Look at this and here’s a start. This is super cool right, let’s get Music started. This is called super display and it turns your android device into a wired or wireless display and, of course, you need to have an android device. Sorry apple pens. You can try this software guys free for three days and if you like it, i believe the lifetime purchase is 15 us dollars. This video is not sponsored by the way i received the software free for an exchange of the video. So the question is: can we teach online with super display let’s check this out? First of all, let’s download the software. You need to download the application for both your computer and your smartphone here’s. The website superdisplay.app and let’s install it. Okay, it was passed, and i already downloaded and installed it for my smartphone, and here it is on google play. Okay connection is super simple. You don’t need to do anything on your computer. Just go to your smartphone and open the app. If both your device is connected to the same network, you can start using it. Wirelessly let’s check the wire connection. First after you connect the cable um, just touch your phone screen and the computer screen will show up here. That’S simple and you see it works now. If the things apps menus titles are looking so small, like i have now on my smartphone screen, we can change it right, click, the screen and choose display settings.

I am duplicating my second monitor here to my phone and i choose display to 3 and change the scale. You can choose the biggest option here and now it is easier to read things. Click things on my smartphone screen; ok, let’s start using it by the way. My smartphone does not have a stylus. I will use this one, cisco, stylus it’s a good one, and i will leave the link for the pen in the description below okay let’s write, something i am using pdf on twitter, 8 right now and surprisingly guys. It works great. It works great look at this. Let me rotate on a pdf file. Um! Yes, writing! Small is harder. If you have a bigger phone or a tablet, you will definitely write better but it’s. Okay, i believe. Let me write more stuff and draw some shapes. Okay, it looks like i need to practice guys and i believe i will get used to it now. I will disconnect my second screen and just use it with my computer. It will not change the performance, but i know i will receive questions about it by the way guys i extended the screen, so my computer screen and smartphone does not show the same desktop. I believe this is the best way of using additional monitors. I really like this guys seeing cursor here on. My smartphone screen is great it’s like connecting a wireless mouse to my smartphone. It is cool and i am using it wireless right now.

Wonderful writing that big is super easy, but if you want to write smaller, you need to practice. You can also use different tools like highlighting shapes and lines. Another thing let’s say you are using your computer to teach online and you want to open the textbook or different files on your computer, and you don’t want to show it to your students right, just open it like that and use it easily super display. I love the technology, guys it’s a great tool for many many teachers, maybe it’s the coolest technology. I tried in 2021 so far. Let me answer these questions. Is it good for teaching? Yes, it is. Can we use super display as a tablet, and the answer is it depends? It depends on what device you have if you have a really small screen, android device guys it will be super hard to get a tablet performance. But if you have a tablet with its stylus and you want to use your computer applications there, you want to use a secondary monitor. This is a great software. These pens will not give you a really good performance. They’Re they’re not bad though so you will get a good performance, but not as good as um as pens or the original stylus comes with your device. Plus you can use super display as an additional screen. It is great um, second or even a third monitor guys. Will definitely change the way you teach and the final pro is guys.

There is no lagging. It works great wireless or wired. You get, you probably get a very similar performance with both of the options. Okay, let’s talk about the cones right. There is one thing i can tell you there’s. Only one problem i experienced is there’s no palm rejection. Maybe there is, but i couldn’t find it in settings, so you cannot place your hand on the screen when you write something, but the solution is really simple. Most artists are using this. These are artist clothes, and this is the best solution for problem rejection. It will help you a lot: okay, here’s, a cool technology for teachers, students, artists, whoever you are watching my video right now. This is really good and thanks for the support, by the way, guys thanks for watching my videos and all the support, we are really close to 10 000 subscribers, so um. Thank you again again, and i have good news for you guys kilogroup, the owner of super display is sending you guys a few lifetime subscriptions for super display for this super cool um software. If you want to participate in this giveaway guys, please go our facebook page mathematics and uh. Wait for our updates – and i know guys i stopped doing live streams recently, but i will continue as soon as possible.