto g9 power, not particularly great it’s, quite tidy when you get it on that top volume. But thankfully you do get an actual headphone jack uh, which is always great. Otherwise you can stream to bluetooth and no problems whatsoever, streaming, music, video or whatever to a pair of bluetooth, headphones or a bluetooth speaker. Now it comes to the performance. What you’ve got stuff in here is qualcomm snapdragon, 662 chipset, backed by four gigs of ram. I found that the everyday running was generally smooth. I did occasionally have to wait a while for the camera to load up, and i also noticed a bit of a pause when flipping between the different camera features. That was my main grumble. With this thing, usually, you know, loading up of the apps is just a case of tapping you’re, basically straight in nice and nippy, and that adreno 610 gpu means you can get gaming done on this thing as well, but a call of duty mobile plays just fine On those lower detail, settings and the screen is just about responsive enough to keep you competitive as long as you’re, not playing anyone too good. I certainly found that its gaming prowess was just as good as most of the budget smartphones around this sort of price point.

But of course the highlight the true marvel of the moto g9 power is its battery life. Thanks for that mighty, six thousand milliamps match for the likes of the poco m3. Of course, mod roller had to boost it up to around the 6 000 milliamp mark because it already stuffed a 5 000 milliamp battery into the standard g9 plate and g9 plus i’ll. Tell you what coming to this thing from the samsung galaxy s21 was like inhaling a massive wonderful breath of fresh minty air, because the s21 i’d struggle to get it to last. Until i went to bed at the end of just one single day, this thing will easily last two days generally around 10 to 12 hours of screen on time, even with plenty of use that’s playing with the camera. You know media streaming, apps good bit of skyping and stuff, which usually kills all the phones dead, pretty damn quick, definitely wonderful stuff and when it does finally get drained, you’ve got that turbo power, 20 uh tech to charge your backup again, not particularly swift, got to See it but it’s absolutely fine you’ll leave it plugged in for a couple of hours, you’ll basically get a full charge. So let’s finish up this motorola moto g9 power review with a gander at that triple lens rear camera, headed up by a 64 megapixel quad pixel primary lens. Unfortunately, the rest of that setup, isn’t, particularly thrilling you’ve, got your basic depth sensor on there and, of course, you’ve got a macro lens, because why wouldn’t you it’s, like fins on a fish, you can’t get a budget smartphone without a goddamn macro lens.

The motorola has spruced up its camera ui and made it easier to use one handed now, although there is still some redundancy like you can toggle the timer and the flash in the main screen, or also by pulling out this mini menu. Now, as i mentioned before, that camera ui can be a little bit lethargic at times, especially when you’re swapping between different modes going into like the night vision mode stuff like that. But apart from that, it is absolutely fine. As for the actual photo results. Well, the moto g9 power captures picks at 12 megapixel resolution by default, using four in one pixel binning just to brighten up and fine tune your overall shot, but if you do want to crank it up all the way to the maximum 64 megapixel modes. Well, that is perfectly possible, although i’ve got to say, i often found that this did not produce more detailed shots at all and it often messed up the color temperature of your final pick as well. So to be honest, i’d just skip it now. Most budget phones at this price point are fairly basic photo capture and the moto g9 power isn’t really much different, often struggling with strong or low lighting too much sun and your photos often look saturated too dark and the focus will struggle and even when it does Manage to latch onto your subject, you’ll still end up with a grainy shot, but the model g9 power did do a pretty respectable job for a budget blower in hdr situations and you’ll still manage to get some good looking family picks.

If your subject isn’t hopping around like a march hair pumped full of steroids, the camera ai can flash up helpful suggestions for improving your shot like swap into the likes of the night mode or that portrait mode and the portrait mode is proper, decent, adding a scalable Bit of bokeh action to the background and really helping your subject to look lush and in low light that night mode can help to brighten things up a wee bit as long as once again that focus doesn’t crap out on you. But it really does only make a marginal difference to be fair. You’Ve got quite a few other bonus modes thrown in here by motorola as well, including that old, reliable spot color, which can pump out some very artistic shots and you’ve also got a promos on here. As well, so you can meddle around with the settings to some degree and get a different kind of shot and yeah there’s that gosh darn macro mode, which can be used to take fuzzy. Looking washed out two megapixel photos of things up close if that’s gon na set your world on fire now swap to video, and you can capture footage at full hd level at either 30 or 60 frames per second. There is no 4k option here and i was really disappointed i got ta say i noticed that the focus really struggled at times, even when the lighting wasn’t particularly dodgy, so some of my clips were basically good for the bin and nothing else just endless popping of That lens go home, focus just just go home.

You are drunk my indoor videos also looked really soft and basically, if you’re looking to shoot a lot of horror, movies, you’ll want to get another phone. Just not this one. Nope you’ve also got 16 megapixel, selfie, cam and that’s absolutely fine again as long as the conditions aren’t taxing that night mode actually still works with a selfie cam, and it does help to brighten up that gorgeous face of yours i’m. Talking about your face here, obviously not this one here that you’re looking at haggard palace, sucker wrinkle, and that right there is what i thought of the motorola moto g9 power up using as my full time. Smartphone, for several days i got ta say obviously, is a bit of a mixed bag. That camera, unfortunately, is a little bit troublesome, especially when it comes to shooting video it’s, just hot garbage. In that respect, the display isn’t as strong as some rivals he’s still lingering on android 10. Hopefully i’ll be getting android 11 soon, but on the flip side i did enjoy that stock android experience. The performance is strong enough to do a simple bit of gaming. On the side and, of course, you’ve got that excellent battery life, which is definitely the highlight now, if you’re looking for a new budget, smartphone, definitely go check out my roundup of the best sub 200 pound budget phones. You can get right now in 2021 and i’ll give you a few more ideas of alternatives to the moto g9 power if you’ve been using.

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