My matrix number is one two: zero zero, four zero. Seven. I would like to share with you all about smartphone. First of all, vaccinating smartphone uses statistics, smartphone and mobile device dictate our life. It is scary to think that the evolution of human being in the last century has been mainly influenced by technology. Are you ready here? We go Music based on the latest calculations coming from statista, the number of smartphone users in the world in 2019 falls down to 3.2 billion, as we can see about 2.5 billion people owned smartphones in 2016, then increased to 2.7 in 2017.. In 2018, the number of users increased to 2.9 billion and increased again at 3.2 billion in 2019. wow that’s awesome. This is gently mean that every person you meet on the streets own a smartphone Music. Now what is the function that every smartphone should have? First stereo sound it’s about time we had stereo sound on smartphones. Our device are one of the main ways we use for media and stereo speakers by no means require complicated or expensive technology. Second, fast access to the camera. Nowadays, cameras are one of the main things we associate with smartphones it’s, one of the important features we consider when making a purchase. Since we want our smartphones to capture our most memorable moments and every camera is the most convenient way to do so. Then a good battery life, if you’re a pack, if you’re paying good money, it would be ideal to have at least two days worth of battery life.

A battery that is always running low is pretty frustrating, then mobile payment support. This is still not widely used technology, and it has not quite caught on yet with either companies or users. However, it will not be too long before this payment method become a way for you to pay for your everyday item. Then protection against water ended, the cost of smartphone is getting higher and higher. In my opinion, and any phone above 500 ringgit should have this kind of protection if inevitable that they will be exposed to that and equate at some point. The current technology for this is pretty expensive and makes the device thicker and heavier, but the technology will of course, eventually be perfected and become cheaper and easier to implement. Lastly, fast wireless charging, while we’re on the subject of batteries, it makes sense to talk about wireless charging. These are fast, practical and easy to use. The possibility to charge them quickly would be perfect for those situation where you need to level the house, but you only just realized. You have a low battery. So what is the type of smartphone? First iphone apple. Iphone is one of the best seller smartphones in the world it’s an apple ios, which is operating system with features such as safari, facetime and siri. A personal digital assistant, second windows, phone from microsoft windows phone incorporates products such as onedrive for microsoft, word, outlook, explore and being at the core of its operating system.

Third android from google, the android os powers, many types of smartphone on the market and android won’t work with google products such as gmail google drive and google search for amazon’s fire phone from amazon. The fire phone has several features of notes: fire technology, which can quietly edit identify song tv, show qrm barcode a free year of amazon, prime, a service that features streaming as well as free shipping on amazon orders and mayday. Video chat support that’s. All from me.